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Tear Jerker / Old West

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  • When Angelique hears that her uncle Dufayel wants to take over Mud, she decides to leave with her children before things escalate into a bloodshed and pleads Chuck to come with her. When they leave with evident guilt, Rango is left feeling loneliness that reminds him of the time he was a pet living in a glass box and isolated from the rest of the world.
  • Grace reveals that her marriage to Benjamin Hares was blissful until he suddenly vanished and left her penniless and pregnant, forcing her to return to her father.
  • Jake was raised by his alcoholic father James who beat his mother Selena every night. In their last night together, James outright forced Jake to watch the last beating Selena got. The seriously injured Selena was shot by a deputy who never hid his dislike of her. Orphaned, Jake run away. The next day, he lost his rattle when a hawk almost got him. After hearing this out, Grace can no longer find it in her to hate Jake.
  • After viciously beating up Bad Bill's gang, Grace confesses that she killed in a similar way a group of outlaws who smashed nine of her ten eggs and can't stand outlaws for that reason. The last part makes Jake feel betrayed by Grace, call her a hypocrite and storm off.
  • After Benjamin dies a horrible, painful death courtesy of a huge overload of Jake's venom in front of Grace and Teddy, she's so shocked from that and the battering she gained from her husband that she doesn't take Jake's attempts to comfort her well and throws him out.
    • The aftermath shown in the following chapter. For all the good guys involved.
  • In the 31st chapter, Jake tries to leave before any of the bad guys come to confront him at Grace's property. Grace begs him not to go as the raining starts. Jake doesn't really want to leave Grace, but he purposefully says cruel things to make her angry so that his departure would be easier. She eventually slaps him, telling him never to return.
    • In the same chapter, Beans loses her ranch, the only thing left of her father because of the Hellhounds. She's furious with Rango because he lied to her by saying that Dufayel's no longer a problem just not to give her more worries. And he knows he screwed up.
      Beans: Ya couldn't try and tell me the TRUTH? I've had it, Rango! I can't take no more of yer lies. I can't... I can't...

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