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  • When Teddy reveals Jake that he has trouble with his vision, the rattlesnake feels familiarity despite his harsh treatment of the boy before and teaches him to use his sense of smell instead, both to Teddy and his mother's great gratitude. Grace makes that night a meal for Jake and forsakes her decision not to feed the outlaw.
  • Priscilla is introduced to Teddy and she accepts him as a playmate rather quickly.
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  • Grace's friendly first conversation with Chuck.
  • Grace's act of saving Mrs. Bigby and her baby from a conflagration helps Mud's townsfolk to pipe down their prejudices and Jake's respect for her to improve.
  • Following Jake rescuing Grace from drowning, he berates her for risking her life like that and demands her to avoid doing that again. That same night, Grace allows Jake to sleep in her house instead of having him sleep in the barn anymore.
  • When Jake holds Grace and demands her to call for help next time Dufayel or his cronies reappear, she promises that while finding herself preferring Jake's touch on her scales over that of Henry.
  • While Grace is oiling Jake's tail gun, he admits to himself that he feels grateful for the act and finds her attractive.
  • Grace and Beans getting over years of professional formality in the 17th chapter.
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  • Grace's reconciliation with Jake following her confession that she killed a group of outlaws for smashing nine of her ten eggs, covered the act and acted afterwards in a superior way towards outlaws like him.
  • Rango's promise to Beans that he'll have everything sorted out at the end of the 20th chapter.
  • Grace's friendly saloon night with Mud's residents and the kiss she suddenly gives Jake while drunk in the 21st chapter.
  • In the 23rd chapter, Grace finally allows herself to admit her feelings towards Jake — both to herself and him. This leads to intimacy in her barn. Being loved by a man unlike before makes Grace feels happier than ever before in her life.
  • Every single townsfolk of Mud is outraged to learn that Grace was beaten by her husband.
    • After a week of isolation from Grace's part after this, Beans just marches up to Grace's home to offer whatever comfort she can. She even defends Jake for saving Grace from Benjamin even though he killed him before Grace and Teddy and acknowledges that he and Grace were happy before the incident. It's nice to see that Beans has slowly come to even slightly respect the outlaw who threatened to squeeze her eyes out just one year ago.
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    • Following Beans' departure, Grace and Teddy have a moment of comfort which ends with both of them admitting out loud that they're missing Jake.
  • Despite their strained relationship, Grace faithfully tends to Jake after he's injured by Dufayel's hawk.
  • In the 31st chapter, Jake calls Teddy in when he sees Henry in a distance. Planning to leave, he tells Teddy to take care of Grace, saying that he'll do well. In response, Teddy hugs Jake.
  • The ending chapter. With Dufayel and his henchmen gone, Mud is free to continue its life, and there are plans to harvest the underground gold for the benefit of the town. Beans reconciles with Rango, and so does Jake with Grace. While still making his living as an outlaw, Jake forms with Grace and Teddy a happy family, and he occasionally does business with Rango.
    • Wounded Bird develops a crush on Delilah Rangler who enjoys trying to make the stoical crow blush with her flirts.

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