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  • Jillian's review of Breaking Dawn Part 1, being steadily more covered in food until she guns down Brad.
  • Brad and Co. execute a flawless Stealth Parody of nitpicking filmgoers in their "re-review" of Prometheus.
  • Sarah and Jake blasting That's My Boy for treating pedophilia as something A, funny, and B, to be applauded.
    • Especially since the film in question employs a double standard to excuse the way it treats pedophilia.
  • Brad's scathing rant against MK's Abusive Parents in his Epic review.
  • In a bizarre way, several films Brad reviews get these due to the reactions they provoke.
    • Brad hates CGI. Anyone who watches his videos regularly has heard this many times, so when he admitted in his review of John Carter that he thought the effects (which were mostly CGI) were fantastic, that means a lot.
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    • Pain & Gain also gets one, seeing as Michael Bay managed to make another film that Brad thought was really, really good (after The Island and The Rock).
    • Pacific Rim, again getting praise for mostly-CGI effect.
    • Now add up The Conjuring as it's the first movie in a long time that actually scared the crap out of Brad and Brian, that and like a lot of people, enjoyed it.
  • During the review of Free Birds, Jake delivered pizza to the then-Senator Obama. He got a $20 tip, which he claims earned his vote ever since.
  • Brad admitting to liking The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.
  • Tearing apart God's Not Dead for being an insulting piece of religious propaganda on the same level as Rock: It's Your Decision, while also noting that he'd be just as offended by an atheist propaganda film that portrayed all Christians as being like Fred Phelps.
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  • Jake's story in the When the Game Stands Tall review dealing with his own abusive dad specifically an argument they had where his dad threatened to send him to military school. Jake laughed in his face and turned away, only for him to be grabbed by the shirt and slapped. Jake then repeatedly smashed his dad's face into the pavement, breaking his nose.
  • During the Gone Girl review we have Brad showing support to Ben Affleck regarding his role as Batman in the upcoming Superman/Batman movie. Given that Affleck as Batman has been a broken base among the comic fans and despite Brad's low expectations regarding the Man of Steel sequel.
    • When the film came out, he praised him and said that he would like to see him do a Batman film, despite not liking the movie around it.
  • The fact that Team Snob as a whole can constantly have thoughtful discussion on religious movies despite none of them being religious (Brad is agnostic and Dave is an atheist) is really impressive. They have repeatedly gone out of their way to show that they know and understand a lot of facets despite not believing in them, and that they are not against Christianity proper, just against egregious pushers of the beliefs who demonize the other side and build straw men (e.g. Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas).
    • Related: the Serial Escalation of three separate Midnight Screenings for Saving Christmas, just because it's so bad that they wanted everyone's perspective on it.
  • Brad and Dave unashamedly loving Michael Keaton and gushing over Birdman during their review, given Keaton is one of the more underappreciated actors out there.
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  • When Brad & Lupa went to see The Road Chip, Brad gives one large take down to those who critic the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy.
    Brad: Star Wars is a good movie, and having just sat through The Road Chip, every f-ing paragraph writing, nit picking, angry a-hole about Force Awakens can sit down and shut the f- up!
  • In the Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2 review, Sarah says that they could have probably made Paul's mother getting hit by the milk truck funny if she didn't die while Ryan says it could be funny, but making it funny would be very hard to which Sarah says she could have instead just rolled over in pain and yelled "Ah, my Sciatica!" and Ryan practically doubles over laughing.
  • Brad and his new girlfriend Violet taking a few minutes from their Faith of Our Fathers vlog to mock the misogynistic comments from their Terminator Genisys vlog.
  • In the review for Vaxxed, Brad telling people to get their kids vaccinated and not watch/listen to a film that demonizes it.
  • Irving criticising those who dislike the new Star Trek movies because of how much action they have in the Star Trek Beyond review.
  • Brad and Dave, for the first time in their life, personally choosing to walk out of a movie. The movie was Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party.
    • Special mention also has to go to Brian and Irving, who managed to endure the whole thing in their place.
  • Brad's special review with Lewis of the Power Rangers (2017) has him giving a special commendation to the film. While not a great film, he did say that it's better than many recent films in the same vein like the live action Ninja Turtles or Transformers. Because for most of the film at its core, it's a character driven blockbuster with each person having flaws and strengths and that's good storytelling.
  • In the review of The Emoji Movie, Brad and Dave whilst still slamming the movie, attempt to shut down the critics (including the professional ones) who deride it as the end times, saying that there have always been product-based cartoons like this, especially in The '80s and pointing out how The LEGO Movie did it right.
  • Brad's wife Laura enjoys Tomb Raider (2018) because of its strong female lead but fears the commenters will react badly if she says so. Brad tells her (and by extension, the viewers) that appreciating positive representation is a valid reason to like a movie, and if anyone says otherwise, "kick 'em in their micro-dick."
  • Brad and Sarah's intelligent and thoughtful discussion throughout both reviews of Overboard and Overboard (2018), discussing the Unfortunate Implications and Brad's nostalgic attachment to the original and both showing respect for the other side of the argument.

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