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Overboard is the 2018 remake of the 1987 Garry Marshall comedy film of the same name, directed by Rob Greenberg and starring:

When Leonardo, a spoiled Mexican playboy, falls off his yacht and develops amnesia, a single working-class mother, Kate, uses the opportunity to take revenge on him for his getting her fired from her job.

The film was released on April 13, 2018.

Previews: Trailer 1, Trailer 2

Overboard provides examples of:

  • Chekhov's Gun: Kate accidentally glimpses Leonardo's tattoo when she was setting up to clean the carpet on the yacht. She later proves to the authorities that they are married by describing the tattoo.
  • Cool Boat: Leonardo's luxurious yacht Birthday Present is, apparently, worth $80 million.
  • Disproportionate Retribution:
    • Leonardo fires Kate because she refused to get him a snack (she was only hired to do carpets).
    • Kate then gets disproportionate revenge by making him trudge through a back-breaking job and do all the work at home.
  • Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male: Kate practically enslaves Leonardo, forcing him to do all the work at “his” job & home and forces him to sleep in the shed. This is all Played for Laughs and as something he deserves.
  • Double Standard Rape: Female on Male: Kate has sex with Leonardo on the false premise that he’s her husband.
  • Embarrassing Nickname: Leonardo is called "Lady Hands" by his co-workers because of his soft, uncalloused hands which was a big indicator to them about Leonardo having never worked a day in his life.
  • Exact Words: When Leonardo and Kate finally have sex for the first time, he asks her if it's always this good. She tells him that she always feels like it's their first time.
  • Exiled to the Couch: Initially, more like "exiled to the shed". Naturally, Kate isn't about to sleep with Leonardo, who assumes that he ought to be able to sleep with the woman claiming to be his wife. She makes up an excuse, claiming that he's a recently relapsed alcoholic, and thus he has to sleep in the shed (with a plastic bottle in lieu of a bathroom) until he regains his 30-day chip. Eventually, though, it turns into a straight example of this trope, as him becoming less of a jerkass causes her to allow him to sleep on the couch. After some time, though, they do end up sleeping together in every sense of the term.
  • Faking the Dead: After leaving Leonardo in the hospital, his sister Magdalena fakes his death and even brings an urn full of ashes to her father and sister, claiming that he was killed by a shark. Magdalena's goal is to get control over their father's company, as he was originally planning on giving it to her useless brother. The ruse is discovered, when one of the yacht's crewmembers spots Leonardo playing with Kate and the kids on a beach.
  • Finding a Bra in Your Car: Leonardo finds a stack of condoms in Kate's glove box. They're actually his, but he doesn't remember that. So he confronts Kate about her supposed infidelity, pointing out that, with him being sterile (she made that up), there's no good reason for her to have condoms in the car. Kate tries to come clean, only for it to turn into a Cassandra Truth, as not only does he not believe her, but her kids and best friend confirm the fake story. Her friend then "confesses" to being a sex addict and leaving the condoms in Kate's car.
  • Gender Flip: The genders of the main characters are reversed in this film from the original, with the female rich woman from the original being a male rich guy, and vice versa for the working-class character, in an attempt to skirt the problems of the original.
  • Heir Club for Men: Leonardo's dad is determined to hand the company over to his only son, ignoring his much more capable daughter Magdalena, who has effectively been running the company while he was laid up. When Magdalena fakes Leonardo's death, their father promises to give the company to her instead. When Leonardo reappears, he tells Magdalena that he only did that because he had no choice. Subverted in the end, after Leonardo chooses Kate over his family and the wealth, when the father gives the company to his younger daughter Sofia instead.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: While his coworkers are happy to tease Leonardo for his inexperience, they all agree with Vito that Leonardo should be happy with what he has; a decent job, a happy marriage, and healthy children.
  • Language Fluency Denial: Bobby's nephew Jason loves messing with rich white clients by pretending not to know any English, speaking only in Spanish and a few "memorized English phrases".
  • Kick the Dog: Leonardo refuses to pay Kate for her work and then throws her vacuum cleaner into the ocean simply because he can.
  • Memory Wipe Exploitation: The film has a Gender Flip version, where a Mexican billionaire playboy rips off a carpet cleaner in Oregon, and after he falls off his yacht off the Oregon coast and loses his memory, the carpet cleaner takes him home and turns him into a House Husband that is also a day laborer.
  • Morality Pet: Sofia seems to be this for Leonardo before converted out of his jackass behavior. Unlike Magda, she genuinely mourns her brother because he encouraged her to follow her dreams in pursuing a music career while the rest of the family seemed dismissive about her passion for music. Even though she was horrible at playing the cello, it shows that Leonardo cared about what Sofia wanted to do with her life rather than creating his own expectations of what she is supposed to do.
  • Mythology Gag: The doctor references the original film when he tells Kate that Leonardo's condition is extremely rare and the only case he can recall in their town involves a woman losing her memory decades ago.
  • Papa Wolf: Leonardo takes this attitude towards "his" oldest daughter Emily, whom he spots chatting up a male lifeguard at a public pool. When he tells her he knows what that boy wants from her, she rebuts that he's gay and she really likes another guy at her school, who doesn't seem to know she exists. Leonardo switches gears and tells her that the boy she likes must be stupid then not to notice her, but he still better keep his hands off her!
  • Race Lift: Joanna from the original was Caucasian, but here, Leonardo is Mexican.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Kate gives one to Leonardo for firing her:
    Kate: I bet you haven't worked a single day in your entire self-absorbed life.
  • Riches to Rags: Forced by Kate, at first. Then, after recovering his memory and going back to his family, Leonardo abandons them in favor of Kate, despite his father's threat to cut him off. Played for Laughs in that Leonardo tries to negotiate at that point, but his father is adamant. Eventually, Leonardo chooses Kate, although Colin appears later and informs him that his luxurious yacht, worth $60 million, was a gift from his father and is still in his name. Also subverted during the mid-credits sequence, when Leonardo's father mellows out a little and agrees to buy the boat back from Leonardo, but not for his son, for his new granddaughters, whom he's quite fond of.
  • Servile Snarker: Leonardo's butler Colin tends to be polite, but he's fond of inserting some clevely-hidden snark into his speech, such as when he and Leonardo's younger sister and speaking on the phone and keep repeating the same phrase to one another. Colin points out that, being Scottish, he can do it all day.
  • Sex Addiction: When Leonardo finds a stack of condoms (they're actually his, but he doesn't remember) in the car's glove box, he confronts Kate, asking why the wife of a sterile man would need condoms. Kate's friend Theresa takes the bullet and "admits" that she's a sex addict and has been cheating on Bobby. Believing himself to be an alcoholic, Leonardo comforts her and tell her to deal with the addiction by taking it one day at a time.
  • Spoiled Brat: Prior to losing his memory, Leonardo was spoiled rotten by his father's money and abused everyone under his employ because he could. After falling off the boat and losing his memory, Leonardo is convinced that he's married to Kate and works as a manual laborer. Despite a rough start, he starts enjoying his new life and gains a perspective on how horrible he was to everyone, ultimately choosing his new life over his old one in the end.
  • Took a Level in Kindness:
    • After spending time as a blue-collar laborer, Leonardo starts to appreciate manual work and even expresses the views that the company should cut the price of cement to his father and sisters, only to be scoffed at.
    • Leonardo's father cuts him off after Leonardo chooses Kate at the end, but the mid-credits scene implies that "papi" has grown fond of his new granddaughters, even though his relationship with his son is still strained.
  • Violent Glaswegian: During the mid-credit sequence, Leonardo's butler Colin, a Scot who's normally quite polite, gets drunk and violent at the wedding, swearing up a storm.
  • Wedding Finale: The movie ends with Leonardo and Kate's wedding, for real this time, officiated by a Norwegian ship captain on Leonardo's yacht.