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Awesome / Aesir: Cross Wars

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No matter how seriously this book doesn't take itself, it can have some really badass moments in it.

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     In General 
  • Azazel is the embodiment of Beware the Silly Ones. He may be a ditzy Large Ham who lets his scythe do the thinking most of the time, but he has incredible fighting prowess which he will demonstrate at any time. He's also the only member of the trio to have an S rank in an attacking stat, and to have both solid offense and defense. He's basically an In-Universe Game-Breaker.
  • Before, the book used to be mediocre at best, and terrible at worst. Iceaura 39 had enough self-awareness in his writing skills to unpublish and Retcon the book. Now, he's done, and the book can actually be called good in its own right.
  • Siegfried in general. Consider this: He fights on equal footing with Azrael, Azazel, and Uriel. The latter three are otherworldly beings with supernatural powers and weapons that wouldn't look out of place in a heroic legend. All training aside, Siegfried is just a dude with a sword.
     Prologue: The Second Cross War 
  • Odin and Angrboda's fight. Truly the best duel in the whole book, even if it's the first thing you read about. It's on a scale that no other battle in the book even grasps. Highlights include Odin killing Angrboda's golem in one slash, Angrboda throwing a black hole at him, and Odin creating a time field to make the battle last technically 3 seconds.
  • Many of Odin's Badass Boasts during the fight:
    "This battle will be over in 3 seconds!"
  • The Ragnarok attack, through and through.
     Prologue II: Freya, Goddess of Love 
  • Anything Azrael does in this chapter after his humiliating defeat at the hands of a mook.
    • He challenged said demon to a Heroic Rematch, and started out stomping it, only to then enter its mouth and have a small adventure there, defeating an army of demons, before destroying its heart from the inside.
    • His battle against Freya is pretty awesome, as well.
     Chapter 1: The Battle Begins 
  • Hel's Badass Boast to Azrael.
    Hel: I guess I can't have a proper introduction. Oh well. So you got past wave 1. I'm impressed. For a small fry like you, you've gotten far. But when you're ready, come down to Helheim. I'll be waiting for you. And then I'll show you what a goddess of death is capable of.
     Chapter 2: Siegfried and the Castle of Abaddon 
  • Azrael inventing Fulgur Aid on the fly.
  • Siegfried's introduction.
    • The last legs of the battle against Abaddon.
  • The introduction of Aesir Cross.
     Bonus Chapters 
  • Rick's Heroic Sacrifice to save Leon.
  • Leon giving Seth a well needed slap in the face and a "Reason You Suck" Speech. It kickstarts Seth's Character Development, only for him to go back on it at the last second.
  • Wilhelmoku killing Seth. Then, he kills himself, only to reveal he did it for Leon.
    • Anything Wilhelmoku does in Bonus Chapter 2.
  • In general, there are a lot of Heroic Sacrifices in this section.
  • Leon's final sacrifice to save everyone.
     Chapter 3: The Reluctant Devil 
  • Azazel's first scene ends in him revealing that he stole Mani's Myriad Might without the latter even realising.

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