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Irony / Aesir: Cross Wars

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Seriously, when you look into the book, you'll find that it's positively rife with irony. Here are a few examples:

Aesir: Cross Wars - Irony

  • Azrael's Superpowered Evil Side is a Knight Templar supreme and is a shining example of Order Is Not Good. The name of his Theme Music Power-Up? Chaoz Fantasy.
  • Personality wise, Azrael seems to be the type who always fights fairly, and in Chapter 6, he outright states that he's an Honor Before Reason type of guy. However, analysis of his fighting style proves he's by far the cheapest fighter in the book. To elaborate, he fights using a combination of the tropes Long-Range Fighter and Teleport Spam. He's fond of using trickery to gain the upper hand, and has used Groin Attacks on several occasions. Finally, he's the only character to own a gun (though Uriel can turn Conventus into one).
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  • Azazel's Super Mode is founded on the power and weight of his past sins, yet he seems to be a benevolent force. Meanwhile, Azrael's is a result of his soul fused with the God of Good, yet he is quite blatantly evil.
  • Freya's name in Norse Mythology means 'Lady' yet she is an immature Genki Girl.
  • Azrael, despite having his hairstyle compared with a Raging Stiffie, seems to be the least dirty-minded of the group.
  • Azazel was intended to be an Expy to Dark Pit. However, he seems to be his Spiritual Antithesis, with Azrael and Uriel having more similarities to him.
  • The only time the music Final Battle plays is during the first battle. This is no longer the case as of Chapter 9, playing during the final battle of the chapter.
  • The three protagonists invert most of the stereotypes about their hair colours (the only one played straight is Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold for Azrael). Azrael is not an idiot. Azazel is neither aloof nor particularly intelligent. Uriel isn't fiery in the metaphorical sense or the literal sense.
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  • Despite being named after the Biblical angel of death, Azrael upholds a strict no-kill code, the only exceptions being when he can't help but kill them.

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