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Heartwarming / Aesir: Cross Wars

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There are enough of these to warrant a page of their own. This page proves that Anonymous Jack really does have a soul.

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  • Azrael and Azazel's bond generally comes off as a cute Sibling Rivalry. Even though they may bicker constantly, and they may be Polar Opposite Twins, some scenes do indeed prove that they would endanger their own lives to make sure the other is safe. Even sweeter on Azazel's part. Not only does it make it an example of Big Brother Instinct, but it also proves Azazel's Hidden Heart of Gold.
  • Also, Azrael, despite not being wholeheartedly devoted to Freya the same way Pit is to Palutena, it's clear that in the end, his loyalty always goes to her.
  • Hell, Azrael in general is a walking generator of these. He may be snarky, insecure and whiny, but his interactions with others show exactly why Lord Anonymous considers him the nicest character.
    • Especially after the Retcon, where some of his ruder moments were toned down or removed, and he has some extremely nice moments, a particularly noteworthy one being his consoling of Siegfried after the latter disclosing his backstory.
     Prologue: The Second Cross War 
  • After defeating and killing Angrboda, Odin shows respect for her and her kingdom by ordering his men to clean up Inferno.
     Prologue II: Freya, Goddess of Love 
  • Azrael's bond with Thor is this in general, as a lovely father-son relationship.
    • In fact, Azrael's devotion to Thor is proven in that any time he's in a pickle, his first instinct is generally to ask himself what Thor would do.
  • The scene where Thor gives Azrael his name. It may be a tad bit cheesy, but sweet nonetheless.
  • After Azrael defeats Freya, Freya starts mildly lamenting her loss, leading to this scene:
    "Heh... haha... I lost, didn't I?" Freya chuckled.

    "No, Freya. You won." Azrael replied, as he held out his hand to her. "You won yourself a Guardian Angel worthy of protecting you. Unlike the others, I won't die. I'll survive this war, and many others, too."
    • Beethoven's 'Ode to Joy' being the chosen music to play in the background really helps set the mood for this scene.
  • The scene where Thor gives his departure from Azrael counts as both this and Tear Jerker. And yes, Ode to Joy is still playing.
     Chapter 1: The Battle Begins 
  • The fact that Azrael is going out of his way initially to defeat Fenrir while causing the wolf as little pain as possible.
     Chapter 2: Siegfried and the Castle of Abaddon 
  • Siegfried confides in Azrael about his past. Counts as a Tear Jerker as well when he starts crying about it. Loops right back into Heartwarming once Azrael lets him know they are Birds of a Feather and comforts him about it.
  • Freya instantly shows concern over Azrael's wellbeing after Aesir Cross is given to him.
  • At the end of the chapter, Azrael receives a telepathic message. It's from his brother Rick, who calls to reassure him that he's alright. The two make plans to reunite.
     Chapter 3: The Reluctant Devil 

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