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Season 3, Episode 8. Preceded by Seduction, followed by Revelations.
In the last episode, the Vampbenders were whisked away by Loki and taken to "the Netherworld" to seek the aid of Lady N'Hemia, the Succubus Queen. However, upon arriving at her mansion, the Vampbenders were drugged and then placed into pods that would perpetuate a shared illusory world wherein they were high school students and faced sexual encounters at every turn. There, they shall be consumed by desire and become N'Hemia's mind slaves, unless they can break free first. However, before Nerdly could even be integrated into the illusory world, Nucleus manifested from within his body and asserted control, breaking free from the pod and escaping the mansion. It seemed as if a Dark Council member had been lurking within Nerdly's very body all along. We now return with the continuation to this adventure.

The episode begins with Nucleus leaving N'Hemia's manor and looking up at the sky. He launches himself into the air, flying away. Nucleus studies the landscape from high above. As he stares down looking pensive, the screen dissolves to signify a flashback. The following flashback is shown entirely in monochrome. The present day Nucleus narrates.

The flashback begins with Doctor Myro in the same laboratory shown in "The Future is Now", where he is pressing the same buttons over and over again on the larvae Nucleus' incubation capsule as the song "Spice Up Your Life" can be heard coming from the speakers in another room.

Present Nucleus: I was created by Doctor Myro from the DNA of the metaverses' strongest fighters, such as Chuck Norris, Mr. T and Vin Diesel, for the sole purpose of taking his revenge upon Avatar Mc Potter and conquering the world.

Doctor Myro finishes for the day and leaves the room. The camera zooms in on the capsule, where we hear an audio recording of Doctor Myro playing to Nucleus within the capsule over and over again.

Doctor Myro Recording: You are my ultimate creation! I designed you from the DNA of the metaverses' strongest fighters! You shall have no peer, no equal in combat! Nucleus, the Perfect Being!

We hear a record scratch and the message repeats itself. This continues again and again for about a minute and a half before the sound is drowned out by the present Nucleus' narration.

Present Nucleus: That tape drove me INSANE! Over and over again, day in, day out! It filled me with murderous rage! The day came when I had finally grown enough to survive outside of the incubation capsule and it was then that I made my move.

The scene cuts to Doctor Myro pressing the same buttons over and over again on the capsule, with Nucleus resembling his present day form. Doctor Myro presses another button, one he hadn't pressed before on-screen, and the capsule opens. Nucleus steps out of the capsule, drenched from his time in the tank.

Doctor Myro: Welcome, Nucleus!

Nucleus punches Doctor Myro across the room, sending him crashing into a wall.

Doctor Myro: What is the meaning of this?!

Nucleus walks across the room toward Doctor Myro whilst cracking his knuckles.

Nucleus: I had to listen to that tape for so damn long!
Doctor Myro: Please, I beg of you! Listen to me!

Nucleus now stands directly over Doctor Myro, who lies cowering against the wall.

Nucleus proceeds to punch through Doctor Myro's head, his brains splattering across the wall behind him.

We now see a montage of clips depicting Nucleus laying the world of the future to waste.

Present Nucleus: After I disposed of Doctor Myro, I quickly subdued the world of my time and quickly grew bored of my status as supreme being in the universe. And so, I traveled back in time in search of a greater challenge. However, through some manner of fluke, the Vampbenders were actually capable of taking me down.

We see a clip of Nucleus collapsing to the ground before the Vampbenders, which curiously include Krystal and not Cleo, despite this scene seemingly taking place in the past.

Present Nucleus: However, that would not be the end of me. The Dark Council harvested my organs for their own purposes and it would just so happen that the son of Dorkros Mullerkaiserfuchslang-Schroderschulzbeckerbauer needed a transplant during his youth in order to save his life. And so, I was reborn!

The scene cuts to a scene of Nerdly on an operating table, followed by Nucleus' first manifestation inside of his body shortly after the operation was complete.

Present Nucleus: Unfortunately, Dorkros did not take kindly to me seizing control of his son's body and so he administered drugs to Nerdly that would suppress my ability to manifest. Only recently, now that Dorkros is dead and the puppet organization that produced the drugs has collapsed, have I been able to be free once more!

Meanwhile, back in the illusory world, the rest of the Vampbenders are in gym class, wearing scandalously small gym uniforms, when it suddenly begins to rain, soaking everyone. Rather than moving the class indoors, the gym teacher merely removes his drenched shirt, revealing his impressively chiseled chest. Many of the boys, Solo included, follow suit. Beyond the far end of the field, a construction site is clearly visible, and there are a number of Hot Men at Work. The scene cuts to the girls? locker room, at the end of the class, where a few girls are comparing breast sizes.

Once everyone is back in their uniforms, the scene switches yet again, to the school cafeteria, where the cafeteria workers are all young, busty, and dressed like maids. One of them is constantly dropping things, usually into her cleavage. At one point she trips, taking another server's hair tie with her. The Vampbenders sit down with their food, and Krystal slowly starts eating a carrot.

The scene switches back to the real world and Nucleus. Free of the Vampbenders' intervention, he is able to subdue this world just as easily as he had subdued his own, future world. Scenes depicting this continue on for a few minutes, and with an Evil Laugh, we are once again taken back to the illusory world.

Now in chemistry class, a mixture explodes at one of the workstations, releasing a liquid that dissolves fabric, but does not affect human skin. The teacher, a busty young woman with glasses and quite clearly nothing but a black bra and panties beneath her lab coat, calmly notes,

Teacher: That's the third time this month. Well, we'll have to get you cleaned up, I guess.

She then goes over to the affected students and herds all of them into the safety shower, not caring that the liquid is starting to dissolve her lab coat. She then starts to scrub them down, seeming to linger especially long on the girls' chests.

Solo: Man, ain't school great?
Avatar: Yeah...too great. Something's not right here...
Solo: Eh, you're just imagining it. School's always been like this. And I think this is actually the fourth time.
Avatar: No, it's the third; the fourth one was less than a full month ago, but last month. But why would we be working on this unit for so long, anyway? And where's Nerdly?
Solo: Out sick, I thought. Didn't he call and say that so we'd know not to stop by his house this morning?
Avatar: No, I'm pretty sure we went to pick him up, and then suddenly...he wasn't there.
Solo: Stop worrying and enjoy the show, okay? I've got popcorn.
Avatar (after a pause): ...Right...

He begins to mix up something else.


  • A bizarre and unfortunate incident left the writer in charge of this arc in critical condition. Since this hospitalization would prevent the project from making deadlines, TVn stepped in to provide a replacement writer, the head writer of one of their other programs, in hopes that AATAFOVS fans would be intrigued enough to check out the other show, which had been hidden away in the Saturday Night Death Slot only because the creators insisted on its long-term security due to an expansive Myth Arc, but had recently retooled itself and was garnering enough critical praise (or rather, lack of derision) to warrant a second chance.
    • Fan reaction was predictably mixed. Most of them could see the dividing line between the two writers, and the reaction to the newcomer was split. Fans of Nucleus were largely disappointed, as a lack of familiarity with the character led to the new writer mainly putting him in predictable scenes that, while using his established characterization, were not terribly compelling. On the other hand, the new fans drawn in by the Darker and Edgier, Hotter and Sexier format were pleased with the increased fanservice.


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