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Season 3, Episode 7. Preceded by Flight Of The Moths, followed by Nucleus Rises.

The episode begins with a camera pan across the Vampbender base with the gang awakening and stumbling toward the kitchen for breakfast. A montage of clips shows the Vampbenders eating. As they finish and stand from the table, they suddenly find themselves in the white void that Avatar visited in "Back in Black", except now, the gang are suddenly inexplicably dressed in the same black leather outfits they wore in said episode. Everyone except Avatar, who already knows what's happened, stares around in confusion. Suddenly, Loki's voice booms out across the void.


Loki: Welcome!

Loki appears before the group and gives a theatric bow.

Avatar *sighs*: Loki. Couldn't you at least warn us before you're going to do this?
Nerdly *blinks*: This is Loki?
Avatar: Yeah, the person I mentioned to all of you after that incident in the City.

Nerdly has a guilty look for a moment as the aforementioned City incident is mentioned.

Loki: If you insist, Avatar, but what if it's an emergency?
Avatar: Is it?
Loki: Well, no, but I'm talking in theory.
Avatar: If this isn't urgent, then what have you brought us here for?
Loki: There's someone I'd like you to meet.
Avatar: Who?

Loki clicks his fingers and the Vampbenders suddenly find themselves in a rocky landscape of fire and brimstone, a gothic manor visible off in the distance. Loki himself has vanished, though his voice echoes across the immediate area.


Loki: Pay her a visit. She'll be most invaluable.

The Vampbenders take in their surroundings.

Krystal: Where are we? Is this He-

Krystal sneezes from the volcanic fumes before she can finish her sentance.

Nerdly: The Netherworld.

The opening credits roll.

After the credits, the Vampbenders find themselves just outside the manor. They knock on the door, which creates a loud booming side that would appear to echo throughout the entire estate. The door opens and the gang is greeted by a maid with small black horns and a pointed tail poking out from underneath her skirt. She bows humbly, speaking in a soft, silky tone.

Demon Maid: I greet you. May I ask who you are?
Avatar *apprehensive*: We're the Airbending Fellowship of Vampire Slayers.
Demon Maid: Oh! You're the people that Loki mentioned. Please, this way.

The maid leads the Vampbenders inside and into a lounge, where a demon lady in scantily clad black leather sits, sipping from a mug of tea. She speaks in a posh british accent.

Demon Lady: Ah, you must be the Vampire Benders. Greetings. I've been expecting you. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lady N'Hemia. Please, sit down and have some tea.

The Vampbenders nervously take seats across the room as the maid leaves the room to prepare said tea.

N'Hemia: Tell me, what brings you here?
Avatar: Well, Loki just sort of...left us here. He said we should speak to you.
N'Hemia: Ah, yes, Loki. He was the one who told me about you. Allow me to be more specific, what is the problem that led him to bring you here?
Avatar: The Dark Council are seeking out artifacts that will allow them to summon the Executives and shape it in their image. They already have one of those artifacts already.

There is another shot of Nerdly with a guilty expression as the subject of the stolen artifact comes up.

N'Hemia: I see. The threat that the Executives pose has been of concern to me for some time. However, if we combine our forces, we'll stand a greater chance of stopping the Dark Council obtaining the full set of artifacts needed to summon them.
Avatar: We could use all the help we could get.

Solo gives Avatar a cynical look, as if to say "You're not really going to trust her, are you?", which N'Hemia notices, but ignores with a knowing smile.

N'Hemia: I am glad you agree.

The maid returns with a tray of tea that she places on the table before handing a mug to each of the Vampbenders. They stare into their cups hesitantly, the camera looking down into Avatar's mug for a moment as the gang pause to consider whether drinking the tea is such a good idea. Realizing that this could well be a poisoned chalice situation wherein refusing to drink could bring the collective might of the entire manor down upon them, the Vampbenders reluctantly drink the tea. Immediately, the gang fall unconscious. N'Hemia smiles.

N'Hemia: Good.

N'Hemia rests her eyes, flicking a finger upward and suddenly, the unconscious Vampbenders are lifted into the air by magic. The scene cuts to N'Hemia walking into a basement, the Vampbenders floating behind her. There are six gigantic pods that she loads the gang into, tentacles sliding beneath their clothes to penetrate them, their flesh turning green as they gasp suggestively, still unconscious. However, Nerdly's body shudders as the tentacles attempt to exert their influence, his skin instead turning albino white, smirking as he chuckles in the voice of Nucleus.

Nucleus: You don't get me that easily!

Nucleus bursts free from the pod, breaking free of the tentacle's grip before fully transforming Nerdly's body into that of his default form, covered almost entirely in seemingly organic green armour, save for his chalk white face.

N'Hemia *startled*: resisted the pod's control! Who are you?!
Nucleus: Me? I'm Nucleus, the Perfect Being. I must thank you for rendering Nerdly's will weak enough for me to reassert control of his body. Now, stand aside.
N'Hemia: Not so fast!

N'Hemia cups her hands together, gathering energy into them to fire as a laser beam.

Nucleus fires a laser beam out of his mouth that collides with N'Hemia's energy blast in a Beam o' War. The struggle lasts for around a minute before N'Hemia is blasted aside and crashes into a wall. Nucleus then strides out of the room and up the stairs, too apathetic to finish N'Hemia off. The camera then focuses on the captivity pods, going fuzzy as the scene changes to symbolize that it is now showing the illusory world that the Vampbenders are now trapped within.

In the illusory world, the Vampbenders (minus Nerdly) are students, walking on their way to school, except for Fluffykins back at Sue's illusory house. Sue and Krystal are wearing scandalously skimpy uniforms, licking lollipops in a blatently suggestive fashion, which are dripping onto their shirts. The scene cuts to a classroom montage, the heavily sexualized teacher sitting on her desk as the class works away, frequently crossing her legs and giving faintly visible panty shots as a result, all whilst eating a bannana in a manner as suggestive as how Sue and Krystal ate their lollipops earlier. As the montage (and the class) ends, Avatar sneezes, suddenly seeming to have developed a cold that he didn't have moments before. The teacher immediately dashes across toward him, a freeze frame of her backside as she does so, petting him reassuringly.

Teacher: You look sick, Avatar! You should see the nurse right away!

The scene cuts to Avatar entering the school infirmary, where a nurse as equally objectified as the teacher greets him.

Nurse: Avatar, you look unwell. Please lie down on the bed so that I can take your temperature.

Avatar does as the nurse asks, lying down on the bed as she places a thermometer into his mouth. The nurse reads Avatar's temperature.

Nurse: You have a high fever. Only one thing for it.

The nurse puts the thermometer aside and climbs onto the bed on top of Avatar, undoing his pants whilst sliding her underwear down her legs. Although the camera angle prevents us from seeing anything explicit, it is clear that she is moving Avatar's underwear downward also. The nurse straddles Avatar, both hers and Avatar's pleasured sounds making it clear that they are now engaged in sexual intercourse. Both Avatar and the nurse's clothing prevent us from seeing anything graphic, yet nothing is left to the imagination. The camera cuts to just outside the infirmary to show us that their noises are audiable even from the corridor, yet nobody appears to pay any mind to them.

As Solo, Sue and Krystal walk past, Krystal's bag pops open, accidently spilling her belongings onto the floor. As Krystal leans down to pick up her things, a clear shot of her panties is visible. Through one of the classroom door windows, we can briefly catch a glimpse of a teacher whipping the naked backside of one of the other (illusory) students. The camera goes fuzzy once more to show that the scene is cutting back to reality, back in the pod room where N'Hemia watches the Vampbenders' unconscious forms.

The scene cuts again to Nucleus leaving the manor before looking up at the sky and flying away.


Fan Reactions:

  • 7 episodes into the new series and the fandom is not impressed with the Darker and Edgier, Hotter and Sexier new format, although it has drawn in some new viewers attracted by the fanservice shown in trailers. Religious groups have complained that the episode is sacreligious and many other people have criticized the misogynistic plotting of this episode.
    • However, one aspect of the plot that has intriguied fandom for better or worse has been the relevation that Nucleus is indeed a split personality of Nerdly like in the comic continuity, something that has been suspected ever since "Back in Black". As ever, speculation is rampant over how this fits together with the depiction of a Nucleus larva in the laboratory of Doctor Myro back in "The Future is Now".


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