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New events cause prophecies to change
  • Another Disney TV Sitcom
  • Pretty Good for a Disney Show
Creative and unusual, and a great fantasy film.
  • A Great Webcomic Experience
  • My favorite webcomic ever
  • Really Very Good
  • The epitome of an exceptional webcomic.
Comment by Turquoise Flower
From the start, you already know where this show is going...
Not bad, just forgettable and slightly flawed
  • And yet, somehow, life goes on.
  • Calm the hell down, you're taking her way too seriously
  • I like her
  • Love Her or Hate Her
  • She. Is. AWESOME.
  • When will gimmicks just die?
  • A Bad Film, but not the worst I've ever seen
  • An ambitious film marred by contrived execution and vanity
  • Simply Not Good
A Dating Simulator for People Who Hate Dating Simulators
  • Comment by @/AnonKunChan
  • Comment by @/CoppeliaMartyrdom
Good death scenes, meh (at best) rest of the movie
Very Chilling, Very Touching and Very Underrated
  • Did Not Blow Me Away Until the End '''(Spoilers)'''
  • Not Quite Good Enough
  • Old Hollywood Magic
Lands of Lore 2: One of my all-time favorites, even if it is badly designed
  • Good story but boring and reptitive gameplay
  • Great premise, sloppy execution.
  • The Spruce Goose of Games
Revlid's review
Comment by [=RoseAndHeather=]
  • Problems
  • YMMV
EightDeadlyWords in full effect here.
  • Last Child of Krypton
  • Last Child of Krypton
  • Rubber Baby Buggy Bumper!
  • Why Do People Defend This Movie?
Comment by Kchasm
Great Series
But the Chivalry!
Not Much To Offer
Quality? In my RPG Maker game?
A Strong First Showing
  • A noble effort smeared by a sloppy execution.
  • The only children's book to feature an OD'd horse
Brutal Honesty. (For Ri2's Latias's Journey.)
  • A Fanfic With Lots of Potential But A Lot of Problems
  • Good Plot Marred by Excreable Execution
  • My enjoyment lasted only until I tripped over the book and hit my head on the Fridge
Harrowing but worth the journey
A fic that could have been great
this is a title
Review by {{Tropers/Quanyails}}
  • comment by Troper/DougSMachina
  • Review by Troper/JiaMekare
  • Review by {{Troper/Crowley}}
  • Is this show smarter than I think or as dumb as it looks?
  • The last great cop drama
Where actors go to die
  • Best of the Worst
  • Poes law strikes again.
  • Law & Order 4 Kids
  • Law And Order | UK: Get's Better as it Goes
Disturbing character drama, with moments of levity
Wherein I have Slash Fic Flashbacks and Alec Guinness Bores Me
Tons of Fun
  • A bit hard to get into, but it's free intense co-op fun once you start playing it.
  • A good MOBA, but there are better
  • A great game bogged down by an abysmal community
  • A meh game with an awful fanbase.
  • Picture VideoGame/DOTA2, except easier and less cruel.
  • The definitive MOBA.
Am I the only person on the Internet who likes this show?
Hilarious Bleach/Deadpool crack/crossover fic
CaellachTigerEye's Review
  • My review
  • op's review
Comment by @/{{Sekahyyh}}
From comments
Thank you (:
  • A truly cinematic experience.
  • The modern equivalent of arcade action
  • Not without flaws, but still the best end-times series I've read
  • Terrible film
  • Ugh
  • Brilliant. Absolutely BRILLIANT.
  • The first volume is good. Stop when you get to the end of it.
Legacy of Uzushiogakure - an intriguing AU
Defiance is a wonderful thing
  • A Kriffing Insult To Star Wars Fans
  • Rehash of the Prequels Plot
  • Why? Why? Why?
Beautiful but . .
Codifies What is Wrong with Biopics
  • Comment by Lady Iapetus
  • Nicely Written Fic
So much potential, yet so badly executed.
Don't take it too seriously
  • ''Die Neue These'' Episode 1 - A pretty solid first impression
  • ''Gaiden II'' / Final Thoughts on the Heroic Tales from an Island in the Cosmos
  • ''Legend Of The Galactic Heroes Gaiden I'' review
  • ''Legend Of The Galactic Heroes: Golden Wings'' review
  • The political thriller ''Gundam'' wishes it were; Anime's ''Epic of Gilgamesh''
An Underrated, Overshadowed Game.
  • An Enjoyable Film
  • Colossal highs and crushing lows
Old School, Low Budget, High Fantasy
Execution of a flawed premise
Never think anything through. Including fanfics.
  • op's review
  • the 10% aka worth it!
There's a lot of good ideas here, but something just doesn't click
  • Adventure cheese mixed with {{Fanservice}} galore
  • An adventure in game show form... almost
  • Ideal adaptation
  • Guilty Pleasure
  • How I Wasted My Birthday
  • There's a term for these sort of flicks...
Steamrolling the Manic Pixie Dream Girl
  • Lego Indiana Jones 2 review by Angrok Va
  • The LEGO Movie Game review
  • The Lego Star Wars Games: Memories To Be Had...
  • There is a lot of magic here
An open-world platformer with obvious GTA inspiration
Lego Island 2... was kinda good?
Its good, but can get a bit Flavour of the month at times.
  • Marlee Cross's review
  • Misticsan's review
  • Comment by Moaku
  • Review
A series that gets too much flack. Also, don't start with Triplanetary
  • I keep expecting to hate this guy...
  • Shutter Island
Probably one of the best movies I've ever seen
Well that depends, you know...
  • ...
  • Amazing
  • Amazing.
  • Anonymous review from the Comments section
The Civil War in all its glorious mundanity
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
Good story in the prequel style
Don't Pick it Apart
A shooter with potential ruined by poor design.
Hypercam's our man!
The Same Joke Fifty Times
CaellachTigerEye's review
So Much Fluff
  • Let Me In
  • Review of "Let Me In"
Feels Authentic
Avoid. At all costs.
  • Excellent Survival Game
  • Liar Game is Liar Game
  • Liar Game Theory
  • Like Death Note...but ''inferior''.
  • Like DeathNote, But Actually Good!
  • Merits and Flaws
We need a slogan!
Nice short game
{{Chihuahua0}}'s review
  • Pancake Mix's review
  • Tacitus's review
It's a bitch
Comment by T-bone61
Comment by {{@/Dellanotte}}
  • Crippling (except not)
  • MuchAdoAboutNonny's review
  • Life in Manehattan is okay.
  • Not recommended
Comment by Soojinyeh
op's review
  • Autumn Paths (Ep 1-4)
  • Developers Are Strange
  • Hella Wowser
  • Life is being Reviewed (Alt Title: This Review is Strange)
  • Life is Blandish
  • Max does what we all wish we could do
  • Well, that was a rip-off.
  • Fanservice in the best possible way
  • Fanservice in the best possible way
  • ManipulativeBitch: A ''Life Is Strange'' Story
  • My Favourite Game of 2017
  • The rare example of a prequel that enhances a great first entry
  • Throws away what made the original game so appealing to me (episode 1 review)
  • Contemporary Spiritual Musings of the Finest Kind
  • Great Until the Ending
  • I honest-to-God hate it
  • Pi's Adventure was Cool, His Life Less So (Book)
Comment by Anonymous
  • Heartwarming comedy
  • Review from the comments section by enthusiastic_lightbulb
Comment by capeclare
  • A good fanfic for a small fandom
  • A good fanfic for a small fandom
  • A good fanfic for a small fandom
  • A good fanfic for a small fandom
  • A good fanfic for a small fandom
  • A good fanfic for a small fandom
  • A High-Stakes Game of Cat-and-Mouse
  • The most epic comedy ever written
  • This is way too funny to me
A good ending if you like the series
Cool concept, great tension, spent on Jump Scares
Like An Onion Crossover
Like an Unexpected Song
Very, Very Well-Done!
Issues 1 to 7
Lilo and Stitch Review
Great show!
  • Derivative Peggy Sue Fixfic with no Good Qualities
  • Lilys Changes
  • Okay, fair warning: I hate this story.
A Pretty Perfect Puzzle Platformer
  • A deconstruction of the EscapistCharacter
  • A different take
  • Limitless
Take With A Grain Of Salt
Just a troper's thoughts.
Comment by [=OracleSeven=]
comment from original recommender shifted to reviews
Linus Tech Tips is Great
  • A life-ruining experience indeed.
  • A solid RPG in all the right areas
  • An incredible game, but...
  • Harsh, Cold and Painful.
  • Other games do it better.
Humorous and Self-Aware
sauronlulz' review
LBA 2 review - the difficulty, crypticness and knockback ruin it
  • Fantastic level editor, bland platforming mechanics
  • Short Reviews of the [=LittleBigPlanet=] games I've played.
Comment by msq
Watch two or three episodes. Then stop.
A Standard Setting Made Excellent Through Its Characters
  • An addicting, but ultimately overblown simple concept
  • Dream Bigger! An utterly beautiful game!
  • Little Inferno is literally the worst game I have ever played
I don't know that I've ever laughed harder
Season 5 so far, predictions for upcoming episodes
(newspaper comic review) Surreal, creative, and very original... while it lasted
Shows only hints of the artistry of its original form, but fails to capture its charm
  • Also
  • Comment by Maggoty Anne
  • Dear God...
Humor-horror-tragedy-drama-musical-puppet show!
  • Good show, needs more love
  • My thoughts so far until the end
  • Surprisingly good
From comments
This fic omg <3
Great first half, second half less so
Fun and enjoyable the whole way
A Sadly Overlooked, But Amazing Game
Lives up to the "Amazing" part of the title
from comments
One of the Greatest Hidden Object Game
LMFAO'd for the whole movie!
Very funny and awesome!
  • A Great Fanfic
  • Redefining Fandom
  • Wow, this is a great AU!
Simply amazing
Kryptik's review
  • Farce, violence and dark hilarious humour
  • This is what happens when the Brits make a grindhouse film.
So Much Fun
  • Last ride. You're welcome.
  • This is the X-men movie we've needed (no spoilers)
An MMO Anime Done Right.
Someone's reading a Lois & Clark review?
  • Read it while you're young enough...
  • Unfortunately misunderstood
  • Why is this book considered a modern classic?
Comment by @/CoppeliaMartyrdom
Comment by Aranfan
  • First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails [episode 1]
  • Purple Monkey [episode 2]
  • Roar, Roar, Fight the Order
  • School Work in Summer... BLECHH!!! [episode 3]
  • A decent Alpha release
  • Superflawed
  • b/10
  • Elodie Did Not Live To Ascend The Throne
  • Long Live the Queen fails to live up to its promise
Anonymous reviews from the Comments section
This isn't the way it's supposed to go...
Manic Pixie Dream Girl: The Book
  • Finding Its Footing Again
  • Grinding to a Halt
  • Lost its identity and can't seem to find it
  • Needs to choose
  • Starts off epic, then pole vaults over the shark
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Anonymous
  • Comment by Karma
  • Looney Tunes: Back in Action Review.
  • Quite enjoyable
It'd be fine it if wasn't for the time travel.
The One Where Vriska Makes You Cry
And now what I really think.
Great Concept, Even Better Execution
  • Didn't Enjoy It
  • Lord of the Flies is a classic
  • Lord of the Flies, or why symbolism is a bad thing
  • Not What I Expected, But Most Certainly Not Bad
A must read for all Hitsugaya-fans
Painfully mediocre
Absolutely adorable
Comment by Chuckg
Fantastic: An Argentine Classic
  • Lost
  • The End
One of...
  • Better off Lost
  • Comment by J Random User
  • Comment by Night
  • Loved it :D
This Game Should Be a Stepping Stone
  • (Survival Kids 2 review) A Japan-only sequel that went in the wrong direction
  • (Survival Kids/first game review) A great start to a series that promptly went downhill
Needs More Love. Definitely.
Lost potential
Comment by ladyofthelibrary
Comment by Windsong12
peachychan's review
(This review is based on Chapter 44: Nothing You Have to Do)
peachychan's review
Come for the RPG, stay for the story...
  • Original Comments
  • The reviews
op's review
Comment by SAMAS
Comment by fruitstripegum
Comment by Ivlivs
Polgarawolf is a known plagiarist
Comment by Musicrox4ever
Watch it for the character development.
@/{{CP}}'s review
Love Live! Sunshine!!-A (short) Review
From comments
A rare ecchi I can honestly read again and again
Moved comments
CCIB's review
Amazing in its weirdness
Promises much, fails to deliver
You'll love it!
wickedly funny- a guilty pleasure.
Comment by lkmjr
Tropers/Skullsmuggery's Review
The most beautiful book I have ever read.
  • Comment by So We Ate Them
  • Comment by Tropers/{{Klon}}
  • feral's review
  • Interesting Concept, Trashy Execution
  • Amazing series
  • Amazing series
Absolutely Fantastic Author
Marlee Cross' review
Closest to Perfect
  • An Engrossing Fanfic
  • Different and engrossing
  • Because this show needs a positive review
  • Between the Devil and the Dumb Bland Show
  • No sympathy for the devil
  • Not just a witty face.
Sone Anna's review
  • For the Tropers Who Think Neon Genesis Evangelion Needs More Tropes
  • Hit Or Miss
  • Love It Or Hate It
  • Lucky Star: The Anime About Nothing
  • My two pence [i'm british].
  • One of my favorite series
  • Take the bad, take the good, take a deep breath, and take a dive into Moe Moe Seinfeld.
  • The Jokes are Just the Start
  • This is bad
  • This is not bad.
  • Your Milage WILL Vary
Comment by Anonymous
  • Cool action movie with no tension
  • Lazy
  • White Lady Slaughters Asian Men for Not Speaking English
My thoughts:
Not as polished as the sequel, but has a unique charm of its own
A more puzzle-based, less open experience than the first game
  • From interesting to annoying.
  • This fanfic fixes literally every problem with the Twilight saga.
If you're looking for an ''"actual gaming experience"'', prepare to be disappointed...
Overall, a solid read.
What a mess.
Not to be confused with Stargate Equestria
  • Cliche piled upon cliche
  • Clichéd, but fun
  • LighterAndSofter indeed
  • They wasted a perfectly good plot
What did I just read?
No. Not one to read.
Lee's review"
By @/SirRandomUser
The 2014 live action film.
Average is Still Pretty Good
  • antvasima's review
  • OperationShoestring's review
Not quite getting it.
A Wonderful Game Ruined by English Translation
Wow. That's... all I can say.
Marlee Cross' review