Reviews: Luminosity

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From interesting to annoying.
I don't know how to describe this fic. The first half or so is good. It's interesting and Bella excells at getting around problems that shouldn't have to be problems in the first place. She also doesn't immidiately fall for Edward and explores her feelings to see if she actually wants to be with him forever while she's still human knowing she will definitely return his feelings when she becomes a vampire.

But then towards the end she starts expressing opinions, ambitions and intentions that are in conflict with my own way of thinking, such as rebelling against the volturi and starting a new vampire government that will force all vampires to be vegitarians, or activating the Quilette wolf genes without any real conscent first and expressing that she can't understand why not everyone would want to be immortal. In her own words:

"I had such delusions of grandeur," I murmured. "I was going to build up the population of wolves over years and years, collect allies, work on my shield, take over the world. Convert everybody to vegetarianism, turn humans as fast as we could handle them, cure death."

In short, she started to really annoy me.
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