Reviews: Little Red Letter

Comment by Maggoty Anne

One big, long, bloody, mindscrew. It can't be properly described without spoilers, but know that it is set while Squee is still a child, and the first thing he does is kill his parents. Brutally. Yet this is not a revenge fic. Just read it. It is well written, and updated regularly.

Dear God...

I have never before read such a perfect mindscrew. What's happening becomes horrifyingly clear by the time Todd gets the bunny, but you want to deny it as long as possible. The fatalism only grows as you see exactly what's happening, knows what's coming next... And that's only the first one. This trilogy is about the most literal Mind Screw you could conjure, disjointed and yet perfectly planned, the sort of thing Vasquez probably keeps on hand for light reading... Also, best not taken in one dose.


This troper considers the trilogy a classic of the fandom, and would like to add that you can read the last fic first if you are so inclined. The story structure is epically cyclical.