Reviews: Las Lindas

Eight Deadly Words in full effect here.

Alright, since I watched Riiser's in-depth nine-part review on this webcomic, I'll pretty much cut right to the chase. I'm not swayed by the fanservice in the comic, by the way, and that's not even my biggest problem with the comic.

My biggest problem with this webcomic (besides Miles) is Mora Linda herself. She committed quite a long list of wrongful deeds throughout the whole series so far, and yet you can count the times she gets called out for it with one hand. And now that she's on her way to being a God-Mode Sue (and I doubt she's gotten much better, if at all), I can say that the "Turning Up Millhouse, karma be buggered" comment in the YMMV section is pretty much spot-on. The authors saying that no lasting harm would come to Mora? Not. Helping.

The rest of the characters? As of late, I'm not really sure if they've developed in any way, but I'm in no mood to slog through the whole comic just to find any. If the writing did improve at any point after that review, or before then, I only have four words: Too little, too late.

I say skip this webcomic. Trust me, you're not really missing much.