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Good show, needs more love
The show has a unique charm to it. The human characters are not as interesting (save for Blythe, Mrs. Twombly, Biskit girls...) but the pets absolutely steal the spotlight. The three male characters are my personal favorites, with Sunil having been my favorite since the first time I watched. Russell and Vinnie tie for a very close second.

It has its own humor. It's not a girly show, despite what it seems. It isn't an overly-cutesy girly, sugarcoated mess. It's actually a decent show, from that standpoint.

I first watched it Christmas Day 2012. At that point, the first eight episodes had aired and I watched them all in one day. I loved it. Sunil was my immediate favorite, followed closely by Russell.

Personally, I love it. I have loved it since the first time I watched. I found it funny, I was laughing at a lot of things that happened. I have three friends that are bronies, and I tried to convince the three of them to give it a shot. One of them refuses to, because he doesn't want to become hooked on it. Another one saw it, said it wasn't their cup of tea. The other one watched three episodes (Gailbreak, Mean Isn't Your Color, and So You Skink You Can Dance, to be exact), and liked them, but hasn't watched any more of it since.

All in all, good show, just needs a bit more love.
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My thoughts so far until the end
While I'm not a huge fan of Littlest Pet Shop 2012, I kinda enjoyed it.

It's a lot more lighter and softer in comparison of Fi M, Dan Vs. , etc while maintaining realistic lessons and how it's learned on certain episodes like Mean Isn't Your Colour. Characters are mostly charming and likable to their own way. Though a few human characters (mainly either Blythe or The Biskit Twins) had mixed reactions and honestly I'm not a fan of the human characters. However, it doesn't stop me from liking them and Blythe herself is quite decent. But the pets themselves are mostly prominent with Penny Ling and Zoe Trent being my favourite of them all. Out of all the human characters, Mrs.Twombly is my most favourite of all because she, to me, is the equivalent to Pops from Regular Show. The animation and character designs are a mixed bag for me with the animation itself being average while character designs are good except, albeit I got used to it, for a few human designs at times. Admittedly, the two parter premier was a mixed reaction to a lot of people including myself. It's a bit of a slow start to the plot and characters. Later episodes mostly expand the characters and with certain subplots on each episode. However, later episodes are arguably more enjoyable depending on personal preference. I'll post my full on thoughts on this series later on this summer but I really am loving Littlest Pet Shop.
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Surprisingly good
While i somewhat doubt it will reach the plethora that is my little pony, i would be completely lying if i say that this show doesn't have it's own unique charm to it that would entertain it's fans. i would highly recommend people to have a open mind and give the show a shot.
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