Reviews: League Of Super Evil

Am I the only person on the Internet who likes this show?

LOSE was a show that most people remember only because it aired during the infamous CN Real era. Even so, only the first season did. Since Cartoon Network was in a Dork Age at the time, everyone ignored it/called it crap without watching due to the bad (and tad undeserved) reputation of Canadian animation. I find it near impossible to find anyone who speaks huge positivity about it or even knows about the show. So, I'll do it myself.

League is hilarious. The entire premise is just amusing on its own and when you actually watch the show, it's able to come up with silly and fun stories. The jokes almost never miss. I still snicker about some of the League's "evil" plans like throwing an evil barbecue (basically, not inviting neighbours to it). The show also parodies superheroes and Silver Age comics pretty well too. It can get a tad gross, but not enough to be a big issue for people who can withstand small amounts of Toilet Humour

Oh, and the cast is great. Voltar is like Eddy as a "supervillain": smug, semi-competent, and doomed to fail hilariously. Doktor Frogg is kinda like Squidward, but the torment to him is mostly misfortunate slapstick, so it doesn't come off as mean. Plus the idea of the Mad Scientist being The Straight Man is funny enough. My favourite is Red Menace though. He's like Kronk (my favourite villain's lackey of all time), but less stupid more inherently nice. Then there's Doomageddon, who I can't say much about beyond that he's pretty cool. The League almost always loses, but the fun behind watching the show is that you know they'll probably lose, but never in a way that feels mean (Voltar usually brings it upon himself and his team).

Visually, the show is animated by the guys who brought you ReBoot and Beast Wars, so it's an All-CGI Cartoon. Admittedly, I fell this is the weakest part of the show. While the animation is better than many Canadian Adobe Flash cartoons, the characters can look at little weird sometimes due to the 3-D rendering. Nevertheless, it's still passable.

In a nutshell, LOSE is one reason why I still maintain a bit of faith in Canadian cartoons. It's incredibly funny and Needs More Love. Seriously, go watch it!