Reviews: Lotus Resiliens

peachychan's review

A slightly different take on Season 3, following the Day of Black Sun episodes. The chapters of the story seem to shadow the series somewhat, but with the author's original flavor and some new (and mind-expanding) experiences for the Gaang. The characterizations are spot-on in this story; many readers (myself included) have had to remind themselves that the story isn't already written into canon when reading. What's even more awesome is that instead of abandoning the extraneous characters such as Haru, The Duke, and Teo, they're in for the ride in this story, and the author doesn't shy away from giving them attention. (Although Haru is mostly there to provide amusement on behalf of Sokka, due to his acquisition of the Bad Ass Mustache.) The main pairing is Zuko/Katara, but it's (extremely) slow to develop over the course of the story. It's a WIP with 8 chapters so far, and while it's been on a slow update schedule, it was updated just a couple of months ago with the promise of another chapter relatively soon.