Reviews: Legend Of The Seeker

Old School, Low Budget, High Fantasy

If you're like me you grew up watching actors like Kevan Sorbo and Lucy Lawless (and if not why are you on TVTropes?). Those were the heady days of action adventure series featuring criminally cliched writing, no name actors, and rampant continuity errors. Shows so horribly tacky and low brow they had to be shelved away in Saturday night time slots where they couldn't harm the general public. Well folks I am here to happily tell you that Legend of the Seeker is exactly like those shows. This is old school action. Where the Mcguffins are magical, the villains have names like Darken Rahl, and good triumphs at the end of every one hour segment.

Its certainly not for everybody. You will need to switch off the vast majority of your functioning brain cells to enjoy this show. Its also received serious accusations of Adaptation Decay. To put it lightly, fans of the the books generally do not care for this show. This is fine. They can keep their books, and I will continue to stay far, far, away from Terry Goodkind and his Serious Business objectivist rants. For the rest of us, those misty eyed nerds with memories of the halcyon 90s and a seething hatred for the Reality TV that killed it, Legend of the Seeker is a nostalgic good time. Its one of the few Walking The Earth shows left, and with Sam Raimi behind it the things actually half way watchable. Give it a few minutes for old time's sake.