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Its good, but can get a bit Flavour of the month at times.
I started reading Legostar Galactica about three or four years ago after a link on anoter webcomic. It's a good series with variable photography that has been improving greatly as of late. The story is interesting and the Lego builds are very good. It's great fun if you know your SF tropes and franchises. There is however, one unfortunate feature: the aforementioned "Flavour of the Month". There are some chapters that seem at odds with the rest of the series, tacked on to hang lampshades over a series/comic/film that are telling of the latest popular SF doing the rounds when the story was written and shot. The intergration of some of these series is far from flawless and can be a bit jarring at times. The "Legoes" story is an example. That said, it keeps me reading and most of the time has a decent plot that can intergrate one-shot jokes without issue. Take a look if you like Lego, SF and crazy Star Wars/Star Trek/Battlestar Galactica mash-ups.
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