Reviews: Lux Pain

A Wonderful Game Ruined by English Translation

I'll just say this right now. Lux Pain is one of my first Visual Novel games next to Ace Attorney. This game is different from the rest in which it has very dark themes and focuses on realistic problems. However, because of Americanitis, the game suffered badly hence the low rating and making the game very narmy.

This game is unique in that it's a huge case Show Dont Tell and All In The Manual. You won't get the full plot unless you're dedicated to researching the information on the actual Japanese website, reading the small manual when you buy the game and observing the dialogue in the game. The plot could easily be read as "The Main Character had his parents killed by this parasite called Silent and he joins this organization called FORT to seek revenge." Unless you actually read the information in the data book in the game, it becomes obvious that the battle against Silent is never ending thus what Atsuki is trying to do is technically pointless and all he can do is prevent more people from dying than actually stopping Silent.

Other important information like the character's backstory and their motives are noticeably taken out and left mainly in the database in the game. You could basically figure out their personality by just playing the game and learning as they go through hardships. However, further observation is needed to pay attention to more things that the game is trying to show you instead of telling you outright with the main example being Hibiki's obvious crush on Ryo.

That's only story wise and character wise.

Other things about Lux Pain that stands out is the wonderful soundtrack that goes well with the mood of the story and the artwork. The voice actors are actually very good. However, this is ruined by the English translation to the point that the dialogue doesn't match with the script.

Finally, the gameplay isn't important because it's a VA game, but when people rate the game low because of having to do almost nothing but scratch the screen to read people's thoughts...which is also important because you get more insight on the character but to the average gamer, it's just a weak mechanic.

The overall rating of this game would be a C at average but I personally would go for the B+ or A-.