Reviews: Lost In Shadow

Needs More Love. Definitely.

I got Lost In Shadow because it was recommended to me in an Overlooked Wii Games video here: and at first, I hardly knew what to expect. Little did I know that I would soon have my mind blown.

You know how some people say that something is "more than just a game/film/'s an experience." Well, that's this game in a nutshell. The mood this game sets is deeply enchanting, really immersing you in the world it's created. I did not expect something like this from Hudson Soft—they'd made great games in the past, of course, but nothing like this.

Right, the gameplay. It's very solid platforming and puzzle fare, with a bit of combat thrown in, but it's never really the focus until about halfway through. It's aided by the haunting soundtrack, which, minimalist though it may be, is perfect for setting the mood. More than once, you really do get the feeling that it's you (the shadow) against impossible odds, knowing only that you have to get to the top, not just to win, but to survive.

The graphics, while again mostly minimalist, have a surprising amount of detail for what they are. The mechanisms involved in each stage are interesting, and as time went on, I grew to love the look and feel of this game. It's not just fun—it was amazing, thoroughly enjoyable. comes the part where I have to play devil's advocate. Yes, in my opinion, the game is brilliant, but I can understand why it may not be for everyone. The minimalist approach may not be for everyone, and people may be turned off by the lack of backstory, as I was in the end. I won't say the game's for everyone, but I did at least try and recommend it to my friends. And I will say this: if you loved Shadowofthe Colossus, or Ico, then I think this game is definitely worth checking out.

One problem, though—it's really rare. I only managed to find one copy on eBay, and when I did, that was pretty much it. I really think this is less than Lost in Shadow deserves, as to me, it's more than just another game to be ignored. It's a prime argument that video games aren't just toys—they can be art. And in my opinion, this is a masterpiece.

Final rating: 9/10.