Reviews: Lilo And Stitch The Series

Great show!

If you've seen (and love) the movie Lilo and Stitch, then you'll probably like this series.

The story: The little girl Lilo and her alien dog Stitch try to find Stitch's "cousins." Jumba, an evil alien scientist (the big purple one with many eyes), created Stitch for the purpose of destruction, but now Stitch (and Jumba, somewhat) have been turned good. Stitch's "cousins" are the other alien experiments that Jumba created. Their other friends include Nani (Lilo's sister and guardian), David (Nani's boyfriend) and Pleakely (a crossdressing alien voice by Kevin Mc Donald). There are also various antagonists, such as Mertyl (a mean girl that calls Lilo a weirdo), Dr. Hamsterville (a hamster alien that's in jail, but wants to take all of Jumba's experiments to take over the Galactic Empire), Gantu (Hamsterville's henchman who is stuck in Hawaii until his ship is repaired) and 625 (an experiment that works with Gantu, but he's really lazy and his only talent is making sandwiches).

Confusing? It makes more sense if you've seen the movie, or at least a couple of episodes.

Pros: good morals, especially the theme about ohana ("ohana means family, family means that nobody gets left behind, or forgotten"), nice setting (not many shows take place in Hawaii), various characters, good stories, the characters never get too mean to each other, fun for kids or anyone who enjoys a nice cartoon,

Cons: the episodes, while unique and creative in some ways, tend to be formulaic with the Monster of the Week thing. This may get annoying to someone who's expecting something new from every episode, but the Monster of the Week can be original and what's going on in the B Plot can be different. Like many kids shows, the characters can occasionally get Flanderized (Stitch acting crazy, Nani getting easily upset) or annoying (Lilo being whiny, Dr. Hamsterville's VOICE). But the problems don't stick out too much, and overall the show itself is pretty good.