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Comment by Night
It's Buffy. It's not NCIS. The NCIS team doesn't get much screentime or action except for Ziva, and one can make a pretty good argument that Ziva's character is not being rendered faithfully. The strong core mentioned above does exist, but after that the story fumbles around.
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Comment by J Random User
The story demonstrates a strong emotional core from the early chapters, especially the NCIS team's raw despair when they believe Ziva is dead. There is a good deal of angst early on, but once the team is reunited with Ziva and learn of the supernatural, the pace picks up and becomes a good deal more lighthearted.
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Loved it :D
This is one of my favourite stories in the fandom as a whole. The scenes are long and involved, but never too long, and never too dull or boring. The romance plays out nicely, and it's a very good adaptation of what might otherwise end in a bad fic. :D
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