Reviews: Lets Go Jungle

A shooter with potential ruined by poor design.

The problem I had with this game, which I would normally consider a good game, is that there are many significant issues with the game design itself.

First, the quick time events, one of the selling points of the game, are annoying, superfluous, and offer nothing significant except a cash sink, and as a major advertised component of the game, this is not a good thing.

Second, major texture and graphical glitches. Vertexes would occasionally shoot out of enemies and objects so you would see a large, disgusting triangle jutting out of a character's nose, gun, fingers, enemies, and foliage. Some of these triangle vertex glitches would be in the foreground of the level, leaving the player left with no visible sensory feedback of what was occurring on screen, and forcing blind fire. This is a game breaking bug, making the game nearly unplayable.

Third, combat is boring and uninteresting. All guns have infinite ammo, no reload, and are automatic, creating a constant spray and pray system of play. There is no motivation to be accurate, and the gameplay roulette change ups are by and large more annoying than anything else, removing functionality for bullshit attacks. There is also an abuse of swarm tactics, where 100s of enemies attack you at once, which gets extremely annoying after the third or so time this occurs, or, about 20 seconds into play.

However, the game is not without its positives. There is a choice in mid game levels which allows you to choose between fast perfect precision dark combat or swarm based escape missions, adding replay value. The cooperative team work is the main draw of the game, and it definitely is fun to play with someone else and attempt to get a high friendship ranking. Boss battles are intense and generally well choreographed. Some occasional engrish and cheesy voice actign is worth a few laughs.

The short version: Broken gameplay and uninteresting combat hamper a game which could have been great.