Reviews: Laid To Rest

Good death scenes, meh (at best) rest of the movie

I saw this and it was ok to bad. The basic plot of Laid To Rest is a woman wakes up in a casket. She has no idea who she is, where she is, or why she is there. She is able to get out but finds herself being attacked and followed by a psychopath, who we later find out is named Chrome Skull. After running away from the funeral home, she is picked up by a guy named Tucker. They, along with a guy named Stephen spend the rest of the movie running from place to place avoiding or putting together poor plans to attack Chrome Skull.

Alright, this movie has a lot of flaws. The plot and characters are weak in their writing.Basically, its an Idiot Plot as the character doing very, very stupid things is the only way for the film to advance. The main character, Princess, is an especially bad case. I have no idea how she survived as long as she did. Half the time she just sits there screaming, crying, and pleading not to be killed or have the people around her be killed. She enacts a plan to try and kill CS, but screws it up in a stupid way that could have been fixed. Now, normally I wouldn't be complaining too much about stupid people in slasher/horror films. Most of the time it's more tolerable because the stupid people die exactly when they should and that's what you expect. But this bugged me here because, for god's sake, we have three characters we stick with for the majority of the story. If you can survive that long, well, there's something special about you.

The plot actually had some cool things about it. Amnesiac wakes up and gets stalked by some creepy masked guy for no reason? And he seems to be saving an extra special death for her? That seems like it'd have potential. Instead, the reveal is lame, the plot only goes on because of dumb characters, and drags heavily because people keep going back to the same places and just sit there helplessly. As far as the acting goes, it was average to bad.

However, there is one saving grace: the deaths. The effects and deaths are quite well done, and while none are incredibly ground breaking, there are a couple of entertaining ones. If your willing to wait through dull tedious scene and extreme stupidity, I'd say the deaths are satisfying. It's not the most suspenseful or frightening, but it's good for something with amusing gore.