Reviews: Love Works In Weird Ways

Skullsmuggery's Review

Every chapter has a pairing distinct from the last one, with the sole exception of Raz/Lilli having two instances. Canon as far as it's able. Most of the pairings are crack simply because the author appears to be attempting to include literally all of pairings; this ostensibly leads to some of the most bizarre Psychonauts ships you never even thought of, but the author takes great pains to shed each situation in a relatively realistic light. Admittedly some installments make less sense than others, but very few devices are used as excuses for characters to jump into bed together. A lot of these are actually quite tame. My personal favorites, so help me, were chapters 21 (Bobby/Lilli), 57 (Gman/Gman), and 80 (Kitty/Milka).