Reviews: Last Man Standing

Not Much To Offer

Last Man Standing really doesn't offer much in terms of a groundbreaking sitcom. Indeed, half the time, it relies on Allen's previous series a great deal. There's only so many times you can or should dig that well in a given year. Frasier was a spinoff of Cheers and sure sometimes the guys from Boston would pop on. Last Man Standing and Home Improvement have no connection whatsoever other than the same star.

The other thing this series hammers the viewers over the head with is its political orientation. I don't mind as a liberal being ragged on and some of the jokes are funny, but man, most of them are misses and they are virtually nonstop. The clever ones, when they appear, hit the mark. Often they're not even jokes but rather just snide conservative commentary, often having little to do with what goes on in a given episode. It gets old after awhile, especially when it's not funny so much as hitting you over the head with how stupid liberals are. In fact, I now have a whole new understanding of what conservatives go through during episodes of Family Guy.

The bright spot of the series though is the Ed character, ably played by veteran Hector Elizondo. He's humorously world-weary and practically steals every scene he's in.