Reviews: Little Big Adventure

LBA 2 review - the difficulty, crypticness and knockback ruin it

Little Big Adventure 2 is a game with great ideas, great story and great foundations for gameplay, but also many flaws that detract from enjoyment and make it hard to get into by a modern player.

One of the major problems is how cryptic it can be in telling the player what he's supposed to do next. Yes, NPCs do tell you every now and then something useful, but there are also times when they do not, and without a walkthrough at hand, you could be left wandering aimlessly around the whole world, having no clue what to do next.

It's made even worse by the fact that there is no journal or anything like that that would remind you what is your current objective and what snippets of information you recovered from NPCs - your best bet is walking up to a random NPC and hoping that your character will ask about his current task.

Another problem is the fact that at least some of the gameplay elements are shoddily programmed - like the knockback, which ALWAYS propels you backwards regardless of the direction from which you received the hit, and can leave you stuck in an endless loop of hurt due to the long-winded animation. It says a lot about the game if abusing a bug that cancels this animation can be your ONLY hope in defeating some of the enemies.

On top of that, the game is unfairly difficult, with ridiculously tough enemies that RESPAWN UPON LEAVING THE AREA, with scarce hearts, with and the aforementioned knockback. I found that the only way to have some enjoyment out of this game is to constantly use the cheat that refills your health and mana. Also, you won't believe how annoying it is to collect the money (or in one case, gems) needed for certain things.

Shortly saying, if this game is ever going to get a remake, then it better fix the issues of difficulty, knockback and being so cryptic and unhelpful, or it will simply be considered unplayable by an average player.

But if you put these issues aside, the game offers some intriguing story, interesting gameplay, and a very unique world with creative character designs. I would sure recommend it if it wasn't for these problems that for the most part kill the fun - unless you are ready to constantly go to the main menu to type "FULL", which I can assure you is going to happen A LOT during the late parts of the game.

The sad part? It's still A LOT better than LBA1...