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Good story but boring and reptitive gameplay
LA Noire is Rockstar's new game developed by Team Bondi. The game is primarily focused on being a L.A. detective and solving cases around the 1950s as Cole Phelps. The game provides a deep and rich story that is intriguing and deep. However, it makes a few missteps in gameplay that prevent it from being a five star game. The gameplay in LA Noire is very boring but not bad. It is this boring gameplay which makes LA Noire's experience very repetitive because the format of the cases are very similar as you will first find clues, then talk to suspects while finding more clues, and lastly catch the culprit. The format of the cases is what really drags the game down as they do not vary what so ever but there were some cases that were actually enjoyable and differed from the standard format. One cases that I like was the case at the end of homicide is a very intriguing case as you will be moving to different areas of LA to find clues left by the killer in order to catch him. However, these kind of cases are very few and far between and will require the player to play cut and paste cases to get to these much more intense cases. A minor quip, is the vagueness of the interrogation system in LA Noire and that doubt, lie, and truth can be a tad bit vague as Cole's responses are most of the time are very aggressive. Another issue with LA Noire, is the sandbox experience. LA Noire in my opinion should not have been a sandbox game because of the unnecessary driving segments and police radio missions do not add to the experience of the game since the drive segments are long and time wasting as you will need to drive carefully in order to keep you case rank high. Also, the police radio missions are again unnecessary because LA Noire is a mystery game and should not include third-person shooter segments. Overall, LA Noire is a game provides a deep story but with a overly repetitive gameplay that causes the game drag on and makes it unbearable to play. If you are one who likes games for their deep story then this game is for you, but if you like both story and gameplay then this LA Noire should only be a rent. In my opinion it does not deserves its high reviews just because its gameplay is incredibly boring and reptitive which makes it less of a video game and more of a really interactive movie. If I have to give it a score it would be a 3.5 out of 5.
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