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Okay, fair warning: I hate this story.
Yeah. Not impressed at all. In fact, I'm so un-impressed that I decided to write my first wholly negative review here.

This almost reads like a parody of all the "Harry is powerful and denounces the evil Dumbledore and worthless Weasleys and solves everything himself while getting together with Hermione" fics, except the author seems to want me to take it seriously.

The first three chapters is nothing but a poorly-disguised author's rant on how much the author thought Deathly Hallows sucked, where Lily curses out Harry (while basically denouncing 80% of the characters in Harry Potter as worthless, stupid, evil monsters) for blindly obeying Dumbledore instead of thinking for himself... and then a few paragraphs later she demands that Harry should blindly obey her instead, going on to dictate who he can and can't be friends with, who's he's allowed to fall in love with, even what Quidditch position he should play.

It doesn't get better once the rant's over and Author's Mouthpiece Lily vanishes; after that it's just Super-Harry breezing through everything and fixing everything easily while manipulating and using people (including casting Imperius on Hagrid) and talking trash about anyone the author doesn't like, mouthing off to teachers and threatening to leave Hogwarts in favor of Beauxbatons if he doesn't get his way (why is it always Beauxbatons in these stories?!), making a lot of "logical" statements about why these people and those people suck (statements that don't stand up to five seconds of actual thought) and basically acting like a total jerk with no repercussions whatsoever.

The hypocrisy is frankly rather off-putting.

Writing style is bland and awkward — it's either long, boring paragraphs of description or awkward-sounding dialogue — characterizations are pretty much non-existent for most of the characters, and the few who do show some semblance of personality outside of being author's mouthpieces or bashing victims are one-dimensional and shallow as all get-out.

I wouldn't recommend this story to anyone. If you absolutely want to read a Dumbledore/Weasley-bashing story, there's no shortage of them out there, so I'd say spare yourself the experience of this one.
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Lilys Changes
Contains Draco In Leather Pants and Ron The Death Eater, though instead of just Ron, everyone in the Weasley family is depicted that way. It's done in a rather blatantly overt fashion, with Lily basically telling Harry that everything he knows or believes is wrong. It's little more than a shameless Fix Fic. Nice of the author to use the King's Cross sequence at the beginning to say as much before the story actually gets started, though.
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