Reviews Comments: Okay, fair warning: I hate this story.

Okay, fair warning: I hate this story.
Yeah. Not impressed at all. In fact, I'm so un-impressed that I decided to write my first wholly negative review here.

This almost reads like a parody of all the "Harry is powerful and denounces the evil Dumbledore and worthless Weasleys and solves everything himself while getting together with Hermione" fics, except the author seems to want me to take it seriously.

The first three chapters is nothing but a poorly-disguised author's rant on how much the author thought Deathly Hallows sucked, where Lily curses out Harry (while basically denouncing 80% of the characters in Harry Potter as worthless, stupid, evil monsters) for blindly obeying Dumbledore instead of thinking for himself... and then a few paragraphs later she demands that Harry should blindly obey her instead, going on to dictate who he can and can't be friends with, who's he's allowed to fall in love with, even what Quidditch position he should play.

It doesn't get better once the rant's over and Author's Mouthpiece Lily vanishes; after that it's just Super-Harry breezing through everything and fixing everything easily while manipulating and using people (including casting Imperius on Hagrid) and talking trash about anyone the author doesn't like, mouthing off to teachers and threatening to leave Hogwarts in favor of Beauxbatons if he doesn't get his way (why is it always Beauxbatons in these stories?!), making a lot of "logical" statements about why these people and those people suck (statements that don't stand up to five seconds of actual thought) and basically acting like a total jerk with no repercussions whatsoever.

The hypocrisy is frankly rather off-putting.

Writing style is bland and awkward — it's either long, boring paragraphs of description or awkward-sounding dialogue — characterizations are pretty much non-existent for most of the characters, and the few who do show some semblance of personality outside of being author's mouthpieces or bashing victims are one-dimensional and shallow as all get-out.

I wouldn't recommend this story to anyone. If you absolutely want to read a Dumbledore/Weasley-bashing story, there's no shortage of them out there, and some of them are at least more competently written. This one is just bad on all accounts.


People are still writing Wealey-bashing H/Hr stories?

Why do these people hate the Weasleys so much, anyway?
comment #19990 Pannic 29th Jun 13
Probably much of it is a simple case of Die For Our Ship, as the two youngest Weasleys "get in the way" of the "perfect Harry/Hermione match-up," and the entire family then become monsters by association. Also, I suspect the very specific hatred of Molly Weasley can probably be explained by the fact that she is a domineering mother figure and most of these fanfic writers are teenagers who are in the middle of rebelling against their parents. And since fandom is all about extremes, and there's no such thing as neuance or subtlety for these writers, the Weasleys all become worthless losers or straight-up evil.
comment #19998 Roo 30th Jun 13
Wow, this piece of crap should have never been recommended in the first place.
comment #20003 kay4today 30th Jun 13
Have only read the first couple chapters.

This could have been worse. At least the author has a clear plot line in mind. Unfortunately that plot line seems to consist of Harry giving the middle finger to everyone (except Hermione) who risked their lives to look out for him.

I'll never understand Weasley -hate. Dumbledore bashing is easy to wrap your head around. Most people don't understand what it means to be a politician with ideals in a crapsack world nor do they understand what war is like. They're too ignorant of the world to not paint Dumbledore as evil. The Weasleys though are a family who'd give you the last shirt off their back if you look like you might need it. What's it say about anyone that'd overlook that because a few of them are a little brash?

If you must read a Dumbledore is evil fic with Ron the Death Eater, well, this'll be right up your ally, honestly.
comment #20950 mariskep 1st Sep 13
Wow. I just read the first two chapters. The second chapter is literally nothing but Lily ranting while Harry stands there and takes it while she goes on tears against characters with complaints that don't make a lick of sense.

This fanfic is utter shit. How the fuck did this get on the fanficrecs page?
comment #21013 Pannic 7th Sep 13
Because people have shit taste.
comment #21015 kay4today 7th Sep 13
Oh...dear. I read the first quarter of a chapter because of this review, and my immediate conclusion is that this person didn't read Harry Potter very carefully. The Killing Curse separates soul from body, without damaging either. That's a perfectly effective way to remove a soul fragment from a living body. Harry could have stabbed himself with a basilisk fang to achieve the same result, but unlike allowing himself to be cursed by Voldemort, that would have been 100% fatal. So there's really no comparison there.

With that said...I'm going to go back and finish reading this train wreck of nonsense.
comment #21041 JobanGrayskull 10th Sep 13
The Avada Kedavra thing is what really set the tone for me. AK rips your soul from your body completely. How Lily, one of the cleverest witches of her day, doesn't get that makes it pretty obvious the writer is just rewriting canon so they can bash the characters they don't like and set up Harry with who they want. That they have Lily do this is the ultimate insult to canon. Lily who left her friendship with Severus because he was too toxic and devoted to blood purity is basically ordering Harry to buddy up to Malfoy who's arguably worse than Severus ever was at his age. It makes no sense. None, at all.

But of course people are fawning over it because the author hates who they hate. Hatedumb indeed.
comment #21044 mariskep 10th Sep 13
So far, from what I've read, it consists of mostly awkward formulaic dialogue in which Harry poses an obvious question about a character in response to Lily's furious, outrageous claims about them, and Lily responds with some absurd explanation that basically amounts to "hidden secret magic because Dumbledore is an evil mastermind." In order to establish the main plot, the author has made such giant hand-waves that I can't possibly take this seriously. My favorite thus far was that Tom Riddle wasn't a murderer, he just accidentally poured all of his humanity and conscience into the journal. You know, the journal-soul that tried to murder Ginny and Harry. Humanity and conscience indeed.

But I'm actually enjoying how incredibly stupid it is.
comment #21046 JobanGrayskull 10th Sep 13
"My favorite thus far was that Tom Riddle wasn't a murderer, he just accidentally poured all of his humanity and conscience into the journal."

That sounds hilarious. I might read it.
comment #21051 kay4today 10th Sep 13
The author's other fics look like they're also just a bunch of bashing. One of them, "Harry Potter and the things that could have been," is just Sociopath!Harry ('cause it's more realistic!) going on about how much he hates Ron and the Ron/Hermione pairing.
comment #21179 Pannic 18th Sep 13
Oh yeah, can't forget that the story's characterization of Quirrell/Voldemort is ripped straight form Methods of Rationality.
comment #23315 Pannic 27th Feb 14

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