Reviews: Leprechaun


The original Leprechaun was a classic. Leprechaun 2 added a delightful wedding component for the ladies. Next came the Vegas-based Leprechaun 3 and the space-based Leprechaun 4 — "home" and "run" respectively. Then it was back to Earth for Leprechaun in the Hood, which anwered the age old question: "What would happen if a magical killer leprechaun was unleashed in Compton?" Everything was going swimmingly. That is, until the producers decided to sacrifice quality and go for the quick buck. In Back 2 tha Hood, we have a leprechaun taking massive bong hits, battling drive-by gangsters, and being dragged beneath low-riders. The dignity and subtlety of the first five films? Gone. Pawned off for a series of cheap gags and black stereotypes. Like that infamous pot of gold, the producers have stolen something sacred. And it's we, the fans, who've paid the price.