Reviews: Life Bound

Crippling (except not)

The entire premise is, Toph had her feet broken and bound like a proper Earth lady at a young age and therefore has to learn a wholly different kind of earth bending. But then again, Toph is a bending prodigy, so she learns to work with that (it's not like she has a choice in that regard).

The OC is believable and well characterized, which is always good if you go for OCs, so... yeah.

I enjoyed it, since it showed a (possible or probable?) side of the universe hitherto unexplored.

Much Ado About Nonny's review

Toph has her feet bound when she is very young, and her earthbending is suitably affected by it. Unable to take the rigorous abuse of normal earthbending, she is forced to concentrate on more "ladylike" forms of earthbending. She goes to the Earth Rumbles, but is unable to take a part in them. However, there is her friend Ohev, who still has the raw earthbending prowess she might have had if her feet had not been bound. This is an awesome Toph character study; even though she's not the brawler that she usually is, she's still Toph. And Ohev is a beautifully crafted OC.