Reviews: Lunas Hubby

  • Pezt
  • 11th Feb 15
  • 1

They wasted a perfectly good plot

The premise of the fic is good. Too bad the actual fic itself starts off promising and goes bad very quickly.

Harry growing up with Luna would have been a great concept if the story wasn't so anxious to move on to the shipping part of Harry/Luna. As it is, the whole thing got Strangled By The Red String, or in this case, the Blue Magic Strings, so badly it's almost comparable to what people complain about canon Harry/Ginny. The story throws out any required foreshadowing, character development and set up in its rush to get Harry and Luna together, and relies on a lot of contrived details that directly contradict canon.

There are some mildly interesting characterizations of Mc Gonagall and Selene Lovegood, but the fact the story falls into almost-cartoonish character bashing of the OOC Dursleys and OOC Dumbledore rather ruins it. I can't say I liked this fic, although I really wanted to when I started it.

Clichéd, but fun

Sure, the story is cliche, and some parts are bad, but overall, it's just plain fun to read. There are some fairly obvious cues that this was written pre-Deathly Hallows(Larry Lovegood, etc.), and frankly, I actually LIKE some of the alternate interpretations of the characters, and even some of the O Cs. The concept alone was enough to get me laughing, to be quite honest, as some of the children in my family might have done exactly that had they opportunity.

Cliche piled upon cliche

I really, really wanted to enjoy this fic. I did. The first couple of chapters were promising and Harry/Luna is my OTP. But every chapter added more really contrived elements and endless fanon cliches to the mix, to the point where they overwhelmed the actual story.

I didn't much care for this story's idiot!Dumbledore, either, but it's minor enough that he can be safely ignored.

Lighter And Softer indeed

The story starts with the crack idea that Luna is so enthralled with her parents marriage that she wants to be married, and having heard from Ginny that Harry Potter would be a good husband, decides to go find and marry him. It takes off form there and as expected changes everything you know about the series. Luna and Harry although close are still very young and the romance is encouraged to take its time and is developed very well. Overall one of my more guilty pleasures.