Reviews: Legends Of Darkover

the 10% aka worth it!

I was sceptic about a triple crossover, but the author makes it work quite well. The idea of having the Federation being the same thing as the Terran Empire, and remembering that Star Wars is set in a "galaxy far, far away" makes the setup believable. The characters are well written (I can't really judge the Star Wars characters, my knowledge is limited to the movies and the "Thrawn Trilogy" books), and Darkover especially "feels" right.

op's review

  • Comments: Some readers may want to wait until more or all of the story is posted. The author is reliable about updating, however. It's a tricky thing to write a believable crossover, much less one with three canons, yet Legends is about as solid a piece of writing as you're going to find. Darkover fanfiction is scarce online, so this is a good place to start.