Reviews: LEGO Island

Lego Island 2... was kinda good?

I'm going to be honest here. My opinion of this game is going to be heavily skewed by nostalgia. This game was my childhood. I freaking loved lego and this game was certainly quite epic, if pretty glitchy.

Let's begin

The plot of the game follows as such: the Brickster somehow Deus Ex Machinas his way out of prison and literally deconstructs lego island and its up to you, the totally radical protagonist, to right what went wrong. That's it really. When you take a step back, the whole plot is pretty contrived. But looking past that, it becomes apparent the game runs purely on the Rule of Fun and the Rule of Cool. You fix the scrambled mainframe by playing wack-a-mole. You uncover a page by playing a game of memory. Your space shuttle can't land because the landing gear has bee stolen, so you have to parachute your way through asteroids and rings onto an alien rock.

Like most lego games, this game doesn't take itself very seriously. Our protagonist Pepper is completely unfazeable. His stupidly upbeat attitude lead to a lot of humourous moments in the game.

Case in point

"Pepperoni on a pony. Way cool"

It's so gloriously cheesy

Graphically, the game is eh. It's by no means a spectacle to behold, but it works. Props to adventure island though. Although the game tends to mire itself in glitches. My personal favourite being the vertical walk, allowing you to scale space mountain in seconds.

Gameplay wise, its a mish-mash of open world and mini games. The mini games range from pointless padding (looking at you Sphinx) to epicness (Desert Speedster is quite exhilarating) to outright bizarre (that godforsaken fishing game). And its all tied together with an epic soundtrack. In particular, the Desert Speedster and Parachute training tracks are brilliantly done.

I can't finish this review without talking about the loading. Oh my god, you though PS1 games were bad, this is gruesomely egregious. Once I clocked the game loading at 5 minutes. That's just unacceptable.

All in all, the game sacrifices coherency for the sake of fun, and it sorta works. Being Lego, it's pretty light-hearted and fun to go from jousting to cannon fights to flying a helicopter into another land to T-rex racing to parachuting in space. It's a mess and its pretty sloppy. But at then end of the day, I had fun. That's what matters.