Reviews: Lady Tessers The Big O Fics

Comment by Coppelia Martyrdom

I have to agree with Anon Kun Chan here. The beginning of Blossoming Rose did catch my attention immediately, but as the fic wound down, it lost some of its pacing and its reasoning for actions by the characters. In general, the pacing grew faster as the chapters went on, and thus, by the time I reached the ending, where a sudden Roger/Dorothy ship is pulled out of nowhere with little explanation, the story had lost a lot of credibility. I enjoyed how well the characters were portrayed up until that point, but the writing itself is not that intriguing either. I wouldn't recommend The Blossoming Rose so much, though I haven't dared taken a gander at the sequel Mr. & Mrs. Smith, considering how the first one went.

Comment by Anon Kun Chan

Not bad. The Blossoming Rose opens solidly with all of the noir cliches which made the Big O series such a delightful treat. As the story wore on, it became more and more obvious that the author was trying to pair off Dorothy and Roger for the sake of doing so. While character voices started out strongly reminiscent of parent source, things got a little off the rail by the time the story finished up. The villain's motivation, in particular, struck me as cloyingly trite and underdeveloped ( the other woman in the murder victim's marriage is a plot device which can work so well! Please, hint at a little more before dropping it on us and expecting us to accept it!). Once Angel showed up as a jealous soap-opera ex I lost interest. Still, the sequel stories hold some promise. Give it a go, but don't expect miracles.