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YMMV: Neopets
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Jhudora. Is she evil or is she actually nice inside?
  • Anti-Climax Boss: The eponymous villain in The Darkest Faerie is built up as being the toughest opponent in her game. If you decide to save your Nova Motes, she's nothing more than a pushover, and the 3 minute timer doesn't actually help her.
  • Arc Fatigue: The Obelisk War just dragged on. No storyline, just repetitive fighting. The Neopets Team seemed to be catching on to this; the third bout of the war began without even so much as an announcement on the News page, and now the battlegrounds are in a state of perpetual warfare without so much as a hint of Character Development. They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot, much?
  • Creator's Pet:
    • Aristotle A. Avinroo, the mascot of the Gamesmaster Challenge, is a symbol of the site's decline and focus on events rather than plots. Plus, his events have cut short the Return of Dr. Sloth (but thankfully only gave The Faerie's Ruin a slight delay).
      • The team's caught onto this. His event was delayed while the Obelisk War ran on, and even when the event showed up, he went missing in favor of Abagail's unsettlingly-smiling boyfriend.
    • In the pre-Viacom days, Chias were a Creator's Pet species; Adam and Donna LOVED Chias, and they got two holidays ("Chocolate Chia Day" and "Celebrate the Birth of the First Chia") to every other pet's one. Along with their rather poor design and having the much better designed Lupe as their "rival" species, they remain The Scrappy to this day.
  • Designated Hero: Oh my god, Hoban.
  • Dork Age: It went through one from around 2007 (when the NC Mall opened and the site got a revamp) to about 2010. Consensus among the fans is that The Faerie's Ruin yanked the site out of its Dork Age.
  • Ear Worm: The background music for Meepit Juice Break, Ice Cream Machine, and Hasee Bounce are three notable ones, as well as the Yooyuball theme and the little repeating jingle that plays when you have your Habitarium open.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: For a species that was introduced third-to-last in order, the Xweetoks have a fairly high population. They're the fifth most popular pet, and the four before them are some of the first and most marketed pets with a five-year headstart over them.
    • The Xweetok also used to sell without any merch or characters to help promote it, but this thinned out gradually. Xandra also helped give the species a boost. There's also Lillian Fairwether from the Journey to the Lost Isle plot.
    • And then we have Neopia's first Big Bad, the Affably Evil Dr. Frank Sloth himself.
    • Some of the Faeries count, as well, especially Jhudora, The Darkest Faerie, Illusen, and the Space Faerie.
    • Many Altador Cup players, the big one being Team Darigan's Tandrak Shaye. Another example is Lost Desert's Vonde Cayle, who was originally supposed to be in the shadow of fellow forward Derbi Azar but ended up being the more popular of the two. Lastly, there's Jair Tollet, who has several NT stories dedicated to her thanks to her transfer from Maraqua to Roo Island.
      • Speaking of the Altador Cup, there's the Techo Super Fan, the bug-eyed, fist-shaking fanatic who roots for whatever team you do. He even got his own game!
      • The 2014 Altador Cup has Team Moltara, a team almost always landing in the lowest tiers of the game due to being introduced far later than the Altador Cup itself. This year however, they managed to tie first with Haunted Woods and Virtupets for some time, and is even staying in a (comparatively) third place.
    • Abigail Avinroo has this status, mainly due to having a much more likeable personality than her Creator's Pet of a big brother, AAA.
    • mr.coconut. When both him and his "GOOD NIGHT!" were removed from the Editorial, tons of users sent letters demanding his return. Site staff responded not by restoring the Running Gag, but making the search for a replacement a Running Gag in itself.
    • The Sharkaw was one of fifty "new pets" unveiled on April Fool's, 2005. It was in a poll to determine which of these would be an actual new Neopet, but the fellow Darkhorse Lamameeah won and became the Gnorbu, which got some major flak for changing too much from the April Fool's design and winning mostly because of a llama meme going around the Neoboards.
  • Fanon: Occasionally fan work published in the Neopian Times will reach this status, at least within the circle of Neopian Times readers. This is how the pink Uni working at the pound came to be known as Rose, among other examples.
  • Freud Was Right: Zafara chest fur seems to fill out their clothes quite well. And yes, this also applies to males.
    • Every now and then, boards pop up debating whether or not certain items have arguably sexual designs. After several pages, it's rather difficult to get your mind out of the gutter.
    • You have to save some Neopets in The Faerie's Ruin plot by pulling them away from purple tendrils which are holding them and draining their life force. The tendrils can "waver strangely," "vibrate gently," "ripple oddly," "undulate slowly" or "pulse threateningly.' Also notice that they are not called "tentacles."
  • Foe Yay: A weird, fan-specific example: the Neopian Writers and the Help Chat had a bit of a tsundere relationship for awhile. It fizzled out, due to the HC loosening up a bit and the NW learning the merits of personal space. Either that, or both sides just got bored.
  • Furry Fandom: To a more limited extent than most series, but it does exist and has been gaining some steam, especially with Zafaras, who have more fan-art among that sector than any other pet species due to having a slightly more humanoid appearance.
  • Genius Bonus: There is an aquatic Petpet called the Ghoti. According to The Other Wiki, "ghoti" is pronounced "fish".
  • Hell Is That Noise: The sound effect that plays in order to alert you when pests are invading your Habitarium.
  • Ho Yay: The epilogue of The Faerie's Ruin. Jazan is shown with his wife, Nabile, who is his 'second favourite Ixi thief'. Second favourite?
  • Internet Backdraft: The revamps. Let's leave it at that.
    • Whenever prizes are released for certain plots and events, users complain, regardless of what they got. Extremely evident in the Spooky food eating contest event.
  • Jumping the Shark: Many former Neopets users thought Neopets Jumped the Shark with its radical new layout a few years ago.
    • For others, it was the Customization feature. While clothing items finally had a use, many users felt that the new, more standardized (to make the clothes work on most painted pets) poses took the personality out of their pets.
    • Or when they sold the site and started putting ads everywhere.
    • General consensus is that the site Jumped the Shark the day it was purchased by Viacom, though things might be swinging the other way thanks to The Faerie's Ruin not being rushed to an early end for the GMC.
  • Maraquans Love Elon Hughlis
  • Memetic Mutation: During a site event/minor plot for Krawk Island in 2011, users on the boards played a game they called "Put Something In McGill's Hand"... where they 'shopped random things into McGill's hand, due to the odd way he was drawn. It spread like wildfire, with most of the boards reaching the maximum number of posts.
    • This has extended to the Zafara in the Tyrannian Dig Site.
  • Periphery Demographic: One of the few cyclic examples. The site started out intended for college dorm students who weren't allowed to keep real pets. Then in the 2001-2003 era, it began to become popular with young children, and the site shifted its focus. Cue 2012, when the old fans are starting to come back, now as college students, and bringing new fans their age with them. Then, in March 2014, the site was bought by the Jump Start company due to their interest in the audience, and thus the Periphery Demographic has now officially become the Primary Demographic once again.
    Snarkie: "Jumpstart was interested in Neopets because the audience was older. ;)"
  • Replacement Scrappy: Eyries among 1999 fans who miss their Cerpulls. Among the other fans, not so much.
    • Tatsus were also this, being the initial replacement for the Cerpull before itself being replaced by the Eyrie.
  • Scrappy Level: The code breaking in the Return of Sloth plot, and the Tarla plot.
    • From the Faeries' Ruin plot, the Barrier Shield Reinforcement step. The four tasks are already challenging, but because you have to cooperate with three other players (who may or may not be competent) while dealing with the site's horrendous lag, and the fact that it's timed sends it straight into Fake Difficulty territory. Slightly mitigated by the fact that you can form groups with users to do this step, thus ensuring a level of competence.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: By the late stages of Altador Cup VII, its randomized bracket system is widely considered this due to the resulting brackets not being very balanced. Take the top four teams: Kreludor, Mystery Island, and Meridell almost never had to face each other; and the fourth team, Darigan Citadel, also never got a shot at MI and Meridell but instead lost three separate rounds to Kreludor. The randomizer also put Shenkuu and Roo Island in the same bracket for every single round.
    • Also in the Altador Cup, the Darigan Ball. Goes off in random directions no matter what. Many score streaks are halted by this very ball. Woe to those who get it on the second round.
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: The Altador Cup. If you join a popular team, an unpopular team, or submit less than 100 wins per day, you will be mocked on the forums for it. Guaranteed.
    • But the best prizes are worth millions of NP, so actually trying is somewhat worth it for the poor.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The site underwent a major revamp in Year 9 (2007). Some users quit the site because of it!
    • More commonly expressed as "Viacom bought it now it sucks."
    • The new version of Yooyuball for Altador Cup VI... has not been well received thanks to the controls being unnecessarily simplified. We want our mouse controls back!
      • The mouse controls WERE added back the following year for ACVII but now people are complaining about the new bracket system.
  • Ugly Cute: Mutant and Darigan pets. (The ones that aren't Nightmare Fuel anyway.)
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Several of the players in the Altador Cup. Specifically, Jair and Lilo from Roo Island.
    • Meela Kitah of Kiko Lake; despite being pink and having a vaguely-feminine name, he is male (or he is now, thanks to an unexplained gender change).
  • Villain Decay: Dr. Sloth
    • Curiously, a lot of this Villain Decay was helped along by the fans of the site. Go figure.
  • The Woobie: Grey Faeries are intentionally like this.

Plots provide examples of:

  • Creepy Awesome: Probably the reason Xandra has a fanbase. Besides being a Magnificent Bastard, she's also one of the scariest villains to appear in Neopets, even edging out a God of Evil.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: A LOT of plot villains get this status, no matter how evil they are.
    • Lord Kass is the first villain to really get this status, and does it ever show. Maybe TNT shouldn't have given him a Shirtless Scene?
    • Kanrik got this, too, although he later earned a good reputation.
    • Jhudora and the Darkest Faerie... No, most evil Faeries in general get this because they're The Beautiful Elite.
    • From Return of Dr. Sloth, Ylana Skyfire gets this for being pretty Badass and being a Bounty Hunter.
    • Captain Scarblade fell victim, mainly because users love pirates.
    • Like Kanrik, Prince Jazan did a Heel-Face Turn and redeemed himself.
    • Xandra is the most recent DILP, but it's because of raising some valid points about Faeries, no matter how Ax-Crazy she was.
    • Hoban to a degree, mostly because he's something of an Asshole Victim (who didn't die).
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: So very many.
    • The Meridell plots gave us Lord Darigan, who was the first morally ambiguous character on the site (although he's far more heroic than that fat oaf Skarl); Jeran, a Knight in Shining Armor AND a Noble Wolf; and Lord Kass.
    • Hannah and the Pirate Caves was so popular, the eponymous Usul adventuress appeared in her own plot, which introduced another Darkhorse, Kanrik.
    • From the Curse of Maraqua, we have the Maraquan Aisha sisters, Isca and Caylis, and the villain, Captain Scarblade.
    • The Lost Desert plot gave us Prince, now King Jazan, who was popular enough to return for The Faerie's Ruin, and his friend, the Nightsteed. It also introduced the Angry Orange Yurble Foreman/Chef/Janitor/Librarian. His presence in a plot is viewed as a very good sign.
    • A Tale Of Woe is another interesting case where one of the central characters was already a Darkhorse. Sophie is still one of the most popular characters on the site due to being a very amusing Grumpy Bear. Bruno is another example, due to being Ugly Cute in his mutated form, and Adorkable before AND after.
    • Despite being a mini-plot, the Cyodrake's Gaze gave us Hoban, a grumpy navigator, and Bonju, the temperamental chef.
    • Although it suffered from a big-time Gecko Ending, Journey To The Lost Isle spawned Lillian Fairweather, who actually happens to be a Xweetok! Roxton was also one, and appeared in Atlas of the Ancients.
    • From the Return Of Dr. Sloth, Ylana Skyfire is ridiculously popular due to being a very, VERY Badass Bounty Hunter.
    • Even before The Faerie's Ruin, Hubrid Nox was this for years despite never doing anything. His death helped him get this status.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Judging by some of the fandom, Lord Kass, Ylana Skyfire, Captain Scarblade, Jazan (before his Heel-Face Turn), Kanrik (See Jazan), Eithne, and Xandra get this.
  • Growing the Beard: It's so nice, it happened twice.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: One available Earth Faerie ability, Regeneration, heals 33% of your Neopet's health when used in the Battledome. Years later, the Pokémon ability Regenerator was found to do almost exactly the same thing, healing 1/3 of a Pokémon's health when switched out.
  • Hollywood Homely: The Court Dancer's true form is almost always described as hideous. What does her true form look like, you ask? Effectively her illusion form, only painted Darigan.
  • HSQ: Faerie's Ruin. The last panel of chapter 13.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Xandra may be scary, but let's face it—manipulating you into crashing Farieland in a scene that would make a Final Fantasy villain proud was pretty damn cool.
  • Moral Event Horizon: While most villains often fall in the Harmless Villain territory Xandra crosses the line as it can be seen here. Actually doing something not even the Big Bad Dr. Sloth was able to do.
    • Speaking of Dr. Sloth, he arguably crosses this when he creates a cyborg that proceeds to wipe out almost the entire Neopets staff.
      • Most plot villains jump over the Moral Event Horizon somehow; Galem jumps over it when he's willing to cause a species to die out of his own Greed; Scarblade is actually attempting to destroy a land and commit genocide out of Fantastic Racism; Razul cursed his own city—and his own SON—so he could achieve eternal life as a fiery demon; Krawley manipulated EVERYONE into furthering his whims so Neovia got worse; and Kass, he declares war over false declarations of peace.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Shadow Wraiths gain their power by using tendrils to consume the life force of Neopets, leaving them shriveled husks. Ow.
  • Seasonal Rot: The overall stories, both short and overarching, were in decline from about 2007 up until 2010, when The Faerie's Ruin brought things back to a 2004-2006 level of awesome.
    • Out of all plots, though, Atlas of the Ancients is the best example of Seasonal Rot; poor art (which is unforgivable when there were earlier plots like A Tale of Woe, which had GORGEOUS art); a really bad, almost non-existent story that was a Random Events Plot; Having a lot of Neocash Events in addition to the plot, which irked lots of users; and being a gaming event like the Daily Dare in a crappy plot guise. About the only good thing it brought was Moltara.
  • Space Whale Aesop: The game Attack of the Marblemen. Remember kids, always put your toys away before bed or they'll come to life and try to take over Neopia!
  • Strawman Has a Point: Surprisingly in The Faerie's Ruin, Xandra has some good points for her evil deeds.She even has converted part of the audience to her cause (see Draco In Leather Pants).
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Brynn has been mistaken for a boy by a number of users, despite other characters using female pronouns to refer to her.
  • Win BACK The Crowd: The Faerie's Ruin has been a smash hit upon old-school Neopets fans from the pre-Viacom years, and among newer fans.

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