Fridge: Neopets

Fridge Brilliance
  • Several users have complained on the boards how Brynn was pretty much useless in Chapter 15. However, it makes a LOT more sense when you take into account that in the space of about half a minute, her friend and only current ally Hanso, who interrupted her when she tried to tell him just how much he really did mean to her, seemingly betrayed her, then immediately doublecrossed Xandra. She wasn't being stupid, she was simply blue screening. HARD. And you can't really blame her.
  • During the "Cyodrake's Gaze" plot, users were tasked with solving a mystery on the eponymous ship. Hoban, the ship's navigator, was shoved overboard and you need to answer a handful of questions regarding the incident. The final question is "Do you Like Hoban's Hat?" It seems odd until you realize that the "correct" answer is yes and the prize for getting them all right is said hat. Saying no is only "wrong" because you've effectively stated that you don't want the grand prize..
  • The word "Altador" is a combination of "altar" and the French word "d'or", meaning "gold". The kingdom's symbol is a golden sun. Therefore, "Altador" can be taken to mean "altar of gold".
  • Look closely at the Virtupets logo. It is a stylized red "V"...made to look like Dr. Sloth's cape collar!
  • The old, hideously ugly Darigan witch, Morguss, beyond all reasoning, has a daughter, the Court Dancer. Now, one would think, "Whose standards could be so possibly low that he would agree to marry Morguss?" Well, remember that she knows a spell that disguised her equally ugly daughter as a beautiful brown Aisha. If she can magically disguise her daughter, she must know how to do the same to herself. It is entirely possible that she did, in order to acquire a husband (however temporary).
  • Fridge Brilliance laden with Unfortunate Implications: A citizen of the Neopian equivalent to Asia, Hoban carries both traits of a stereotypical Chinese person: yellow fur/skin and perpetually closed eyes. He's also short, a trait seen in stereotypes of the Japanese.
  • Faeries need you to collect items for them because the Shop Wizard won't help anyone on a faerie quest.

Fridge Horror
  • In the epilogue for the Faerie's Ruin, Altador goes out on a quest to find the Darkest Faerie statue. What is he carrying? A pickaxe. Keep in mind, the characters seem to think she's still a statue. But capable of being revived. And maybe conscious.
    • In one plotline, Krawk Island had apparently been reduced to a bunch of smaller islands by some unknown entity. If that's the case... what had happened to everyone on the island?
  • Go for a scroll through your Safety Deposit Box. Take particular note of all the food you've got stored up; Blumaroo Steak, Squishy Brain Wrap, Eye Candy... All fairly common foods. Probably mass manufactured. Special note goes to the Grundo Stix, with the caption "I dont think the Grundo who became this meal did it willingly..." But of course these all register as edible and "tasty" foods with your Neopets, so bon appetit!
  • For the 2014 April Fools' Day prank, pets from the pound were randomly distributed among accounts for one day as foster pets. After the prank ended, many users readopted one of their fosters, only to discover to their horror through a simple calculator that those pets have been stuck in limbo for seven, nine, sometimes twelve years or even longer. Many players who saw this simultaneously thought twice about using the pound from then on.

Fridge Logic
  • The word "cheat" is filtered out by the Choose Your Own Adventure-maker. There's a game called "Cheat!" and the word "cheat" is filtered out.