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These are recommendations made by Tropers for Neopets, all of which have been signed. After a few samples, you will be able to judge whether you might be interested in the 'fic, based on who recommended it. No-name recommendations will be frozen. Nobody would back up the rec. Discussion of the recommendation is welcome on the discussion page. As such discussion is important, do remember to add the discussion page to the watchlist, if need be.

Do warn when a fanfic may head into shipping or non-canon territory. Some people just don't like it, and as we all know, Shipping is Serious Business.
Stories focused on the family and the friendly relationships of the cast. Plot-focused stories or light day-in-the-life stories. Pretty much anything that isn't focused on romance.

A Play About Nobody and Nothing by mamasimios

Bad Breakfasts, Stiff Shirts, and a Job Interview by buddy33774

To Remember by stori_booke
  • Recommended by Grovey, Keeyla
  • Synopsis: A view on the history and strained family relations of one Jacob Heather.
  • Comments: A very well-written backstory. The style is almost poetic, hypnotic perhaps. It's a believable past and has just the right dose of emotional moments.

Installation by thorndove
  • Recommended by Gauntkun
  • Synopsis: What happens when scientists at Virtupets Space Station devise a way to input emotion in a robot.
  • Comments: All the films tell us it's not a good idea when robots grow a heart, and this fanfic's no different. It still manages to be well-written and quite the Tear Jerker, so bring the tissues if you're easily overcome.

Sloth's Master Plan by supercomputer276
  • Recommended by Supercomputer276
  • Synopsis: Dr. Sloth has assembled some of the finest criminal minds in Neopia to announce his new plans for world domination! Now if only they could all get along...
  • Comments: This is the reason why there isn't a Villain Team-Up in Neopets: their individual goals and MOs are so different from each other they can't work together. Also includes a lot of hilarity ensuing both from the different personalities clashing against each other and the complete insanity of Sloth's plan.

All Just a Little Bit of History Repeating by herdygerdy
  • Recommended by Grovey
  • Synopsis: The wealthy Mr. Jennings, who essentially controls Neopia Central, is transported back in time to a rather different version of the city.
  • Comments: Really, anything written by herdygerdy is worth a read- especially his numerous series which star Mr. Jennings. This one in particular is a personal favorite, but it's best enjoyed when you've already read through his other series. A good place to start would be Viva la Resistance! . (full list of works)
    • Seconded. Although the distinct similarities to Discworld and the author's dislike of the word "said" are a bit annoying, the series itself is done extremely well and is an excellent read.

Innocent Eyes by allison_kitty11
  • Recommended by Tropernovan
  • Synopsis: A Grey Lupe, jaded by his experiences with countless ambitious owners, finds himself adopted by a young girl who finds her enjoyment in Neopia for what it is.
  • Comments: A very heartwarming short story that may make you reflect on how you're treating your pets.

The Sorcerer by jokerhahaazzz
  • Recommended by Ghingahn
  • Synopsis: A vain shadow Lupe becomes an apprentice sorcerer under Lisha, which begins a chain of events in Meridell.
  • Comments: Everything written by jokerhahaazzz is fantastic, with her Lockhart series being the best. The entire series is quite long, but well worth it.

Story Five Hundred Fourteen by the Storytelling Competition
  • Recommended by Tropernovan
  • Synopsis: You, the magnificent Dr. Sloth, have finally decided that the Neopian Times has made a fool of you for long enough. But with so many choices to make, how will you accomplish this task?
  • Comments: This is a pretty noteworthy competition, although all of them are very good in their own right. What makes this one unique is that it first breaks from the norm by writing in a rare second person perspective (of Dr. Sloth, no less), then follows it up in the next entry with a choose-you-own-adventure style of story. An entertaining read, as well.

four impossible words by motion_is_relative
  • Recommended by thepowerofdisney
  • Synopsis: Someone told me once that I could be famous...
  • Comments: A gorgeously written story told by three narrators: Anna, the shadow lupe and author, an unnamed brown Hissi singer and an unnamed red Usul actress. It's beautifully written and very creative. One of the best stories in the Neopian Times.

Brynn's Diary by amethyst3232
  • Recommended by thepowerofdisney
  • Synopsis: Brynn's diary, from her first week in the Brightvale guard, hopefully right up to the start of TFR. I hope. It starts with her as a child, and will progress through until she's a young adult about 18 , as that's how old I see her as in TFR.}
  • Comments: Brynns diary, starting from her joining the goards at age seven in January, and at this writing, all the way to April at age 12. This fic is wonderfully written, very in character, and the author captures the essance of Brynn and Hanso's relationship perfectly. It has a companion, Hanso's Journal, which tells us what Hanso was doing during all that time. Hanso's Journal also starts in January at age 7; however, it so far only reaches July at age 10.

Skin and Soul by soupfaerie_best
  • Recommended by midnightmortal
  • Synopsis: The story of an unnamed Neopet, who regularly drinks Morphing Potions to change her appearance; so often, in fact, that she's forgotten who she truly is.
  • Comments: A beautiful and bittersweet story, one that also offers several insights into Neopian stereotypes. This tale has haunted me for almost a year now, drawing me back in and keeping me searching for answers, and I know that whoever takes the time to read it will feel the same way.

Guardians Of Neopia: The Chain Letter by Alkuna
  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Synopsis: A dark faerie finds a way to change Owners into Neopets. Two Owners end up being more of a handful than the dark faerie expected.

Guardians of Neopia: Darkness Creeping by Alkuna
  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Synopsis: Sequel to the above story. Darkness takes on a new formůand it's tired of hiding from the light! Can the two Guardians stop them in time? Only one way to find outů

As Told by Child_Dragon by child_dragon.
  • Recommended by Sanluris
  • Synopsis: When an ancient Neopian evil known as the Shadows arise to destroy Neopia, a group of brave pets and owners is all that can stand against the darkness.

The Aisha Thieves by Stormydreamer.
  • Recommended by Sanluris.
  • Synopsis: Two Neopian thieves, a human named Sari and an Aisha named Laeyan, are hired to locate a powerful artifact called the Jewel of the Lost Desert. Little do they know their quest isn't as simple as it seems.

The Aisha Thieves 2 by Stormydreamer.
  • Recommended by Sanluris.
  • Synopsis: Sequel to The Aisha Thieves. After completing their search for the Jewel of the Lost Desert and making an important promise, former thieves Sari and Laeyan have made a new life for themselves. However, they soon find out the promise they made has put their lives in danger.

Of Angelpi and Qasalan Coffee by ''Marie The Crocheter
  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Synopsis: Hanso and Brynn are sent to Qasala to recover a dangerous artefact. Of course, things don't go very smoothly, especially for Hanso. Takes place after "The Faerie's Ruin" plot.

A 100 Percent True, Non Exaggerated Tale by ''Marie The Crocheter
  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Synopsis: Hanso's stories are popular with the young faerie neopets, and the kids demand that he finally tell them FULL the story of how he saved the faeries! The story of The Faeries Ruin plot, from Hanso's POV, with Brynn correcting him when necessary, of course.

Of Squibble Berries and Olives by ''Marie The Crocheter
  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Synopsis: Direct sequel to Angelpi and Qasalan Coffee. Life in the Faerieland Guards isn't as rosy as one might think, especially when a guard named Eselde has it out for Brynn. Hanso, of course, will make sure that Eselde gets what's coming to her!

Saving Neopia by Ohfortheloveofpete
  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Synopsis: A young misfit Blumaroo gets involved in one of the many quests to save Neopia from evil...can he along with a bunch of other Neopets save Neopia?

King of the Land of the Sun by saphira_27
  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Synopsis: Treaty negotiations between Altador, Sakhmet, and Qasala are interrupted by rogue Thieves' Guild operators, led by Masila and intent on seizing power.

Chef Hoban by cyber1ofkakoradesert
  • Recommended by fruitstripegum
  • Synopsis: Angry about Bonju being allowed back on-board the ship, Hoban crossly states that Captain Tuan should have made HIM the cook - and gets a chance to live up to his comment when Bonju gets sick.

The Clumsiest Apology Letter Ever Written by elegon
  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Synopsis: The letter fell from her hand as Illusen suddenly recognized the flowing, spidery penmanship and gaspedů

Storm Eyes by Allhailtheprincess.
  • Recommended by Sanluris
  • Synopsis: Somewhere buried deep in the mists of time is a legend without origin. A tale with no known source that speaks of a hero that will deliver the land in its time of greatest peril. This hero is only known as the Eye of the Stormů

Illusen and Jhudora's Night Out by saabcd__aa
  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Synopsis: This is the real situation. The two of them only kept up their "grudge" for the publicity.

Illusen's Bad Hair Day by ummagine3284

The Hero From Meridell by seuzy13
  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Synopsis: Zamrin the Kacheek wanted to quit and go back inside for the day, but he knew he couldn't. This year's crops were growing poorly, and if he did not tend to them every day, he was almost certain he would lose them.

A Tour of Neopia (Plus One Edition) by nightelf37
  • Recommended by ThePieKid
  • Synopsis: Twilight Sparkle and her friends are sent on a diplomatic mission to a new world that was discovered after one of its inhabitants was found scouting Equestria. They are to take a tour of this new world, Neopia, which is inhabited by a diverse series of creatures called Neopets, and learn all about them. Also found in FiMFiction. It's "Plus One Edition" because Spike is included.
    • The original version in FiMFiction.Net can be found here, which includes helpful links that supplement the fic, but doesn't include Spike in the story.
  • Comments: This is a crossover story between Neopets and My Little Pony and is the only one I have found, but more than fills the want. The author brings the two worlds together in an pleasantly elegant way and provides an impressive level of consideration about the world, bringing in devices like 'users'. It can only be read to be truly explained but is certainly worth your while, injecting humor constantly to remain enjoyable.

Close Enough by werelupewoods
  • Recommended by Nightelf37
  • Synopsis: Just a simple little scene about Tormund and Roberta, taking place in the Werelupe King's throne room after the battle in Act III.

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