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YMMV: Nazi Zombies
  • Ass Pull:
    • How people feel about the Origins ending cutscene that reveals nothing ever happened. And that the entire story was made up.
    • Retconning Tank Dempsey into Verruckt. Unless that was the original idea, but there's little evidence.
  • Chekhov's Gun : Remember the "normal" Samantha room? Now think about Origins ending...
  • Crazy Awesome - The characters are amazing zombie killers... and are batshit insane.
    • Dempsey, for one, laments he can't rip off a zombies arm and beat it to death with it. He escaped from a Japanese prison camp by gnawing through the bamboo cage and killing his captors with a medal of honor he... hid in a very particular spot.
    • Nikolai constantly talks about how he is drunk, and has apparently killed his wives before marrying a new one.
    • Takeo is probably the least batshit insane, but still is completely devoted to killing and improving from that, is not uneased by fighting zombies at all, and has no reservations of the possibility of dying to the zombies. His original bio stated he tattooed the insides of his eyelids with the Japanese for "honor".
    • Richtofen hears voices, has tortured many people to death, and verbally, orgasmically revels in bloodshed against the zombies. He also sounds somewhat high-pitched.
      • His insanity actually has a back story, according to radios and film reels on the Moon. Note to self: do NOT poke objects with an obvious alien origin.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: In addition to the common in-game Crowning moments, in the cut scene right before the map "Five" Zombies bust into the Pentagon with Robert McNamara, Fidel Castro, Richard Nixon and JFK in it. Everyone starts panicking. But then JFK pushes a button to casually reveal a hidden wall the guns on it, and then says "lock and load". Everyone then grabs a weapon, and prepares to kick some zombie ass.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: A few, triggered by the characters automatic in-game responses
    Nikolai:(gunning down zombies) NO! GET AWAY! IT'S MY VODKA! MINE!
    • Pretty much all the editions from Shi No Numa onward have been running on Denser and Wackier, with the characters spouting off hilarious one-liners after running low on ammo, getting downed, and killing in any conceivable fashion (and increasingly started Breaking the Fourth Wall as well). And, from around Ascension on, even Straight Man Takeo has become the Comically Serious.
    Takeo:(running low on ammor) Confucius say... GET MORE BURRETS, DAMNIIIIT!!!
    • This just this. Even better since they got the voice actors!
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The Beauty of Annihilation.
    • Abracadavre as well.
    • Let's just say all of the Easter Egg songs are awesome.
    • Five has the distinction of having a musical easter egg that isn't an original production. Rather, they decided to put in Eminem’s "Won't Back Down."
    • And the hilarious Christmas album!
  • Ensemble Darkhorse - What started out as just an extra mode became the real focus of the downloadable content of World at War.
    • A Memetic Mutation with Call Of Duty World At War, Call of Duty: Black Ops, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is "I bought (this game) to play Nazi Zombies."
    • Der Riese remains the most popular World at War map, for the character development, Easter egg song, introduction of teleporters and Pack-A-Punch, and for just being a fun map in general.
    • Kino der Toten still gets many players, for being a fun map with cool traps, a teleporter, a kickass Easter egg song, and classic moments of comedy from the original crew.
    • Call of the Dead, for it's being a love-letter to horror fans with veteran horror actors as playable characters, an original Zombies song from Avenged Sevenfold, and freaking George Romero himself as a boss zombie!
    • Mob of the Dead is a very popular map for its' deep and complex story, well-written characters, its' all-star cast who deliver excellent performances, the map's huge size, the genuinely scary atmosphere, improvements to the building system, it's Easter Egg song, the Easter egg itself (Holy crap, you can actually win!), the return of purchasable traps, and for story guru's, seemingly confirming the involvement of Satan.
    • As far as characters, we have:
      • Richtofen, for his being batshit crazy and his importance to the overall plot. Even when he's revealed as the Big Bad and tries to take over Earth, you can't help but love the guy.
      • Misty, for being a tough, kickass female character. Her status as Ms. Fanservice helps a lot too.
      • The Call of the Dead celebrities.
  • Genius Bonus: Loads of them in Five, mostly in the form of Historical In-Joke dialogue.
    • Call of the Dead counts as well, with allusion after allusion after allusion to roles the actors have played.
    • One could probably count some of Marlton's quotes in Tranzit; he often rattles off quite accurate real-life facts about the guns he picks up. It's such a shame he hates half of them.
      • And even HE'S wrong. He identifies that MTAR as an X 95 L. This is slightly incorrect: the MTAR in game is actually just a normal X95. The L varient has a two step rail the "MTAR" lacks.
  • Goddamned Bats: The hellhounds. Most servers and custom maps will disable them because of just how hated they are - under-equipped players at round five or so can easily die when the round comes up.
    • The zombies themselves become this at higher rounds due to them getting more health per round.
    • Gas zombies. Not a problem in Kino, where the stage is a great area to hold them off due to being a wide open spot, but Level 3 of the Pentagon is a death trap, thanks to these guys.
    • Space Monkeys that are able to throw your grenades back at you in Ascension. This is made worse if you like to cook your grenades before throwing them. Oh, and the round they spawn on forces you to defend the Perk-A-Cola machines or you lose the first perk you bought or the other perks that your fellows probably bought first (ie. Juggernog).
    • And zombie monkeys return in Shangri-La. This time stealing power ups. Appaantly Treyarch got THIS message, as they don't appear in any other map.
    • Those damn Deniziens of the Forest in Green Run. Arsehole players keep you off the Bus? Good job walking through the fog with these goblins latching onto you every FIVE SECONDS.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: So just what does Danny Trejo do after fighting off George Romero. He becomes a drug kingpin named...Romero.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Many people bought Call of Duty: World at War and Black Ops just to play this game.
  • Most Annoying Sound - Samantha's laughter upon getting the Teddy Bear from the random weapon generator (it moves the box to a different location, forcing players to have to wait until there are few zombies to get better weapons). It's actually lampshaded by the characters.
    Nikolai: "Why does no one try nailing this down?!"
  • Nightmare Fuel: This is probably more Paranoia Fuel, but just try playing the game with minimal brightness settings on your game and TV. On top of all of the vision issues, all of the maps get darker and scarier. Especially Verrückt.
    • As of Buried. Help Richtofen? He still runs the world. Help Maxis? You destroy everything.
  • Nightmare Retardant: Richtofen now controls the zombies? Terrifying! Wait, he's now in the body of a little girl? Hilarious!
  • The Scrappy: Takeo was NOT loved at the time of his introduction, probably because none of his lines were Played for Laughs like the others. Lampshased by Dempsey in Ascension:
    "People say Tak is boring, and maybe he is, but you need that one guy to make the others look cool."
    • This has started to change after he became The Comically Serious in Ascension and is revealed to be Obfuscating Brainwashing, looking to punish Richtofen soon.
    • Among musical Easter egg songs, Coming Home from Moon by Elena Siegeman seems to be the least favorite of most fans. It wasn't helped by the fact that Avenged Sevenfold's Nightmare is also available as an Easter egg.
      • This is a stretch but this could represent Samantha's (most of Elena's songs revolve around her viewpoint) reign over the Zombies coming to an end, with fan-favorite Richtofen coming to power.
  • Scrappy Weapon: The SMR, with excellent reason. Bad power, low capacity, arduous reload speed, semi-automatic and worst of all, it has a glitch that makes aiming down the sights exactly the same as hip firing, giving it almost nonexistent accuracy. It's been almost a year since Black Ops 2's release, and Treyarc has yet to patch it.
  • Tearjerker: Maxis being killed in front of his own daughter, and later he's helpless to protect her from Richtofen during "Moon". Then in Black Ops II we see he's been driven mad and he's willing to destroy the Earth and humanity to save his daughter. Even worse? In "Origins", Samantha implies this failed and he destroyed the Earth for nothing.
    • When doing Richtofen's Easter egg in "Buried", a step involves you venturing to the future to find the bodies of Misty, Marlton, Samuel and Russman. Meaning they will die no matter what they do or who they help.
    • Takeo believes Nikolai drinks to forget his past, implying he is beyond hope of recovery from his brainwashing.

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