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YMMV: Digimon Adventure 02
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Mainly involving Kari's relationship with Davis, and whether or not she's innocently clueless, trying to make him jealous, stringing him along, just can't decide between him and TK, or trying to ship both of them together.
  • Ass Pull: While Zero Two is rife with Ass Pull perhaps the biggest is the explanation of why the old Digimon could no longer go to Ultimate. We find out in flashback form that 8 kids were called back to the Digital World to release the powers of their crest (despite being told these powers were apart of who they were not physical powers) to create a barrier around the Digital World that obviously did no good, a Retcon later changed it to releasing the Digi Gods but that also made no sense, since they were resealed anyways. Obviously they had to come up with something because they needed a reason for the new Digimon to go to Ultimate, without Magna Angemon and Angewomon solving most of their problems. One just wonders why they didn't just stick to armor Digivolving and have Golden Armor as a substitute for the Ultimate Digivolution and something else to substitute Mega with.
  • Badass Decay:
    • Poor Angemon and MagnaAngemon. In the first season Angemon was on par with the Ultimates despite only being a Champion and MagnaAngemon, a ultimate level Digimon, was able to single-handedly deal the finishing blow against a powerful Mega Digimon. Next season, all further appearances of Patamon's normal evolutionary line don't show him being nearly as impressive as he was in season 1. Partially justified: Angemon and MagnaAngemon are just super effective against dark Digimon but not against artificial digimon. Not so justified when he does no good against SkullSatanmon who is non-artificial, an Ultimate, and dark. Strangely enough, he is able to hold back the Mega level BlackWarGreymon who is just black, not dark or evil by nature.
    • Magnamon is another example. When he first appears in The Movie (which was non-canon) he's about as strong as a very powerful Mega. Seraphimon and Magnadramon (two legendary and very powerful Mega Digimon) appeared just so Davis and Willis could have the Golden Digimentals to golden armor digivolve their Digimon. However, when Magnamon appears in the series he's only as strong as an ultimate and struggles to defeat the Ultimate-level Chimeramon.
      • Actually Magnamon was shown at his proper level, since digimental Magnamon is champion level/Adult, natural evolution magnamon is ultimate/Perfect, and Royal Knight Magnamon is Mega/Ultimate. The 02 Magnamon is actually a digimental digimon and is therefore at Champion/Adult level. its more that Cherubimon was nerfed in the first movie to make Magnamon look stronger than he actually was. But Magnamon as a digimon(even Royal Knight Magnamon) actually isn't one of the strongest digimon for any of his potential levels.
    • Omnimon, who wiped out an army of Diaboromon in his first apperance, can't handle a swarm of Kuramon during his appearance in Diaboromon Strikes Back. Not only is Kuramon Diaboromon's weaker, unevolved form, there were fewer Kuramon than there were Diaboromon, the entire scene makes no sense unless you look at it as the writers fumbling to bring out a brand new form.
      • On the other hand, this could also be interpreted as a level in genius for Diablomon — Omnimon has come there looking for him specifically, and Diablomon is simply using the Kuramon to generate attention (nobody knew how essential the Kuramon were to Diablomon's plan at the time). Given how destructive he knows the Supreme Cannon attack to be, Diablomon is sacrificing Kuramon to trigger the scattered explosions from far enough away that he can't get hurt by them. Since he's there for Diablomon, Omnimon and the crew simply treat the Kuramon as a nuisance to be ignored.
    • Mummymon. In his debut appearance, he managed to hold his own against the new Digi-Destined long enough for him and Arukenimon to escape. Later on, he couldn't take down one of them by himself even when he was at a higher level.
  • Base Breaker: Jun. She's The Scrappy for some, the Ensemble Darkhorse for others.
    • Davis as well. Must run in the blood.
    • Yolei and Cody too. Some find the former annoying and others find the latter boring.
  • Bizarro Episode: The episode "His Master's Voice" - a Lovecraftian episode in a otherwise non-Cosmic Horror setting.
  • Bowdlerization:
    • An entire story arc involving the kidnapping of Ken was pulled from Disney's rotation. Fortunately, the DVD leaves the episodes in.
    • Wormon's speech at the end of "Duel of the WarGreymon" also got cut later Disney broadcasts. The DVD keeps the scene though.
  • Broken Base: The finale as a whole, especially the Distant Finale epilogue.
    • Angewomon evolves into Magnadramon in Our War Game but this has been retconned in newer works, and she evolves into Ophanimon instead. Some people think this makes Gatomon's evolution line a boring Distaff Counterpart to Patamon's while others think it is great because now her evolution line has some more consistency.
  • Complete Monster: Upon returning as MaloMyotismon, the Chosen children's old foe proves to be every bit as evil as before. Arguably, he's gotten even worse - Vamdemon used to kill minions for failing him. As MaloMyotismon, his first act is to brutally kill Arukenimon and Mummymon purely For the Evulz.
  • Contested Sequel
    • Sequelitis: The general consensus is that as a sequel to Digimon Adventure, this didn't work out as well, which may be why the Adventure continuity was scrapped in favor of new ones each series afterwards.
  • Creator's Pet: Good lord, Davis. Good luck trying to count the instances where the other kids had to look bad and whiny in order for him to shine as a Determinator. V-Mon as well, being Davis' partner and all (for example by getting more Digivolutions than the rest).
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The Adventure 02/Season 2 Digivolving theme is the best of the lot and is incredibly epic.
  • Deader Than Disco: When it first came out, and even as late as Frontier, it was considered the height of the franchise, only exceeded by maybe the original. When the fanbase started to grow up and re-evaluate the series, 02 took a major tumble in the popularity polls, and these days, it's considered a Franchise Killer for the original continuity, with Digimon Tamers (or sometimes, Adventure) taking up its old slot as the favorite.
  • Deconstruction Fic: Zero 2 A Revision is one example. There are others.
  • Die for Our Ship: And the intense ship wars continue on to this day. If you didn't ship Yolie with Ken, you were expected to hate her. Even worse when she did get him.
    • In its hey day Dakari vs Takari were the worse. Generally in fanfics the character the author didn't prefer would get Ron the Death Eater Treatment.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Interestingly averted with the Digimon Kaiser/Emperor. Fans still loved him, but never tried to justify what he did and were happy to see him turn good, but only after he'd paid for what he'd done.
  • Engaging Chevrons: Transformation Sequence with 9 evolutions for 6 Digimon; Going through the digiportal.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Nat-chan from the CD drama Door to Summer has become very popular within the fandom, even more then half of the main cast, and that might be perhaps because of The Woobie status she has as well the interactions she has with Daisuke, who becomes more of a fleshed out and sympathetic character in the CD drama.
    • Jun Motomiya as well.
  • Epileptic Trees: In the penultimate episode, MaloMyotismon traps the DigiDestined inside a Lotus-Eater Machine which lets them see their greatest desire, but Davis breaks the group out as his greatest desire is to defeat MaloMyotismon once & for all. A common theory amongst those who absolutely hate the events following this is that Davis doesn't break the group free of the illusions, and he's merely seeing his greatest desire & MaloMyotismon has really won, unbeknownst to the viewer.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesop: Davis' problem early in the season was that he was hesitant to take action — for example, not wanting to attack Agumon, who had been kidnapped and brainwashed by the Digimon Emperor, despite there being no other way to remove the Dark Spiral. There's also the episode where Ken "kidnaps" all of Davis's friends and then forces Davis to pick between them. Davis is completely unable to react in this situation, and is on the verge of offering himself in their place. Ken is untrustworthy.
    • Another possible example is when Cody refuses to take the digiegg of Reliability since he told a lie, and Joe give him an inspiring speech about how, while some lies are hurtful, there are some lies which are not only acceptable, but helpful. This one pulled him out of a possibly important exam because Cody was telling him that his dad was in the hospital. Even if it was a life and death matter, there was little thought put into keeping up The Masquerade.
  • Fandom Rivalry: With Tamers fans. 02 fans consider Tamers to be unfun and wangsty and wish it was a continuation, Tamers fans consider 02 to be insultingly childish and consider it being the end of its continuity to be just desserts.
  • Fanon Discontinuity: As noted above on Broken Base, this mostly applies to the final battle and the epilogue. But mostly the epilogue.
    • Just TRY to find a fanfic that takes place after season 2 that doesn't ignore the epilogue and the part about everyone getting a Digimon
    • Those who blatantly dislike 02 even went as far as to deny the entire show's existence.
  • Fan-Disliked Explanation: The explanation for why the original children did not have their crest powers was disliked so much that they retconed it in-show.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The concept of DNA digivolution was first introduced in the V-Tamer manga, and there it was something horrible. Admittedly, this was because it was implied that the digimon involved lost their original personalities, which is not the case here, but it's still noteworthy.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Oikawa bears an uncanny resemblance to Tommy Wiseau.
    • Poromon looks like an Angry Bird.
    • With her purple hair and glasses, Yolei could pass as a gender-flipped Tieria Erde.
    • The kids' messaging item that comes with their Digivice looks a lot like the Nintendo DS.
  • Ho Yay: Oh so much.
  • It's the Same, so It Sucks/Sophomore Slump: While other series are quite controversial in their own terms, 02 is (mostly) disliked for being too reliant on Adventure unlike other sequels in the future (though Early-Installment Weirdness might be in effect here) and many wasted plots. The fact that Tamers came right after it didn't help.
  • Magnificent Bastard/The Man Behind the Man: Oikawa, until the plot is Hijacked By Myotismon.
  • Mary Sue: Kari gets this accusation as much as her original incarnation since everyone just seems to worship the ground she walks on. However, her status as Messianic Archetype is actually shown to have repercussions this time, and the less kind personality traits she displays towards Davis may serve as a subversion.
    • Similarly, Ken starts off seeming like a major Marty Stu. That gets deconstructed big time.
  • Memetic Mutation: "original Digimon do not steal", after some fans noticed that Kaiser-Ken's creation of what he insisted was his "original Digimon" was similar to behavior of many people on deviantART.
  • Memetic Sex God: For the Furry Fandom, Flamedramon is for Digimon Adventure 02 what Renamon was for Digimon Tamers.
  • Pandering to the Base: Blackwargreymon's fight against Wargreymon. It is as awesome as it is unnecessary.
  • Purity Sue: Apparently lampshaded near the finale. Why is Davis the only immune to Myostimon's illusions? Because he always thinks positive about life.
  • Relationship Writing Fumble: An episode of Digimon Adventure 02 had Yolei and Mimi growing really close. The implication was supposed to be that Yolei saw Mimi as a cool older sister.
    • A rather famous example with the Adventure "Love Triangle". Kakudou always intended for Taichi and Sora to be just friends, and for Sora to fall in love with Yamato as a way of subverting the clichť that main boy and girl had to end up with each other, so there was never any Love Triangle originally. This was also the plan for 02 until Our War Game! complicated this. Hosoda was unaware of the intended Official Couple and made Sora have a crush on Taichi in the Our War Game! movie. When Sora began dating Yamato in 02, many people were confused at the sudden change in love interest, even the voice actors. Now all the new games and material try to retcon 01 to include a Type 5 Love Triangle where Yamato is in love with Sora, Sora is in love with Taichi and Taichi has feelings for neither. In the English dub, the Relationship Upgrade between Sora and Yamato looked totally random and Strangled by the Red String.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Davis for being rather abrasive, but it also compounds with him being a shameless expy of Tai.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Davis, good lord, Davis. Back in the day when the Ship Wars were in full swing, you couldn't turn around without seeing some Takari fanfic where he was written either as a jealous psychopath or so braindead it's a wonder he could tie his shoes, never mind be a Digi-Destined.
  • Seasonal Rot: Apart from the bucket of Fan Disservice that was the Distant Finale, the series seemed to change plots as often as someone changes clothes. This is especially poignant in the small (yet important) Holy Stones arc. These world-shattering sacred rocks were never mentioned until Mummymon casually talked about it in a 10-second conversation. There was little foreshadowing, and once they were all eliminated they never came up again. Additionally, most revelations about The Man Behind the Man seemed to come out of nowhere, and Chiaki Konaka's Cthulhutastic guest-writing episode - originally intended to set up another subplot - went completely unexplained, was almost never referred to again, and comes off as a Big Lipped Alligator Moment. It generally reeks of a series where they had plenty of ideas, but perhaps had too many and were very careless and haphazard about how they applied them.
    • Ironically, many people cite the exact start of the series' second half, episode 26 (with the introduction of DNA Digivolving) as the point where the plot really started to get convoluted.
  • Shipping: Runs rampant in the fandom. Just check this page. We could run an entire page based on the couples and issues that went through in the making.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: If You Kill Him, You Will Be Just Like Him won't work on certain villains, and that lethal force is necessary for the greater good.
  • Squick: In the original version, the King of the Dark Ocean's minions weren't trying to get Kari to destroy their Evil Overlord. They were trying to bring Kari to him so that he could mate with her.
  • Strawman Has a Point: Davis tries to convince the team that Ken has changed and have him on the team. While the other kids do feel that he has changed, they felt that it was too soon to trust the person that they have been fighting for months on end.
  • Strangled by the Red String: A very complicated and notorious example with Sora and Matt, which continues to generate rage to this day. But it is mostly in the English version that it was Strangled by the Red String, due to the creation of a Dub-Induced Plot Hole. In the English dub, up until the Christmas Episode, Sora and Matt didn't really have much of a connection or even spoke much to each other, for that matter. The hook-up just happened, without a reasonable explanation. Sora and Tai had always seemed like the more plausible couple, an idea supported by several of the English staff. However, in the original version, Yamato and Sora were intended to be a couple from the start. The director, Kakudou pointed out that there was subtle foreshadowing for this pairing in 01, there was never any love triangle and that he did not want Taichi/Sora because it was clichť. It would have made sense for Sora to end up with practically anyone in the planned 02 since there was no romance in the original 01, but then Our War Game! had to come along...
    • In Our War Game!, Sora was given a crush on Tai. This was the result of a Relationship Writing Fumble by Mamoru Hosoda because he was never informed on what the Official Couple was and thought they would end up together since the "hero always got the girl" (in this case the main character, Tai and his best friend, Sora). Hiroyuki Kakudou stated that he would have hinted at the budding romantic relationship between Yamato and Sora if he was in control of it and to him Taichi/Sora "doesn't exist". This movie created such a conflict with the original script's relationships that when Sora started to date Yamato, some of the staff (especially voice actors) became confused and thought Sora would have chosen Taichi instead. They suggested that maybe they should not go with the planned route because it might disorient some of the audience (and they were quite right) as hinted in the interviews and Drama CDs. This was complicated even more by the fact that they couldn't focus on Yamato and Sora's growing relationship much since they were now relegated to the supporting cast in the background. Kakudou continued to refuse any romantic development between Taichi and Sora, and Sora ultimately ended up with Yamato as planned. According to the Japanese voice actors for Gabumon and Yamato, even they were surprised.
    Mayumi Yamaguchi (Gabumon): Honestly, Sora! If youíd spent just a few minutes to ask [Gabumon] for advice, I would have said, ďSora, donít do this to yourself. Itís Taichi you should go for."
    Yuuto Kazama (Yamato): Itís tough work taking care of Yamato, youíre saying?
    • Although the Love Triangle never existed in 01, it had to be given a nod in 02 when Sora is about to confess, because Our War Game! was a canonical, vital part of the overarching story and they couldn't just couldn't pretend that it never happened. The Digimon Adventure (PSP) game explores the relationships more. It attempts to fill in the gaps of the story to remedy these problems and in order to make a graceful transition from 01 to Our War Game! to 02. A Type 5 Love Triangle has been retconned to exist in 01 now (much to Kakudou's annoyance), although it is only hinted at twice. After the Our War Game! section in the game, Taichi's conversations with Yamato and Sora reveal these affections. Yamato likes Sora, Sora likes Taichi. Taichi doesn't have feelings for either.
      • Yamato has feelings for Sora and believes himself to be competing with Taichi for her affections but Taichi doesn't recognise this.
      Taichi: Speaking of which, we never reached the conclusion of our fight in Digiworld.
      Yamato: You wanna put an end to it? How should we do it?
      Taichi: Soccer? Cooking? Karaoke?
      Yamato: Thereís something else besides those, isnít there? Something more importantÖ
      Taichi: ?
      Yamato: Maybe you donít understand it yetÖ Nah, itís nothing.
      • Sora attempts to impress Taichi by acting more feminine but she is growing frustrated with his denseness and how he only sees her as a friend.
      Sora: I had an errand to run near here, so I wondered how youíve been, Taichi?
      Taichi: How Iíve been? Sora, are you really quitting soccer?
      Sora: Sorry. Thereís several other things I want to try, like tennisÖ
      Taichi: Tennis!? That doesnít suit you at all! Keep playing soccer!
      Sora: Itís fine! Iím changing my image, so Iím going to stop wearing this hat and wear a skirtÖ Hey, which do you think suits me best, that or my usual look?
      Taichi: Itís not a big deal, is it? I think they both suit you fine.
      Sora: Iím an idiot for asking you. Iím going home.
      Taichi: Oy, Sora! What are you mad about? I donít get it!
    • This Love Triangle was eventually resolved with Sora developing feelings for Yamato. In the English dub, (where Taichi was given a crush on Sora) it looks like he loses the Love Triangle by stepping down and is upset over this. In the original Japanese, he is melancholic and lonely because all his friends are growing up and moving on with their lives whereas he is being "left behind". Taichi could never see Sora as a potential love interest so Sora gives up on pursuing him after she realises how fruitless it is. Yamato and Sora have mutual feelings for each other at this point so Taichi becomes a Shipper on Deck for his two best friends and encourages Sora to confess her feelings to Yamato in 02's Christmas episode. Sora and Yamato begin dating shortly afterwards. They are revealed to be happily married with two children in the epilogue. Agumon comments how Taichi has matured and praises him for deciding not to make fun of Soraís feelings, unlike the way he used to when he was 11. Taichi used to be a foolish, happy kid who liked to butt into other peopleís business without really respecting their private matters. This was apparent in 01 but exemplified in the Drama CD when he finds Koushirouís love letter and Yamato complains about Taichi's insensitive nature a lot in the novels. It is slightly bittersweet with everyone drifting apart but still one of the happier love triangles out there if you understand the full story.
    • Ken and Miyako don't fare much better. Yes, she expressed interest in him earlier, but for the rest of the season until the Distant Finale (where the two are married with kids) there wasn't much development between the two. And he never seemed the least bit interested in her, either. Itís said that the reason why Miyako and Ken got married in the end was because their voice actors got along so well with each other.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Character: Dagomon, and later Demon/Daemon.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Many examples, but Dagomon's Dark Ocean and the Daemon Corps are the most infamous.
    • In the expanded universe, there's a grand total of fifteen Digimentals for the Digidestined to use, making for ninety armor-digivolutions accessible. Michi e no Armor Shinka established that the children could, in fact, swap Digimentals; each of the main six digimon has an armor form for each of the digimentals, including the TCG-only digimental of kindness, and the digimental of Miracles. V-mon specifically can also use the digimental of Fate, which has only one other user in Terriermon. In the actual series, the Chosen only ever use their specific -mentals, highly likely to slim down the amount of ensuing Transformation Sequences.
    • Daemon and The Dark Ocean were planned to play a large role this season. Plans changed.
    • Only a minor fraction of the available Jogresses were used. Pretty bad showing for the current 'powerboost' gimmick.
  • Unfortunate Character Design: Endigomon's face makes him look like something from a Minstrel Show.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: The dubbed version had a lot of funny moments that poked fun at Davis' arrogant personality. Despite what you might think, he was still as much of a Butt Monkey in the original though.
  • Vindicated by History: The series as a whole following Savers (for the camp that disliked it) and Xros Wars: The Young Hunters Who Leap Through Time (for most fans). Davis in particular is treated a lot less harshly then he was previously.
  • The Woobie: Ken, of course, Wormmon, and Wallace from the movie.
    • Pipimon, Oikawa's partner Digimon. It waited many years for Oikawa to show up, only for Oikawa to die in front of him after they just met.
    • Jerkass Woobie: Oikawa. He's a creepy bastard, but his life story is so damn SAD.
    • Iron Woobie: Ken, for his persistence in knocking down Dark Towers, even while fully expecting the rest of the team to continue hating him, and his concern for the Dark Seed kids, who followed Oikawa of their own volition.

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