Webcomic: Sam and Fuzzy

"I like reading the Sam and Fuzzy TV Tropes page, mainly because it is surreal to be reminded I actually drew all those freaking comics."
Sam Logan, the author

Sam And Fuzzy is a webcomic written by Sam Logan, started in 2002 and updating regularly on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. It follows the adventures of Sam, a very regular twenty-something man, and his roommate Fuzzy, a psychotic jerkass of a teddy-bear-looking-thing, who live in a World of Weirdness — located in modern-day America.

Sam and Fuzzy employs a very notable (and arguably successful) use of Cerebus Syndrome to create an overhanging story from what started out as a "joke of the week" strip, as Sam and Fuzzy get embroiled into ever-more complex, wacky and dramatic adventures and go from (unsuccessful) taxi drivers with a demonically possessed refrigerator, to (unsuccessful) booksellers, to (unsuccessful) metal band roadies, to (unsuccessful) fugitives on the run from an international crime syndicate, to (unsuccessful) professional problem solvers, to (so far not unsuccessful) members of an Omniscient Council of Vagueness. Other recurring elements involve the Ninja Mafia (a Mafia containing Ninjas), Fuzzy's Mysterious Past and Laser-Guided Amnesia, the machinations of Corrupt Corporate Executive Mr. Sin, an Omniscient Council of Vagueness enforcing The Masquerade over the world, and 17th century chemist Robert Boyle.

The story is divided into multiple series consisting of several volumes per series. Each series is (attempted) self-contained and so far consists of the Early Years (2002-2003), The Classic Series (2003-2006), The Noosehead Series (2006-2009) and the NMS Series (2009-ongoing). The comic can be entered at the beginning of any series with little trouble (New readers are advised to start at series four), but expect a truly epic Archive Binge ahead of you if you want to get all the in-jokes and Call Backs.

Sam and Fuzzy contains examples of: