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One of Demon Lord Odio's avatars is in fact Dio Brando
Think about it; in Japan Dio's name would be written Brando Dio... and his entire childhood was meant to make him into a bitter and hateful man.
  • Except that Araki writes the names of his non-Japanese characters in the Western style, so it would still be Dio Brando, not Brando Dio.
  • Playing off this...
  • Someone needs to mod this in as an extra chapter.

The game is a massive Shout-Out to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
Seven parts all connected by theme naming?

The Medieval Chapter was one big Evil Plan by the former Demon Lord
Inevitably, someone would strike the Demon Lord down, and he knew that. So what did he do? He prepared for someone to continue his legacy. He forged magical statues with pinpoints in time so he could conquer more. Then he attacked again. He captured Alicia, drew heroes towards him, and he was — physically — forevermore vanquished. A small sacrifice if he could scar humanity forever. At this point, he probably knew Hash, honorable hero that he was, would not be satisfied with such a feeble show of strength by what he knew was an opponent worthy of being known as a demon. He would search for the demon, and Odio would try to feed on any hatred left in him. But what's this! Hash had a plague. He was unfit to even fight. Tch. Foiled by the noble sacrifice of the old guard. But even still, they had brought young blood... Straybow, Straybow was the target. Odio seized the opportunity and unleashed Straybow's resentment and hatred towards being second fiddle.

At this point, he probably wanted Straybow to be his successor, to go through time and conquer with the statues he'd left behind. But Oersted came. He saw. He fought his former best friend. He lost his love. He lost everything. Odio's gambit paid off bigger than he ever imagined, as now, Oersted's sense of justice was ripe to be twisted by hatred... and he turned on mankind.

  • Wait, so what was the shadow-thing that has Alicia captured in the game over sequence? It looks different than the Demon Lord, whose overworld sprite is far more gargoyle-y.
    • Did you even meet Odio in the final chapter? He looks exactly like the shadowy figure in the game over in the Medieval Chapter. That is Odio's true form. Straybow transformed when Orsted was killed in battle in that scenario and the result from the transformation warped Straybow's mind further than he could comprehend, completely obliterating his consciousness. Odio probably thought Oersted was a far better host to inhabit and pitted both of them against each other; in other words, Odio placed a fragment of his own consciousness into Orsted and another into Straybow.
      • It seems far more likely that the "game over" screen is only occurring in Oersted's mind. Straybow has no reason to be taking that form around Alicia, and as the ending makes clear, Alicia isn't actually in love with Oersted, and considers herself to already have been rescued by Straybow. Therefore, the scene with demon Straybow hovering over Alicia while she cries out for Oersted just doesn't make sense as anything other than Oersted's imagining.
  • This WMG does make sense a lot. Even before Oersted decided to become the Demon King, the statues of Odio's incarnations are still there, so someone must've prepared it before Oersted came. Also in regards of Straybow, notice that one of the things he said when he revealed himself to Oersted was "My emotions suddenly exploded!". I think that was part of the true Demon King's plan, when Straybow read the encryption about the Demon King, that was when he struck and 'brainwashed' Straybow into eventually setting up Oersted's downfall. In other words, Straybow is just as much a victim as Oersted. The sad thing, Oersted probably never knew nor cared.
    • Straybow also says, though, that he was already really pissed off at Oersted when he lost the tournament to him. Immediately pretending to team up with someone he hates is a sign that he was up to something right from the start. But if he says this during the final confrontation, it may make more sense that he was bottling up those emotions, but then the possession by the Demon King makes him more open about it, beforehand he might have held his jealousy in check. With the Demon King getting into his mind, he's more than likely to vent it out. Common scenario about 'brainwashing makes you reveal some dirty secrets/jealousy you've been having since the beginning'.

Orsted is an Apostle and the demon statue was one of the Godhand in disguise

Oersted/Odio is The Operator/Slenderman
Just listen to that static sound during his chapter, especially when he finds Alicia.

Should the game gets a remake/sequel...
Then we will get another Odio incarnation to fight aside of Oersted... but Watanabe. Pissed off that he's treated like the universe's punching bag who's played for laughs rather than drama, he hated all those mistreatments and true to Oersted's words, 'As long as there is hatred...', Watanabe will gather all his incarnations which were abused and became the Demon King to make the world pay for laughing at his misery.

The only probable exception is the Watanabe at Akira's chapter, since he seemed content enough.

Watanabe is the one who set Oersted up to fall!
In every era, in every setting, that poor green-haired kid suffers the loss of his father, and the chapter's hero just... watches. When Oersted kills Watan Naibi in the tournament, he's finally had enough, and decides to utterly BREAK this hero... ultimately making the situations that killed his father in the first place. Dumb kid.
  • Actually it's Straybow that kills Watan Naibi, not Oersted. Though I suppose that getting the mage angry/jealous enough to try and be a demon himself would have worked.
  • The tournament seems to run on a no-kill policy, otherwise Straybow would've been killed at the beginning of the chapter when Oersted beat him. Therefore, Watan Naibi is probably just knocked out unconscious by Straybow. However, it's still possible that the kid put his father on such a high pedestal that he wouldn't stand seeing his father defeated by some mage he doesn't know and then got all these messes started.
    • Oersted makes sure not to kill Straybow because he considers the mage a friend at this point. As for Straybow killing Watan... yup, he did and had no remorse about it — a warning sign which everyone should have paid more attention to. Specifically, he was too preoccupied with Oersted to care whether anyone else lived or died (whether or not he'd arranged the "demon king's return" from the start or was corrupted later). The tournament rules probably don't care what happens to the losers.
    • Either it's hardware limitations, or... Oersted's opponent just goes poof once his match is over, meaning that he's probably dead. On the other hand, Watan is showed to be falling down and having his son drag him crying, leading possibilities of him not quite dead. Think of it; Oersted is a knight, if he kills his opponent, he would leave remnants to be cleaned up. Straybow is a mage: if he's serious about killing, he may as well just blow his opponent into pieces with less remains with his magic. Either that, or someone took the corpse of Oersted's opponent and carried it away when the screen goes black to shift back to 'cutscene' mode.

Akira is meant to be the default protagonist of the final chapter
When Oersted first visited the room of statues, the Odeo statue will always be at the center. And when you pick any protagonist, their respective Odio incarnation will take the center place, and the Odeo statue will replace that Odio incarnation's former place. So they were thinking that by default, Akira would be the one leading the attack against Oersted. But then, the game was quite open-ended, so it's not seen at the get-go.

Tying into that is Akira's special dungeon. It is the only place that gives the protagonists any idea as to what happened in Lucretia, other than the fish in Pogo's dungeon, who really only tells you the name of the place. So, Akira learns Oersted's name, and can probably piece together some of what has happened. It would make sense for him to confront Oersted about that.

Another part is the series of non-battle pictures in the ending credits. While it would end in a sight in Lucretia, the order will always be Xin Shan Quan successor -> Pogo -> Sundown Kid -> Cube -> Masaru -> Oboromaru -> Akira. Any reason in particular why Akira is always the last? Even there are other series that put the main hero last in the "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue. And like the first one about the Odio incarnation statues, the pre-credits epilogue usually shows the one chosen as main protagonist last, however, the credits pictures that doesn't show battle scenes will always put Akira the last. So...?

Clockwerk is one of the incarnations of the Demon King Odio.
Given the fact that Clockwerk is immortal by the his hatred of the Cooper clan, he may be a part of a series of owl drones designed by an unknown time traveler to observe the Coopers of different time periods. The tenth one that is created becomes Clockwerk as his model number is OD-10.

The Mecha and Sci-fi chapter are interconnected
Not long after the fight with the Inko statue, Watanabe probably found out about his father one way or another. Add the robotic pet turtle Taro, and top that off with the awesomeness that is Buriki Daioh, he might've developed a liking for robots. Fast forward to his adulthood, he created a particular round robot. The connection doesn't just stop there. Darth mentioned something about a great war with robots that killed his teammates. Considering the final act of the Mecha chapter is a war with robots, it's not too far-fetched. Darth is probably one of the few lucky survivors to have escaped Buriki Daioh's assault.

The Odio incarnations were not possessed by Oersted in everyone else's chapters. In fact, he deliberately decides not to at the beginning of everyone else's final chapter.
As seen in Oersted's final chapter, if he had done that from the start, they would have been much more powerful. Originally, they were all completely independent threats with only a slight connection to the true Odio.

When Oersted finished destroying his country, he went to the statues and considered unleashing his power on the other timeframes... but decided to watch what actually happened in the original history first. After seeing the heroes' struggles, he decided that it wouldn't be satisfying enough to wipe them out by remote control without being able to explain his real motives, and instead drew them into his realm for a more personal confrontation. After he loses, he does try to take over the other Odio incarnations, but no longer has the ability to empower them.