Heartwarming / Live A Live

The game just plain wins at these.
  • Pogo's chapter is essentially him just trying to make Bel as comfortable and safe as possible, including fighting a cult and a T-Rex to make sure she's alright, Precocious Crush or not.
  • An especially good example is the end of Mechanical Heart, where Darth finally overcomes his Fantastic Racism and befriends Cube.
  • Despite everything, that little boy never stops believing in Oersted.
  • Ultimately, the final ending where everyone is resuming their lives normally after all those multi-dimensional hijinx, and at least freeing Lucretia from the terror of the Demon King. With appropriate heartwarming music as well. Even Oersted, who, while running into Tear Jerker territory, at least gets Dying as Yourself and Heel–Face Turn statuses.