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Some fandoms just mesh well. The timelines and continuities can be made to fit without much difficulty, they might have similar premises or ideologies, and they have characters that you just know would love (or hate) to meet each other. The chances of having them cross over increase if they're made by the same company, written by the same author, and/or have similar character designs.

Some fandoms are so accessible that they are crossed with just about everything else.

Related to Fandom Specific Plot. A common form is the Doppelgänger Crossover.


  • Teen Titans and Naruto mostly Raven/Naruto makes since two people alone because of a background involving demons.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Doctor Who cross over so often in fics you can easily start mixing canon from both in your mind. The Tenth Doctor has been paired with Faith in one fic, and there's a Jack/Ianto/Dawn fic out there. The Doctor and Rose made a cameo appearance in season 8, meaning they may or may not share a universe.
  • Halo and Mass Effect. Both are sci-fi videogames with Badass Space Marines killing aliens and saving Humanity from extinction.
    • It is not uncommon for Metroid to be meshed together with Halo either, due to common traits shared by Samus and Master Chief, as well as the overall atmosphere of both series. Fans having a habit of pairing up the main protagonists and the existence of Haloid might also have something to do with it.
    • For obvious reasons (they may be in the same continuity to begin with), Halo / Red vs. Blue crossovers are pretty common.
  • The ISO Standard Anime Example: The Fuku Fic.
    • Ranma ½ in general has lots of crossovers.
  • The large number of Sailor Moon crossovers with Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, which typically pair the Senshi and the Gundam Pilots romantically. This is presumably because Wing, by way of its Bishōnen male cast, served as a Gateway Series to get girls into the Humongous Mecha genre. And the fact that both of them aired on Cartoon Network's Toonami block around the same time. This could explain why there are so many Sailor Moon/Dragon Ball Z crossovers as well.
  • House Fan Fic is famous for its crossovers. Notable ones are Batman, Angel, Bones, and Doctor Who. Oh, and a few with Firefly, including one with River (where she really sparks his curiosity due to how strange her case is (it's never explained how she got there)).
  • There is a LiveJournal community specifically for crossovers between Heroes and Supernatural. The fandoms overlap because if you want broslash, you're pretty much going to have to be a fan of at least one of them.
  • Smallville/Batman, especially Bruce/Lex and/or Bruce/Clark. Of course, the fact that there were plans to bring a young Bruce to the town helps matters a bit.
  • Xander (or, less frequently, Willow or Dawn) gets sucked into a dimensional rift etc., and ends up on Serenity.
    • Stargate SG-1 crossovers are so ubiquitous in the Buffy fandom that in many cases they're not even labeled as crossovers unless they cross with a third fandom.
      • There's a Halo/Buffy/SG-1 fic where Xander went as John-117 on Halloween (the timeline problems there are never addressed) and things change... a lot. It's good if you can ignore the timeline problems. Oh, and Xander actually remembers Jessie and actually still has his death as a source of grief.
  • It's not so much that it does mesh well with everything as that everyone and their cat has heard of it, but Harry Potter has been crossed over with nearly everything. There's one Harry Potter/Disney's Aladdin crossover, completely disregarding the huge time difference and the not exactly friendly attitude Agrabah would have towards wizards once it was not only a Muslim city, but a Muslim city that has "getting hugely screwed over by a sorcerer" in its recent history.
    • Fullmetal Alchemist/Harry Potter. For no real reasons other than that both have involved the Philosopher's Stone and take place in fantastic versions of European countries.
      • And in the Anime/Movie Ed travels to an Alternate Universe which could easily be changed to the HP one.
      • The Veil of Death from the Department of Mysteries is sometimes also used as a link to the Gate of Truth, and as well-written stories such as Penance can attest, it can work to a strong degree.
    • Harry Potter/Twilight, naturally. Someone in the story will usually comment on how much Edward Cullen looks like Cedric Diggory if they aren't revealed to be the same person.
    • Harry Potter/Naruto. Bringing in the characters as transfer students is more than just popular, but numerous stories where Harry discovers he's an Uchiha/Hatake/insert-bishie-indicating-surname-here (or is raised as a member of that family). Team Seven (or just Kakashi) also seems to get themselves hired out as long-term bodyguards often enough for Tsunade to pay off every single gambling debt she's ever had, plus interest.
      • It's worth noting that even among the more serious stories here, the two universes have plenty of common similarities - a singled-out Chosen One, a snake-themed villain with an obsession for immortality, a school of special arts, a group of three young heroes the same age (two male, one female), a long-running myth-arc, Loads and Loads of Characters...
      • Wizards of Waverly Place, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, and Artemis Fowl also cross over frequently due to similar premise, similar themes and similar locations. It helps that the Percy Jackson verse is pretty easy to justify (Harry Potter, son of insert god here anyone?)
  • Similar to Harry Potter in the fact everyone has heard of it, the Avengers is growing at a near exponential rate, closing in on second place in the films category for crossovers on It also helps that the world has a lot of fleshing out to do and a lot of potential in terms of crossing over, often with traditional Marvel properties like Spider-Man (now so ubiquitous it practically isn't a crossover) and the X-Men.
  • For some reason, WALL•E tends to get crossed over a lot with Transformers.
    • Part of it appears to stem from the absurd juxtaposition in settings, no matter which way the crossover goes. Transformers fans can also appreciate small yellow robots, especially when it's one who's well-meaning, hard-working, quirky, kind, and generally innocent while also avoiding a 'snarky mascot' or Totally Radical portrayal.
  • Battlestar Galactica gets crossed with any Sci-Fi going eventually due to the Lost Colony premise. For instance, the refugee fleet entering Star Trek's United Federation of Planets with the resulting political fallout and attacks by the Cylons is a common idea. Even given this Galactica/Stargate fics are common as mud.
    • Any Stargate / Battlestar Galactica fics usually will have the following features:
      • 1) the Cylon attack that kicked off the series' action either never happened, or went drastically the reverse of how it happened in canon, with the Colonials winning;
      • 2) the Colonials are/become a militaristic regime, bent on conquest
      • 3) said conquest includes conquering their "rogue" thirteenth colony, Earth
      • 4) the Colonials completely underestimate how much curb-stompage a couple of Prometheus-class ships equipped with Asguard weaponry can dish out.
      • This is almost certainly due to a massive upsurge of Follow the Leader after Reunions Are A Bitch pioneered the above plot points.
    • Strangely, the number of oBSG/Star Wars crossovers can probably be counted on one hand, even though the former was very heavily influenced by the latter.
  • Naruto and Bleach. Because they have the same audience.
    • Naruto in general really. As of this writing it has over 11,200 cross-over stories in its crossover section on, plus however many in the main section. Naruto fits just about anywhere, apparently.
    • Naruto and One Piece, if only for the Ninjas vs. Pirates.
  • Maximum Ride and Twilight seem to get crossed over quite a lot for such an odd combination.
  • The crossover listings for ''G.I. Joe'' have many stories that cross over with X-Men: Evolution. Most of them are written by Red Witch. Most of the others are "set in the Misfit Universe", which means based on Red Witch's on-going series. She has several long stories, and dozens of one-shots which all spring from the premise of G.I. Joe rescues Toad after Magneto throws him out of a plane after the end of the second season, leading to the entire Brotherhood becoming unofficial wards of G.I. Joe. Insanity ensues, though there's also been quite a bit of drama and tragedy as the series goes on.
  • A crossover of yesteryear; Highlander and Forever Knight. There were a lot of those.
  • Phoenix Wright and Trauma Center are both over-the-top DS games about a relatively ordinary profession. Both are Twenty Minutes into the Future, and both take place in California (or Japan in the JP versions). Though it's generally agreed they fit well together crossovers are surprisingly uncommon.
    • Phoenix Wright also goes well with Elite Beat Agents, probably because both are surprisingly well-Americanized DS games featuring Large Hams with Anime Hair. Heck, one such crossover is even on the Fanfic Recs page!
      • osu! includes one of such fanfics, to the tune of Queen's Don't Stop Me Now.
    • Unsurprisingly, there's also a fair amount of art crossing it over with Ghost Trick... this is saying something, since Ghost Trick's fandom hasn't really gotten fired up yet.
  • Doctor Who has a face that's 'launched a thousand ships'. Travel through time and space tends to facilitate crossovers with anything not too cartoonishly illogi- oh, who are we kidding?
  • The Cthulhu Mythos fits well with anything vaguely fantasy, horror, sci-fi, or mystery, from Sherlock Holmes to Dungeons & Dragons to the Marvel Universe. Hence Cthulhu Tech. There was even a Batman Elseworld that centered around Arkham Asylum crossed over with the Cthulhu Mythos, making it a professional version of this trope.
  • Supernatural actually gets crossed with a lot of stuff, but most often with Smallville (which almost always includes Dean/Chloe, though there's an occasional Sam/Chloe or Dean/Lois fic out therenote ) and Buffy the Vampire Slayer (almost always including Dean/Buffy, Dean/Faith, or Sam/Faith, though some Sam/Willow, Spike/Dean, Angel/Dean, and/or Spike/Dean/Sam fics show up sometimes). The number of crossovers with Doctor Who, Torchwood, and Heroes are growing rather quickly. Crossing with Dark Angel is also common, as Dean and Alec share an actor.
    • Superwho (Supernatural crossed over with Doctor Who) has almost a fandom of its own. Apparently the writers of Supernatural caught wind of this, since they named a new character "Amy Pond".
      • It can be considered a Doppelgänger Crossover: Mark Sheppard played both Crowley in Supernatural and Canton in Doctor Who.
    • Superwholock (Supernatural crossed with Doctor Who crossed with Sherlock) has become increasingly popular, uniting Wholock (see below) and Superwho in one all-encompassing fandom.
      • And to this can be added Superwhoavengerlock, which is what you get when you add The Avengers.
      • Merlin and Harry Potter may or may not come along for the ride.
      • It's no surprise that Teen Wolf has been enthusiastically and seamlessly crossed with Supernatural, but it remains to be seen if it will join the Superwholock party.
  • For some reason, Sherlock and Good Omens crossovers are quite popular. It could have something to do with the fact that the most popular pairing in each fandom (Sherlock/John and Crowley/Aziraphale, respectively) have parallels, making this a rare case of cross-fandom Ship Mates. It doesn't hurt that both stories take place in Britain.
  • The shows in the DCLAU and Nick Verse since the rise of online fandom are crossed over constantly regardless, as they are all set in the same rough time period and genre (Kid Com) and most people in their target age groups watch multiples of them and thus have the knowledge to use all the characters in cross-overs:
  • InuYasha and YuYu Hakusho, seeing how they both deal with demons, and separation of worlds makes a good explanation of why youkai seemingly no longer exist in the modern era.
  • Warhammer 40,000 and Neon Genesis Evangelion. Hell, Warhammer 40000 has probably been crossed over with pretty much everything by now.
  • Tales of Vesperia and Blazblue. At least according to the author of the fanfic. Though it's in the Tales of section rather than the Crossover section.
  • Powerpuff Girls, Dexter's Laboratory, and Samurai Jack happen in the same world, though this might just be a mythology gag by the creators. Almost all of the shows by Cartoon Network prior to Chowder and Flapjack might qualify with Fusionfall.
  • Nickelodeon plays with this, having the major shows happen across different universes that seem to intersect.
  • Fan-video variant: A lot of people have made fanvids of Trigun to Firefly's theme song.
  • Heroes and LOST get crossed over a lot thanks to their overlapping fanbases and similar styles.
  • Supernatural and LOST get crossed over a lot for some unfathomable reason. Occasionally it's a Doppelgänger Crossover due to Mark Pellegrino and Titus Welliver appearing in both, but that doesn't account for even half of the fic out there.
  • The Loads and Loads of Characters in Touhou means you can get a bunch of obvious crossovers. Or as some say: "Rule Circle 9: If it exists, there is a Touhou version of it".
    • Also, Rule P: If it exists, it has been "ponified" (that is, the characters are drawn as ponies from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic). It overlapped with Rule Circle 9 once.
  • As of late, there have been a ridiculous amount of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic Fan-Art crossed over or mashed up with Frozen. The MLP fandom saw parallels with Elsa's uncontrolled powers nearly causing her to abandon morality and society and Anna's attempt to rescue her from it with the backstory of Celestia and Luna (where Luna's jealousy caused her to attack Celestia and be exiled to the moon) and latched on hard. Elsa is drawn as a Unicorn or Alicorn, while Anna is usually drawn as an Earth Pony.
  • The Buzz/Jessie ship from the Toy Story trilogy inspired a flood of fanart crossovers with the Space Western Firefly.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas and Corpse Bride are often crossed over, for obvious reasons. Interestingly, the events of Nightmare will have happened, despite the fact that the events of Nightmare takes place in 1993, the year the movie came out, and Corpse Bride takes place somewhere in the Victorian Era.
  • Digimon and Pokémon are incredibly common crossover stories, most of the time with each other, but crossovers with other series aren't uncommon.
  • Klonoa gets crossed over with Sonic the Hedgehog quite a lot. This is probably helped by (and possibly due to) the fact that Klonoa looks an awful lot like a Sonic character.
    • However, it doesn't measure up with how often Sonic gets crossed over with Super Mario Bros.. The fact that it happened in canon probably helps, but people were doing it for years beforehand.
  • Silent Hill is one popular resort town.
  • The Mortal Instruments series and Infernal Devices series don't have a huge crossover file yet, but it's steadily building. Considering the fact that Infernal Devices is really just a prequel and many characters are either ancestors of characters in Mortal Instruments or present in both series (such as Magnus Bane and various vampires), it's not surprising.
  • Star Trek/Star Wars crossovers are pretty common; not only are they the two biggest science fiction franchises, but nerds often write them as a side effect of arguments over which side's ships are more powerful.
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians (and The Heroes of Olympus, naturally) as major crossover fuel with: Pokémon and The Kane Chronicles. Of course, the latter is in the same universe.....
  • NCIS and Criminal Minds tend to get crossed over with each other a lot. It even shows with the NCIS crossover page and the Criminal Minds crossover page. (Press "Sort by popularity" on both pages to see what I mean.)
  • Even before the first season wrapped up, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic had already been crossed over a ridiculous amount of times with Doctor Who. Of course, considering its already memetic status and the presence of background pony Doctor Whoof/Whooves, it isn't really that much of a surprise.
    • More strange is the constant crossover fanart with Portal 2, despite only sharing a very minor similarity in the role the moon plays in both series. Wheatley's promise of a pony farm down a pit probably helped too.
    • Crossing Team Fortress 2 with Friendship Is Magic is very popular. Making subtle (and not-so-subtle) pony references is a popular pasttime on the official Team Fortress forums.
      • As well as lambasting the hell out of the person who made the reference.
    • There also appears to be a somewhat baffling overlap with the Halo Fandom which beside Doctor Who seems to be fairly easily the most numerous crossover target in fan fics.
  • Entire Japanesse Humongous Mecha, including every Super Robot and Real Robot show can be in the next installment of professional example of this trope - Super Robot Wars.
  • Super Hero genre in general can work like that - there is incredible amount of fanfictions and professional works crossing characters from Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics and others, that don't even bother with explaining how their worlds meet, just outright puts any superheroes they want into one world - Marvel Comics has even officially said that all of those crossovers with different company properties that imply they're taking place in one world are set on Crossover Earth where they really do coexist. Savage Dragon has also casually walked into crossovers with Hellboy (who is a frequent crossover target for anything dealing with similar themes - he has official crossovers with The Goon and Beasts Of Burden) and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  • The Doctor being an alien, time traveler, psychic, and cross-dimensional traveler with the preferred alias of "John Smith" makes Doctor Who hard to resist for Haruhi Suzumiya crossover fanfic writers.
  • Danny Phantom / Teen Titans crossovers are common amongst the fandom.
  • Crossovers between Code Geass and Mobile Suit Gundam 00 are also common. Perhaps it's because of that Enemy Mine plan that both Lelouch and Celestial Being employ. Namco Bandai made it official with Super Robot Wars Z2.
    • Not to mention Code Geass and Death Note, mostly due to both shows having Villain Protagonists who are Magnificent Bastards, have a following (one's a rebellion, the other's a cult), have powers involving death (not really, but Lelouch's most memorable use with his Geass would be his first command, which was simply "Die!"), and have secret identities.
  • Castle and Bones seem to be crossed over a fair bit. There's also more than a few crossovers with Firefly that tend to suggest some kind of connection between Richard Castle and Malcolm Reynolds (although the sheer amount of Actor Allusions Castle makes to Firefly help this along).
  • Fans of Puella Magi Madoka Magica tend to also like Ume Aoki's other works, Hidamari Sketch, which is more conventionally Moe. Considering what kind of story PMMM is, the adjoining of those two is widely disturbing.
    • Clearly this has been noted by the producers; a commercial for the Puella Magi Madoka Magica Movie appeared in the first episode of the fourth season of the Hidamari Sketch anime, aired early October 2012. This is hardly coincidental, as producers purchase the entire Otaku O'Clock block and has a free rein on what commercials to put on.
  • Devil May Cry and Bayonetta might or might not be canonically in the same world, but as far as fan fiction is concerned, they are. Look for the villains and anti-heroes of every other Action Game the writer likes, but especially God of War and Darksiders.
    • Devil May Cry is also crossed over with Resident Evil a lot, partly because DMC started as a RE game before Capcom decided that the mechanics were too different and made it an independent series.
  • G1 My Little Pony and G1 Transformers are a common mash-up. This actually has a tiny piece of canon support: in the second special, the cavern where Katrina has set up shop holds several statues resembling Soundwave's minion Ravage. There was a never-animated scene for My Little Pony The Movie where Firefly asked Optimus Prime and Shipwreck of G.I. Joe for help.
  • Crossovers between Brave and How to Train Your Dragon are becoming quite popular. Both films have been crossed over with Tangled a lot, and some stories mix all three of them.
  • "Mystery Kids" (occasionally known as "Spook Crew") is a Mega Crossover of various Kid Heroes involved in supernatural adventures. This fan film has the cast set as Dipper, Mabel, Coraline, Wybie, Norman, Neil, Raz, and Lili, but it's not uncommon to see fan art with Dib and Danny Phantom.
  • There's a whole lot of fanart combining Where's Wally? and Carmen Sandiego, what with both centering on individuals who are rather difficult to find.
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Merlin, due to Anthony Head being a major player in both series. Usually it involves Buffy getting transported back to Camelot somehow, but a few other variations exist as well.
  • Animorphs and Maximum Ride. People love to have the Flock meet Tobias, since they're both bird/human.
  • Kingdom Hearts with just about anything, really. It helps that Kingdom Hearts is literally designed for crossovers, considering the entire premise of the game is that the heroes go from one Disney world to another to help fight off outside interference. How much any given fanfic keeps the worlds separate in this fashion varies, especially if there's more than one world involved.
    • With TWEWY characters canonically existing in the KH verse as of 3D and Disney owning both Marvel and the rights to the Star Wars franchise, the possibilities (even without the six degrees principle) are endless.
  • And if they're not crossing their Disney properties with Kingdom Hearts, they'll cross it with Once Upon a Time. For even more fun, the writers have pretty much out and established that it's in the same universe as LOST and TRON. There have also been fanart crossovers with Mass Effect due to the same actor playing Kaiden Alenko and Jiminy Cricket.
  • Highlander lends itself to a lot of crossovers, because it's relatively easy to pick a character from another show and make them an immortal. Especially if they're an orphan. It also frequently crosses with Buffy the Vampire Slayer due to the existence of a Watchers organization in both worlds.
  • You don't have to look far to find Homestuck versions of things; in addition to being very popular, it's easy to whip up a Sburb session for any given fandom, and if you can mimic its distinctive Signature Style then that goes a long way.
  • Because of Inspector Spacetime, Community and Doctor Who fics are getting increasingly common.
  • Crossovers with the Paper Mario series are incredibly common, usually adaptations. Some of the most popular are Edventure Of The Thousand Year Door and the Paper Mario X series.
  • The Sentinel gets crossed with a variety of other series. It makes may be a standard crossover of "The cast of the Sentinel meet X" or the Sentinel/Guide concept may be used for a Fusion Fic.
  • There is a surprisingly large number of fanarts crossing Winnie the Pooh and Calvin and Hobbes.
    • And with Pooh in general, as Pooh's Adventures proves.
  • Seems that Temeraire and Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell are heading this direction. It is actually surprising they aren't already there.
  • American Horror Story's most popular crossover? It's not with The Walking Dead, or True Blood, or Supernatural, or any other horror series, like one would expect. It's with Glee. This is likely due to the fact that both shows were made by the same guy, Ryan Murphy. Quinn/Tate is a particularly common pairing for such crossovers.
  • Thomas the Tank Engine and Tugs tend to cross over a lot, due to having similar subject matter (anthropomorphic vehicles), a similarly realistic setting (apart from the anthropomorphic vehicles) and the same creative team. From Series 3 of Thomas onwards, there was even an element of canon support to this, as models from Tugs were used in Thomas.
  • The Pretty Cure franchise has its fair share of these, often overlapping with Doppelgänger Crossover. The most common seem to be with Tokusatsu shows (in particular Super Sentai and Kamen Rider, since the three shows air in the same block) and with the Gundam franchise. Other popular crossovers are with Sailor Moon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica (as of 2011) and Saint Seiya Omega (as of 2012, especially concerning Heartcatch, since both shows * had Yoshihiko Umakoshi as character designer).
  • Worm is often crossed over with Exalted. (The two universes, despite being very different variations of the fantasy genre, share similar themes.) Or, to quote Ryuugi:
    Imagine a setting in which enormously powerful super-weapons called 'Shards' attach themselves to humans in extraordinary situations, giving them the power to change the world to their will, but painting their emotional highs and lows in broader strokes. The sources of these shards are tremendously powerful superbeings, one of which is a shining golden man.

    What setting am I talking about?
  • Sanctuary and Warehouse13 match up quite well. They have similar but non-conflicting premises, where Sanctuary collects fantasy creatures while Warehouse13 collects fantasy devices, and both of them are private entities secretly supported by governments to contain the Masquerade. They both have flashbacks and important plot events that happened in late 1800s: on Warehouse13 the change from Warehouse 12 to 13 and H. G. Wells backstory, and the vampite blood on Sanctuary and the founding of Sanctuary itself.) There's even a shared Historical-Domain Character, Nikola Tesla, who is still alive on Sanctuary and helped build Warehouse13. Sadly, neither of these properties is very fanficced, and thus crossovers sparse.

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