Funny / Video Games Awesome!

  • During the final episode of their Little Big Planet 2 playthrough, they decide to fight the second boss by throwing Deacon at it.
  • All of Let's Play Ballerina, but especially the ending sequence: "WHAT?!! blaghblaghblaghblaghblagh"
    • From the same episode, solving the ballerina puzzle just in time.
    Kyle: Pit crew! Pit crew!
    Deacon: I'll just watch!
    • Fraser adding "in bed" everything the characters say. It gets raunchier and raunchier until it stops making sense.
  • Our introduction to the Dog "instrument" in Wii Music. They put together a band consisting of a dog suit, a cat suit, a cheerleader, and a guy clapping his hands, and play the Flea Waltz.
    Fraser: This is the worst thing ever made.
  • The gang's collective handfart during Microsoft's E3 2011 press conference.
  • Also during the Microsoft press conference: the ridiculously labored leadup to the not-at-all-worth-it-but-still-somehow-worth-it Harry Potter Parallel Porn Title joke.
    • The title of said porn?: Hairy Twatter and the Messy Swallows.
    • Then Fraser starts giving himself the "raise the roof" gesture while the others chant, "USA! USA!".
  • The gang was looking forward to destroying a 22:1 scale Creeper in the Giant Minecraft challenge. Fraser loads it to the brim with TNT and is talking about how much fun it's going to be to see the destruction, when the dynamite starts to go off.
    • When Fraser is introducing the gang to Minecraft, a Creeper appears around a corner and starts bouncing toward him. Kyle and Deacon start singing Star Trek battle music.
    • Later, they discover Minecraft's Anachronism Stew:
    Fraser: Here's my jukebox.
    Kyle: Nice. Wait...what?
    • After moving to their new Minecraft server, Fraser decides to forgo his godlike admin powers for a while, and the rest of the gang trolls him relentlessly as he relearns the game as a mere mortal.
    • The sheer number of times they changed their server seed, only to end up getting the same swamp/forest mix... until they used the words 'Minecraft AWESOME!' as their seed, getting a multi-biome-laden, river valley area!
    • Pretty much any time Deacon places glass in the survival videos.
      • Fraser climbing to the top of a ravine, only to be knocked back in by a zombie.
    • Near the end of the Expedition video's first part, Fraser says they don't have to worry about zombies, because they have "a whole team of people who'll do our bidding upon request". Ben's response?
    Ben: Everybody get naked!
  • From Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare: "Is that a deer? Zombie deer. It's a goat. Zombie goat. (like a goat) Braaains!"
  • While discussing how they pronounce video game character names incorrectly due to a lack of Internet, Deacon then says he thought Psy-Crow was pronounced "Pissy-crow".
  • During the 2010 E3 Kinect presentation, the guys imagine that when the man tells the Xbox to "go home", it grows legs and walks away.
  • Playing L.A. Noire, Fraser runs over a woman, then investigates his own crime scene and announces he'll catch the one responsible.
  • Part 5 of the Deus Ex: Human Revolution episode, when Fraser asked the live chat to suggest ridiculous show names for the extended afternoon playthroughs, and they delivered in spades.
    • During the title sequence, Ben and Fraser joke that the surgeons removed Adam's penis and augmented it onto a hibiscus. The chatroom tells them they've ruined one of the best title sequences in years.
  • The finale of the Team Fortress 2 Exhibition Game, where the players become two huge teams of medics constantly calling for each other and crouching.
    • Then, when they get tired of that, they all switch to Spy Crab. And call for Medics.
  • They find a Scout cosplayer at PAX, who gets halfway through a character quote:
    Scout: I'm kind of a big deal around here, alright? I...Wait a minute, you're Fraser from...
    Fraser: Yeah, I am.
    Scout: HOLY SHIT!
  • Their Super Smash Bros. Brawl playthrough is hilarious if you enjoy watching Fraser act like a sore loser throughout the entire ordeal, getting progressively grumpier as they continue playing.
    • One hilarious moment of Epic Fail stands out: Deacon respawns after dying, does an attack... and immediately falls in a hole, ending the match. Deacon's reaction was priceless, as he almost fell over the sofa laughing.
    • The playthrough ended with some epic trolling by Deacon and Ben, as they spent almost the entirety of their last match breakdancing as Pikachu, only defending themselves when Fraser and Becky approached them.
      • Donkey's taunt, in which he shakes his head, shrugs his shoulders, and has a "Am I Rite?" look on his face. This was when everyone could tell that Fraser's patience was wearing thin, and Ben only made it worse. Needless to say, it was hysterical.
    • Ben dancing along to King Dedede's Final Smash.
  • In The Binding of Isaac playthrough, the team and the chat share some painful memories (often from childhood) including:
  • The expansion pack forThe Binding of Isaac, Wrath of Lamb, gives some good ones as well.
    • Deacon hiding from his friends and family for hours in his first time playing Hide and Seek
    • Deacon crapping his pants,then having a schoolmate, a teacher, and a janitor talk to him while in the boy's restroom.
  • During the 5th anniversary special, the guys discuss the episode of Home Improvement in which Jill gets a hysterectomy. They all start doing Tim Allen impressions:
    Fraser: That means they're going to take your uterus? Arr arr arr!
    Kyle: Can we just put a new one in with more horsepower? Arr arr arr!
    Deacon: We're going to make a man's vagina today! Arr arr arr!
  • The creation of "Tiger Lilly" in the Saints Row: The Third Initiation Station. Oh dear god.
  • Upon reaching one of Zsasz's ringing phones in Batman: Arkham City, we find that Vicki Vale was standing right next to it.
    Fraser: You could have got that!
  • In VVVVVV, Fraser encounters white lines that flip his character's orientation. He doesn't notice them, and assumes his controller is broken, shaking it in a vain attempt to fix it. Ben and the chat tease him for the rest of the night over this. Even Becky gets in some digs.
    • Fraser's frustration with the game's difficulty became increasingly funnier. At the "...Not As I Do" screen, one death made him flail around while making a noise that was equal parts dry heaving and orgasm.
    Becky: I've never heard that before!
  • In The Room: The Game, the character of Johnny is often seen naked, as showering and getting dressed are essential parts of the experience. At one point, Becky put her hand over the game screen so it looked like she was, um, "touching" Johnny's butt with her finger, and then she proceeded to stick said finger in Fraser's face. His look of utter disgust and disbelief was priceless.
  • In Heavy Rain, the gang playing the prologue. Seriously, all of it.
    • When going to talk to Kramer, they decide to watch the cartoon playing on the television. When they finally talk to the man, he says "Wait, this is my favourite part." At the credits.
    • Also, the group was so caught up in the weird cartoon, they failed to notice the two women making out on the couch right in front of them. Watching the chat trying to get them to notice is hilarious.
    • "My glasses! Don't step on them, they're worth more than your life!"
    • Becky's first aid suggestions during the Lizard Trial: "Hold it up! Put pressure on it!"
    • The "corpse-fucking" conversation. All of it.
  • Ben's single-word thought processes in Limbo.
    • Also, his reckless falling into traps.
    Fraser: Well, the protagonist seems so fragile that you don't want him to get hurt.
    Ben gets caught in a trap immediately afterwards. He and Deacon go "ooooh".
    Fraser: See, I was...maybe you're in a different mood than I was, because as soon as I saw that, I stopped.
    Ben gets caught again.
    • In a later playthrough, Fraser, Ben, and the chat start tossing around ideas for a Darker and Edgier remake of Home Alone called "Homicide Alone", where Kevin is left at home on purpose by neglectful parents and gradually goes insane until he brutally kills some pedophiles that break into his home... starring Sylvester Stallone as Kevin.
  • In Rochard, Fraser yelling MLG!!!!! after pulling off a cool trick...and promptly being shot to death shortly afterwards.
  • In EarthBound: "Hug". Oh, dyslexia...
    • In part 17 of the same playthrough, Fraser is low on health and has to run into a house in order to get away from a pair of cultists who were going to attack him, only to find out that the house was filled with dozens of them.
  • Fraser and Ben's mutual misunderstanding of how their own "coin toss" works in Mario Party 2.
    • Fraser tries to help Becky by explaining the rules of a Duel minigame. The problem is that he explains the rules of a completely different Duel minigame, even though the correct rules are visible on the screen. This causes Becky to lose due to the ensuing confusion. Fraser's rather meek apology afterwards to a pissed-off Becky is the icing on the cake.
      • And during the little cinematic where Mario and Bowser have a shoot-out, Becky says "Yeah, you push all the buttons they tell you to."
    • Their first time playing Sneak 'n' Snore. They all get eliminated in the first round.
    • In Space Land, there's the gang's growing frustration at constantly being pushed back by the speeders, to the point where they eventually start yelling at the chat for requesting that board.
    • Fraser unknowingly thinking he entered practice mode in a minigame. Only after the minigame is over do the rest of the gang realize the mistake, with Fraser still in the dark due to him concentrating on the livestream chat. Fraser's ensuing reaction once the rest of the gang tells him is priceless.
      • And during 4, the opposite happens. The gang plays a 2 versus 2 minigame and Fraser manages to win despite being paired up with Deacon. Then they realize it was just practice. Fraser's reaction is exactly the same.
    • Fraser sets a speed trap which causes him, Becky and Kyle to all get chased into the path of Bowser's laser beam. Fraser then rolls a dice roll that causes him to pass the space that sets the laser off, letting both Kyle and Becky get zapped by it and lose ALL of their coins. The resulting highlights are Kyle screaming at the top of his lungs, Becky just sitting there in shock repeating "Wow, Fraser..." over and over, and Ben proudly calling Fraser a dick, leaving a very meek and astonished Fraser once again apologizing to everyone.
    • Ben is one space away from a star when the gang ends up in a battle minigame. Fraser is desperate to keep Ben from winning so he won't have enough coins for the star and cheers when Becky beats him in the final round...only to discover that second place still gives him enough. The only thing better than Fraser's screams of rage is Ben's trolling of him afterwards.
    Ben: Cry for me! Cry for me so I can lick it up!
  • In Mario Party 4, Ben's ridiculous luck during Koopa's Seaside Soiree can't NOT be funny after so long. It starts with him winning 100 Coins at the lottery shop on the third turn without him realizing it, and just goes uphill from there.
    Deacon: [as Koopa Kabana manager] I'm sorry, I can't penalize you right now.
    Ben: You're just too lucky.
    Deacon: You're just too lucky. Keep your coins, have some more!
    Ben: Have a star!
    Kyle: Win the game, here you go!
    Fraser: Congratulations, you went on the Win The Game space!
    Ben: It's a one-in-one-thousand chance. You're just that lucky!
    • Especially compared to Kyle's horrendous luck on the same board.
    • During Boo's Haunted Bash, there's Deacon using a warp pipe to switch places with Kyle...who's one space ahead of him.
    • At the end of Goomba's Greedy Gala, Ben stealing one of Fraser's stars just to keep him from winning. Naturally, Fraser is the only one that cares and the endgame consists of him grumbling about it while the others dance merrily behind him.
    Fraser: Ben's trying to act like the bigger man.
    Ben: I don't have to act. That's the thing.
  • From the Rhythm Heaven Fever playthrough: "BA BUM BUM BUM!"
    Fraser: STOP IT!!
  • Virtually the entirety of their Golden Tee playthrough. Special mention goes to an instance where Fraser hits a tree and ends up putting the ball behind where he started, only to have Ben do the exact same thing mere seconds later.
    Fraser: Oh, that's a bad miss.
  • Learning with the PooYoos:
    • Ben dancing along with the PooYoos must be seen to be believed.
  • While exploring the Deep Woods in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Fraser is attacked by bees and tries getting rid of them by shooting down their nest. To quote Ben, "Haven't you seen My Girl?"
    Fraser: Macauley Culkin shoots down the bees and walks across the tightrope, right?
    Ben: That's how you want to remember My Girl!
    • Fraser doesn't even try to pronounce "Lanayru" and instead calls it "Lampshade."
    • In part 105, Fraser accidentally dumps the sacred water he needed to deliver to the water dragon, Faron. His reaction is pure gold and at one point, he places the blame on Link.
    Fraser: I was getting worried that- OHH WHAT!?
    Ben: HOLY SHIT!
    Becky: What the fuck just happened?
    Fraser: I DUMPED OUT THE GODDDAMN WATER! MOTHERFUCKER! WHAT THE FUCK!? Link, you are one dumb shit!
    • In the finale, Fraser's fighting against hordes of enemies...when Link picks up a monster horn in the middle of the skirmish.
  • From the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney playthrough: "Mmm... Bukkake?!"
    Cabbagesandkings: Beautiful, like the voice of a thousand boys going through puberty.
    • Even better is that the Chat crashes towards the end. Repeat: it was so bad that it killed the Chat.
    Fraser: "Pieces of cloth shall not be cloth that is... important to later."
  • During the Mass Effect playthrough Fraser fake yawns as a joke, which halfway through became a real yawn, making Becky, Ben and the whole chat, including one chat member's dog, yawn for several minutes.
    Ben: This is fucked up.
    • The tangent about why the Council can't track Keepers that have stolen parts of Sovereign in Mass Effect 2. According to the gang, it's because they like taking off the camera on them, sticking it up their behinds, and then do a creepy "laugh".
  • Fraser.wmv. Even better in that the mods took the pictures, out of context, from his Flickr account.
  • The live Wii Party episode could probably be considered a Crowning Episode of Funny for the sheer amount of trolling and frage that goes on.
    • First we have the "rope" mini game, in which each player has to swing on a rope and then let go at just the right time to fly as far as possible. Fraser starts off, going a measly 10 yards ("You went really high though.") and Ben lets go at what seems to be the worst possible moment (as his Mii is facing down rather than forward) and his Mii splats into the ground 3 yards BEHIND the rope. Kyle manages to fly a good 77 yards. Then Deacon lets go at the highest point possible, sending his Mii into SPACE and landing 6 YARDS BEHIND the rope. Fraser's reaction is priceless.
    • Then we have pretty much the entirety of the Buddy Quiz saga, starting here. In the Buddy Quiz game, three players have to guess how the fourth player, the buddy, would answer a certain question (e.g. "Which location is more beautiful?"). Whoever guesses correctly wins points, and whoever gets the most points is deemed the best buddy of the... buddy. Needless to say, many friendships and relationships are ruined.
    Fraser: [singing in an irritated voice] BEST FRIENDS ARE BETTER THAN BOYFRIENDS...
    Kyle: I like that song.
    • Then there's Word Bomb, where Fraser abuses how a player can press '2' to pass the bomb back to the previous player. This is meant so that the players have to actually think of a word instead of just saying nothing or repeating a word and passing it on, but Fraser uses it to force it to explode on Deacon by saying his words (which clearly fit the category) aren't good enough.
  • During Datura, Fraser finds a pig in the first area. After groping a statue and feeling up a white tree, he feels the need to spank the pig's behind. He spends several minutes trying, but to no avail.
    Fraser: This is hell! I'm in hell! ...A pig's ass that you can't slap?
  • From the Show and Trailer Ketchup: "RIIICOOOOLAAA!"
  • From the E3 2012 Extravaganza: Deciding to dub over a trailer showing a family playing the Wii U and the grandma failing miserably.
    Fraser: "Oh my God! Have you EVER played a video game before in your life!"
    Ben: "Jesus Christ Grandma you've ruined everything for us!"
    Kyle: (in an old woman voice) "What video game am I playing? The TV or the computer?"
  • In Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games, Kyle whacks Fraser over the head with the Wii Remote when overdoing a volley in volleyball. Best part is, Fraser still blocks the shot.
    • The gang's extreme excitement at finally unlocking the horse hat after being teased by it multiple times. This is followed by Fraser entering the equestrian event while dressed as a horse and clumsily slamming through every obstacle on the course... set to City Escape. Said event can be seen here in full glory.
  • In part 31 of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, during a battle with Shadow Link, he turns himself into Red Link and no one, not even Ben, notices for a good 10 seconds.
    Fraser: (when he finally notices) "That Red Link's a Spy!
    • In part 46, the gang fights a boss that Fraser has to go inside of to defeat. Since the inside is on the GBA screen, Fraser decides to take away the chat so they can see it...except that the chat was already gone and he instead brought it back. Fraser then continues fighting a boss no one else can see, completely oblivious to the chat screaming at him.
    • The second fight against Phantom Ganon consists mainly of them trying to work together and hit the boss's orbs back at him, swarming like vultures when one of them goes down, then going back to working together.
    • The last five minutes of the finale. Following his Humiliation Conga (or continuing it), Deacon slumps lower and lower in his seat and accidentally unplugs his GBA, causing the game to return to the main menu right before the results of the final level are revealed. Without saving. Ben completely loses it, Becky hyperventilates, Fraser goes into Heroic B.S.O.D., and Deacon gets up, drops of his mic, and walks away. Fraser puts it in the Hall of Fame of Deacondom... once he can finally talk again, of course.
    Fraser: No, it's not finished. [broken laugh] It's not finished!
  • The first time Fraser encounters a minstrel in the Assassin's Creed II playthrough. The timing on his shove was absolutely perfect.
    • During the same play through, during an assassination, they manage to knock a target off of a storm drain he was going to climb up, and then climb up ahead of him. The target still climbs up, allowing Fraser to kill him on the roof.
  • The series of inaccurate George Washington quotes while watching the Assassin's Creed III trailer during E3 2012.
    Fraser: "Four score and seven..."
    Deacon: "Let my people go!"
    Kyle: "I have a dream!"
    Fraser: "I am the last one!"
  • Basically, any time Aquaman (or his actor, EnterMEUN) appears during a Minecraft episode is going to be this by default.
  • In the Halo 4 multiplayer episode, the entire gang dress up as "bros". This includes Becky, who stuffs an enormous bulge into her pants (which she repeatedly rubs furiously) and starts to draw a mustache on her face with marker midway through the episode that soon evolves into an immense beard. The chat quickly dubbed her "Broky" and turned "him" into a Memetic Badass.
  • In Epic Mickey 2, it's both hilarious and embarrassing how Fraser gets stuck at the pump scene and repeatedly failing to pass such a relatively simple stage all because he refused to stop and think.
  • Pretty much the entire second half of New Super Mario Bros. U is this:
  • When they're setting up their Wii U, their first username (Farsharzard) is rejected for being offensive. When they need to pick a password, they, prompted by the chat, make fun of this.
    Your password contains a swear word! Somebody might hack you and then be offended!
  • In their first Mass Effect 3 episode, they spend the first half of the episode mocking James, thinking he's going to be another Kaidan/Jacob but then immediately change their minds when he crashes a shuttle to prevent a Cerberus scientist from escaping.
    Ben: Doesn't take much to win us over.
    • Also, their first visit to the Citadel and Fraser's enthusiasm to punch the first reporter he sees: Diana Allers.
    Space Duck: I don't have the greatest track record with reporters.
    Fraser: I'm gonna punch ya.
    • And then he agrees to hire Diana, despite the chat's pleas not to, just so that he can have a punching bag on board the Normandy.
  • Early on while playing Far Cry 3 Fraser attempts to skin some goats. This winds up causing two komodo dragons to notice him and start attacking... which in turn draws the attention of a band of mercenaries out for his blood... which in turn brings about a leopard that finally finishes him off. Both the gang and the chat's reactions are pure gold.
    Fraser: Fuck this island! FUCK THIS ISLAND!
    Ben: When animals attack!
    Fraser: I just wanted to skin a couple goats!
  • During their playthrough of The Cave, Ben mentions how the cave is ominous, but pronounces the word wrong. Later, the narrator mentions how ominous events are becoming and stops to try and pronounce ominous right before giving up. This causes Fraser to say, "The Cave's as stupid as Ben!"
  • In the Driveclub segment of their PlayStation 4 show, the gang talking about Deacon's unusual driving habits.
    Fraser: My favorite part about being in the car with you is just, like, watching you change lanes and then watching you change back, even though there's nobody on the street, nobody around...
    Becky: Gotta keep it interesting!
    Ben: He's gonna fall asleep if he doesn't do something!
    Deacon: You gotta keep your mind active!
    Kyle: Gotta change it up.
  • From Phoenix Wright: Justice For All:
    • Fraser reenacting the absurdity of the Case 3 crime scene.
    • Fraser reacting to Mia-possessed pearl for the first time, realizing that it's an 8 year old girl with huge tits, staring down at his pants and screaming for his penis to stop getting hard, failing and letting out a Big "NO!".
    • Fraser finds a way to make Acro's birds even more annoying while they're pecking at your face.
    Fraser: "Seed bell! Ding ding! Seed bell! Dong dong!"
    Fraser and Ben: Objection!
    Becky: Objectify women and men!
  • During their Tomb Raider (2013) playthrough...
    Frasher: Lara Croft. The eyes of an eagle, the legs of a gazelle, the teeth...of...
    Becky: A giant rat?
    Frasher: A giant rat!
    Frasher: I didn't know I could!
    • The same animation returns during the parachute trip, which Fraser is initially unsuccessful at. Ben says to "go where the trees aren't," takes up the controller himself...and gets Lara skewered on the first branch he encounters.
    • The bottle incident. Just as Frasher cuts to a commercial, he notices that a bottle is inexplicably moving. The gang quickly grows attached to it, hoping that it can make it past a bridge. When it can't, they immediately Mercy Kill it, because it's "what he would have wanted."
    Ben: I'm just gonna be disappointed with every bottle I see now.
    Frasher: You're not half the man Bottle-ly was!
    Thug!Frasher: You killed Old Jim?! He was your only friend.
    (Becky and Ben burst into hysterics)
    Thug!Frasher: We have been getting away with a lot of plots lately...
  • In Ni no Kuni, a young boy named Oliver goes on a magic-filled adventure to bring his mother back to life, using said magic to restore positive emotions in people. In the normal story. The VGA gang turn it into Oliver's descent to psychopathic insanity following his mother's death.
    Ben: And you don't have a go-cart anymore.
    Fraser: Your go-cart is at the bottom of a river. Aww, this is is shitty day!
  • The gang's discussion of how many muscles it takes to raise an eyebrow, smile, frown, and take a shit during their playthrough of Rabbids Land.
    • Doubles as a Crowning Moment of Awesome for Deacon, as it's one of the few times he gets Fraser to laugh openly and unreservedly at one of his jokes (twice!).
  • When Brentalfloss makes a special guest appearance, he asks the chat for tips during the luck-based Bowser's Big Blast. Even better, they're actually right about which lever to press. Twice.
  • Fraser's Kill 'em All attitude towards the citizens of Columbia in Bioshock Infinite.
    • Ben's Comstock costume.
    • Fraser attributing the bloody handprint on the wall to rampant masturbation on the part of the lighthouse keeper... and Becky's reaction.
    • The trio immediately noticing the cuffs hidden under the armrests of the "fancy chair," and then getting sidetracked about how you logically wouldn't put your hands on the armrests of a chair as soon as you sat down in it. Then, when Booker finally sits down...
    Booker: (suddenly trapped) What the hell?
    • The old-timey narration voice Fraser uses for the Kinetoscope films.
    • Fraser getting fascinated by the airship-based barbershop quartet singing "God Only Knows," and trying to get a closer look by jumping onto the railing, only to miss it completely miss it and fall to his death... three times.
    Oh you guys are my favourite - AAAAAARGH! More effective than bouncers, I guess.
    • "What's that sound?" (Turret opens fire, killing him instantly)
    • The speculation on the porn that will be made about the Lutece twins, complete with the standard porn lines being delivered in the Luteces' signature monotone and Spock Speak: "You've entered me." "Yes I have. This is how we copulate."
    • Fraser's reaction to Elizabeth being Booker's daughter is to scream at his crotch and wish he could go back in time to erase his erections caused by her away.
    • Fraser's attitude towards the ending in general is pretty funny. When the characters end up in Rapture, he feebly protests that he's in the wrong game. When confronted with the multiverse, he demands to be taken to a Bioshock game that has dinosaurs and ninjas.
    • Whenever the gang unintentionally foreshadows the ending. Special mention goes to having Booker impersonate Comstock over the PA system.
  • Pretty much everything that happens during the playthrough of Injustice: Gods Among Us.
    • Before the game even starts, we have Fraser in a Catwoman outfit putting on lipstick.
    • The way Fraser keeps getting distracted during fight sequences. During one match, the others finally have to point out that he's losing.
    • Fraser gets so fed up with the Wii U controls during the minigames that he decides to ignore them, leading to the amusing sight of him taking his hands off the controller and laughing maniacally while watching Bane pump lead into Wonder Woman.
    • The crown jewel of the evening, however, has to be the guys' constant, merciless riffing of Green Lantern and Aquaman.
  • Xbox, GO HOME!
  • Fraser applying Godwin's Law to Tom Nook, and Ben's declaration that he'll do the same with his future children.
  • Early on in Max Payne 3, Fraser is currently shooting it out with some thugs and has Max do one of his trademark bullet-time dives immediately after making a Badass Boast... right off the top of a building to his death. And then on his next try he winds up doing it again.
  • During The Last of Us
    • At the end of the first part, when the family's car winds up in a crash...
    Fraser: Oh FUCK it always happens!
    • Later on, the father carries his daughter, who has a broken leg, through the chaos and gives their gun to his brother to cover them. Fraser jokes, saying that if he gives their gun to Ben and asks him to keep them safe, he'd better fucking keep them safe while Becky carries him.
    • When Fraser and the gang start referring to the infected humans as "zombies", the chat is quick to remind them that the infected are not zombies, as they aren't actually undead. Fraser then insists on calling them zombies for the rest of the game.
    • When Fraser comes across a dead body in the game, he engages in a discussion with Ben about the difference in performing necrophilia between men and women, causing Becky to become heavily squicked out and she tries to shut them both up.
  • The clusterfuck that is Wendy's Castle in New Super Luigi U, which combined probably takes them more tries than any other level in the game and leads to the only game over in the entire episode.
  • "Buh-whaaat?! URETHRA?!! brbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbrb" (from a playing of Animal Crossing, of all things)
  • For their playthrough of DuckTales Remastered, the group once again wears well-designed, reasonably accurate outfits designed by Becky. In this case, it means they aren't wearing pants.
    • The main theme, Ouch Remix. And it just gets sillier once they get back to the vault.
  • During the Googly Eyes portion of Kinect Fun Labs, Fraser scanned his own face. The chat was very disturbed at first, but Becky (and half the chat) were literally falling over laughing when she got the eyes to spawn almost perfectly over his and then didn't even bother trying to imitate his voice to record the skit.
  • The crew is not charmed by the antics of the younger brother in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and predict that he'll kick an old gardener into his own rose bushes. Their reactions when he actually does this are priceless.
  • Towards the end of the San Andreas portion of the Grand Theft AWESOME! Retrospective, the group discovers that the Flying Cars cheat works better in that game than it did in III and Vice City. Ben, Deacon, and Kyle then proceed to burst into an impromptu rendition of "A Whole New World", in the middle of which Fraser decides to go off on his own musical tangent while Becky gives the camera this "What's happening?" look. And then Deacon deactivates the cheat, causing the car to crash land square in the middle of a pool. It has to be seen to be believed.
    Deacon: FUCKING YOLO!!
  • A chain of funny moments in Grand Theft Auto V: first Fraser beating up a prostitute he just had sex with and then running her over, then an ambulance repeatedly does donuts in the middle of the highway, and finally, after Fraser accidentally rear-ends the same ambulance, the driver gets out and pulls Fraser out of his own car, intent on kicking his ass. Said driver then proceeds to take himself out on Fraser's car door.
    Kyle: Doggy!
    Deacon: Noooo! He's coming right for you!
    *insane screaming*
    Ben: He's going to kill you!
    Fraser: What the fuck?!
  • Their Grand Theft Auto Online episode starts out as a bunch of bored waiting...until they meet Kyle (no relation), an 11 year-old boy who starts talking with them via a Xbox Live. After several episodes of Fraser complaining about kids playing GTA, he winds up chatting with one, and his reaction is priceless.
    • And let's not forget Fraser's Cluster F-Bomb immediately beforehand when he hears another person's kid in the background while stuck in the 360 lobby.
    Fraser: I can hear somebody's fucking kid right now.
    Becky: Hey, you just swore.
    Fraser: I don't give a fuck!
    Ben: Dude!
    Fraser: He shouldn't be playing fucking GTA in front of his fucking kid!
    Ben: That's not nice. You should stop it, right now.
    Fraser: There's swearing in this game, you little fuck! Get out of the room!
    Ben: That's horrible. Horrible.
    Becky: *Beat* That kid's crying now.
    Fraser: "Mom, Fraser called me an asshole!"
  • As part of a Show and Trailer, Fraser shows a (censored) Rule 34 parody of Rhythm Heaven Fever. The crew (especially Deacon)reacts accordingly.
  • Throughout Pokémon X is AWESOME!, the gang had been doing parodies of the Who's That Pokémon? segments after coming back from commercial break by bringing them back into frame blacked out before Fraser reveals who it is. After the show ends, Ben is heard snickering off camera for a few minutes before they are brought back in black out again. Who's the Pokémon this time? None other than Farshasaur, which is nothing more than Fraser stripped down to his underwear and saying his name over and over. Cue the chat freaking out as the gang exits laughing.
  • In an episode of You Don't Know Jack, Deacon ends up playing a Dis or Dat? with the two choices being "a book by Benjamin Franklin" or "an album by Bill Cosby". The last statement is "Bill Cosby is a Very Funny Fellow Right!"... and Deacon picks Ben Franklin. The rest of the gang's reactions are priceless.
    • Another episode of You Don't Know Jack has Becky screwing Fraser on a question which he answers confidently— and then he blurts out the right answer after he's shown to be incorrect, and Becky, Kyle, and Deacon immediately capitalize on it.
    Fraser: OH, SHOOT, IT'S RESIN-- Oh, shoot, I just gave everybody the answer!
    Fraser: I'm retiring from You Don't Know Jack, undefeated.
  • During Assassin's Creed I, we have a lengthy conversation between Fraser, Becky, and Ben about what kind of animals are the most likely to rape each other which culminates in a discussion about the dangers of being raped by a frog or a dolphin, made all the juicier by the chat's weirded out reactions the entire time.
  • In Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations, Episode 5: Fraser and Becky's reactions upon confirming that Oldbag is in the game. While Becky just looks sad/scared, Fraser... well, if there's a way to mix dread, Angrish, and frustration, Fraser just found it.
    • The Running Gag of Larry Butz being a pedophile and Fraser adding appropriate lyrics to his theme song.
    • In Episode 6, a Funny Background Event occurs in the chat: As Becky and Fraser play the game, this suddenly floats into the Chat:"The room is now free to all chatters." Cue all of the Turbos freaking out and ducking for cover as the Shadow Chat floods in. One of the Shadows even manages to get a line in before the chat gets locked down again. Kassi 119 said it best.
      Kassi 119: Number one way to scare Turbo chat apparently lol
    • During the final case, Fraser gets so frustrated with the direction the case takes that he snaps and gives all the characters the wrong voice, such as making Franziska sound like professional wrestler Randy Savage, Edgeworth sound like Max Galactica and the Canadian judge sound like Adam West.
  • During the Wind Waker playthrough, Fraser and Becky encounter a group of burr-like enemies that stick to Link. Fraser names one "Daryl Burrnard" (with the chat's help) and decides to keep him around for the rest of the dungeon, even naming the next part "Daryl's Tale". Not even two minutes into that part, Fraser tries to do a spin attack and accidentally murders him.
    • Fraser taking selfies with the Helmaroc King in Episode 5.
  • Early in the Thief episode, Fraser suddenly has Garret walk right over to a group of people on the street, causing them to see him and thus the mission to fail. Becky scolds him and his response is that he thought they might have been friendly.
    • Fraser throwing around the unconscious guard's body and disappointment in the lack of air his throws are getting. The guard is then dropped over a stair rail, seemingly by accident.
  • During Trials and Tribulations Fraser starts mixing up Furio Tigre's last name (either as Tigre or Tee-ger) and the word Tiger. It's so small, but so funny.
    • Also when an Ace Attorney character shows up after not being used for a long time and everything pauses as they try to remember what voice Fraser used.
    • At once point Fraser read Phoenix's thought in the Judge's voice, and then declared he thinks Phoenix should think in the Judge's voice.
  • The first twenty minutes of the Super Smash Bros Wii U video are dedicated to Becky, who painted herself white to be the Wii Fit Trainer, having forgotten to paint her ears and Fraser fixing it.
  • The Jackbox Party Pack episode is stuffed with these:
    • During Drawful, nobody could figure out what one of Becky's drawings was supposed to be. When the answer "key party" comes up, Becky discovers she misread it as "keg party". It then comes back as a Brick Joke in Fibbage, courtesy of Fraser... and Becky (inadvertently) falls for it again.
      • And during the very next round of Drawful, the same happens to Deacon, where he misread "giant fish in a porthole" as "giant fish in a portal".
    • Fraser's continued frustration when the rest of the group doesn't go with his answers in Drawful and Fibbage, culminating in this astute observation:
    Fraser: My "Strip Club" answer ranked the same as "cemetery" spelled wrongnote  and the word "fuck"!
    • When Fraser complains that he'd be better at the game if everyone "was smart enough to get [his] genius", Becky very casually flips the bird at him without taking her eyes off the TV.
    • Everyone's reaction during Fibbage when they discover what they use in Dongyang, China to cook eggs in.
    Becky: (stares into the camera wide-eyed)
    Ben: (stares at the screen, slack-jawed)
    • Deacon's increasingly louder reactions to the revelation that him, Kyle, Ben, and Fraser all made up the same answer for a question in Fibbage.
    • In the final round of Drawful, in response to Kyle's drawing of "boyband", "special olympics" shows up as an answer twice: once spelled correctlynote , and once spelled "olimpics"note . The entire gang loses it, and Frash even gives Ben a pity vote.
  • When creating the Inquisition!Duck, Fraser slowly turns from making the most demonic looking, horrifying evil Duck he can imagine... to a Wide-Eyed Idealist who seems to have no idea what a Gonk she is. Fraser is amazed how much he adores playing full Paragon with "Lucifeather."
    Fraser as Duck:' ear diary: today I made my first friend...
  • During the May 2015 Show and Trailer Fraser mentions that they'll play Kingdom Hearts if they hit their $3000 goal mark on Patreon although he notes that they will "probably not hit that goal". They hit that goal 2 days after that message was announced. Also doubles as an Awesome moment for the fans.
  • Super Mario Maker + amiibo + VGA = split sides.
  • When playing Bomb Corp in The Jackbox Party Pack 2, they get to the first filing segment and fail immediately, despite seemingly following the instructions to the letter. In the confusion, it turns out that Becky read the names wrong and thus reported the wrong letters to the guys. Becky's lame attempt to sidestep her mistake is comedy gold.
    • A bit later, Fraser remarks that he doesn't want to be a part of this game, fearing that it'll make everyone mad at each other. Then Becky cuts the wrong wire, and Hilarity Ensues:
    • In Bidiots, Fraser screws Becky, making her bid on what appears to be a low-valued picture... and then makes the next bid himself. Then, to rub salt in the wound, Deacon screws Frash for good measure. The entire debacle costs Frash to the tune of 600 big ones, while Fraser claims that he's just "peacocking".
    • In Fibbage 2, Becky tries to help by telling the other players how much time they have left... unfortunately, an atomic clock Becky is not.
      Becky: Three... two... one... zero... minus one... minus two... minus three...
    • In Fibbage 2, Ben picks Fraser's lie four times in a row.
    • Then there's the group's horror to discover that there's a Salvador Dali painting titled "Hitler Masturbating".
    • In Quiplash XL, they get two essentially identical answers for the prompt "Name a new movie starring a talking goat who is president of the United States". Even better is when the Chat vote is revealed to be split exactly down the middle. What seals it is the Brick Joke from the chat moments later.
    Fraser: It's a Cis Gender Day miracle!
  • When the Skeleton Brothers are introduced in Undertale, Fraser immediately starts voicing Sans as Shaggy and Papyrus as a mix between Lemongrab and Mark Hamill's Joker. Chat continuously notes that it must be difficult.
  • In their Christmas Quiplash special, the final prompt of their first game is "A polite way to say 'booger'." The results are four standard answers... and, out of nowhere, "Ben took my answer". It wins by a landslide, but what sells it is Fraser's reaction, especially since he sunk all three of his votes into it thinking it would lose; instead, it helps give Deacon the victory.
    Ben: That was real dumb, Farshar.
  • The entirety of their Gang Beasts run- as seen here, is nothing but hilarious highlights; every knockout is funny, all the accidental deaths are side splitting, each suicide death is a riot, and Becky doing a complete 180 from supporting Fraser to cursing him to high hell when he singles her out is priceless.
  • While Drawful 2 is pretty much a riot from the very beginning, it gets kicked up to a whole new level once the group realizes they can use their own prompts. As one might expect, the game pretty much derails at this point, culminating in this proud moment.
    one of the chat members: I feel like the show has reached critical mass! it's collapsing in on itself!
  • Their entire playthrough of ''Overcooked'', particularly the second kitchen run in the middle of a street; it gets so ridiculous Fraser loses all composure and just drops his controller for a moment unable to do anything but laugh. Then in the third kitchen...they set a quarter of their stations on fire.
    • That particular game was so popular that, as per fan request, they played through the Christmas DLC. It's every bit as hilarious as the first run. Special mention goes to level 6, in which Deacon, who had already been little more than The Load up to that point, goes completely Off the Rails, causing Fraser to chastise him throughout the level like an increasingly irritated father... only for Fraser himself to set half the kitchen on fire.
    • Episode 3 is made even funnier by the inactive player reading excerpts from Paula Deen's book It Ain't All About the Cookin'. It gets... interesting.
    Deacon: (reading) "This would not be the occasion to serve my famous 'beer in the rear' chicken..."
    Ben and Kyle: Beer in the rear?!
    Fraser: What?!
    Deacon: "...which is yummy, but because it calls for a whole can of beer inserted into the chicken's butt, it's not exactly grand."
    Fraser: You are a terrible woman.
  • Fakin' It in its entirety. The best is saved for the very last, when Deacon challenges Ben to quote íThree Amigos! (something he claims to do all the time). Ben's response?
    Ben: It's the fuckin'...
    *the rest of the group explodes in laughter*
    Deacon: It's the fuckin' Three Amigos over here!
  • Upon seeing meeting the Baker family of cannibals in Resident Evil 7: biohazard and seeing Jack Baker cut off Lucas Baker's hand: