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Heartwarming: Video Games Awesome!
  • This tribute to the gang.
  • The "Goodbye Ben" episode.
  • In the Call of Duty: Black Ops playthrough, Fraser addresses the "rivalry" between him and Deacon, saying that he wouldn't have Deacon on the show if he didn't like him.
  • The entire gang cheering for Deacon as he manages to barely defeat the final boss of Turtles in Time after everyone else had died.
  • In one vlog, Fraser at one point says rather excitedly: "I have my best friends in the world with me, life is awesome" or something to that affect. It was quite Heart warming.
  • Fraser chose to stay home alone for Christmas 2011 and work on the show because, as he put it, "I care about the show too much. I care about these people [indicating the chat] too much."
  • The Epoot Story.
  • Becky giving Fraser a rose near the end of the Minecraft Anniversary show. note 
    "This is for you. Thank you for all of your hard work and all the dedication you've put into the server...thank you."
  • Fraser's unadulterated glee during the Nintendo conference for E3 2012. Objective, huh?
  • In their playthrough of The Walking Dead, everything to do with Clementine. While Fraser and the others initially treated Clementine no different from any other kid they've encountered in any other games they've played, over time Fraser warmed up to Clementine enough to actually start caring for her and protecting her. It eventually reached the point that it brought out Fraser's Papa Wolf side when she's either in danger or someone threatens her otherwise. (All of this is a far cry from how they think of and treat another child in the same game, Duck.)
    • In a very weird way, this quote from Fraser:
    Clementine: It- It was a person. They tried to make us eat a person!
    Lee: But you didn't do it...
    Clementine: No...
    Fraser: You're not like that sick fucker Duck, Clem. Don't you ever think you're like him.
    • The gang gets so attached to the characters that they are all noticeably affected by the ending, with Fraser even being brought to tears.
  • Fraser and Becky's New Year's kiss in the Minecraft New Year's Eve Mod!
    Becky: "Can I kiss you again?"
  • A sadly unrecorded one for the chat; while loitering in the chat hours before the show, the general tone of the chat turned when the topic of depression somehow arose and many users admitted to having previously had very bad school and personal lives, some even pondering suicide previously. The Chat, shadows and turbos alike, all banded together in a massive show of love and support for each other. A truly amazing moment that several tropers were happy to be a part of, and REALLY wish that they had thought to record.
  • On the Valentine's Day Minecraft/You Don't Know Jack-special, QuickLime89 proposed to his girlfriend, via a poem read by Fraser. She said yes!
  • The gang's fondness for Garrus in the Mass Effect series, giving him the nickname "Garr Bear."
  • The gifts Fraser and the Gang gets from Turbos, Mods and fans in between.
  • Marcus Lindbomm telling Fraser and the Gang he actually watched their stream of Earthbound and loved it, and their reactions to hearing it.
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