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Awesome: Video Games Awesome!
  • In Minecraft, there was a brilliant reconstruction of Tomorrowland from the Disney Theme Parks, complete with a minecart leading around the park.
    • In the Benormous build, a giant piano was built as a group project. A working piano.
    • Full reconstructions of both the Resident Evil mansion as well as Luigi's Mansion.
    • By the time of the Halloween build, their server host claimed a size of never-heard-before 16 gigabytes.
    • In Survival, Ben keeps Deacon as a dog as part of Fraser's revenge for killing Ruddadog and despite Deacon's played up recklessness, he doesn't die once.
    • Skybuild, a massive project filled with sky-based builds, all gathered and built legitimately in survival multiplayer, with no digging into the ground as "shortcuts" for the interiors. Standouts include Laputa, Kami's Lookout & Korin's Tower, Dalaam, Cloud City, the Spirit of Adventure, a Minecraft blocks rendition of Vincent van Gogh's Starry Night and Skyloft.
    • Much of the Minecraft 2012 Olympics were pretty epic as well. The most prominent moment, though, was definitely the ending of the Nintendo Hard parkour event.
      • Neo Japan's national anthem was pretty amazing too.
    • Halloween 2012 also had quite a few good builds: Rocky Horror's Castle, a recreation of the beginning of Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and a well-acted, funny, and original Scooby-Doo story.
    • From the Christmas Pageant episode: Die Hard: The Musical.
    • With one days notice and seven hours of server downtime, the Turbos manage to build a miniature, if somewhat anachronistic, version of New York and Times Square for New Year's Eve.
  • In Red Dead Redemption, the guys park a stagecoach on the train tracks and watch. When the train hits, one horse explodes into chunks while another is vaulted into the air, landing safely on the train.
  • In Duke Nukem Forever, when Fraser reveals that he could just play the demo like everyone else...or play the full version early, sent to him from a fan in Germany. note 
  • In the Kirbys Return To Dreamland show, when Fraser gets the Ultra Sword power, he lets out a Hot-Blooded "ULTRA SWOOOOOOOORD! HEYAAAAAAA! YEAAAAAAAH!" while Kirby is doing an epic Limit Break and the other guys are completely amazed.
  • While fighting the fifth colossus in Shadow of the Colossus, a depleting stamina guage forces Fraser to jump off the creature's wing... and he lands almost perfectly in the middle of its back.
    Thank you. My dick just got two inches bigger.
  • Fraser actually having the gall to buy Learning with the PooYoos: Episode 2.
  • Ben stealing Fraser's star in Mario Party 4, just so that Deacon would win instead of Fraser.
  • The chat claiming that the remaining crewmember in Mass Effect 2 whose location was unknown, Garrus, had died, which increased the impact of his reveal as Archangel for non-fans of the series.
    • Fraser (with help from his mods) gets all of his crew members, including the NPCs to survive the suicide mission on the final disc of Mass Effect 2.
  • The E3 2012 Extravaganza opening where the gang sings "God Save the Queen" in celebration of the Jubilee. With Fraser swinging a huge Union Jack. And the trailer for ZombiU playing on the screen.
  • At the end of the sixth Four Swords Adventures play, some trolls appeared in the Twitch chat, posting offensive comments. Fraser banned all of them, telling them that the show is their job and supports them. When the same troll came back with another account, all Fraser had to say before banning him was "hehe, this is fun."
  • In Ocarina of Time, Fraser clears the Treasure Chest Game on his second try. Without the lens of truth.
  • While playing Mario and Sonic at the London Olympics, the whole team is struggling at doing decent long jumps... But then, at the very end of the event and at her last try, Becky pulls off a perfect jump right on the line, gets first and BREAKS THE WORLD RECORD.
    • And she breaks another record a little while later in the hammer throw event.
    • Unlocking the horse hat on their second to last scratchcard after having just barely missed it several times before. One could not have planned that better.
  • In The Cave, Ben holds on to a can of corn that is thrown by the miner, thinking it will be important later on, when it's actual purpose is to be blown up for an achievement. Eventually, he becomes intent on carrying the can all the way to the end of the game. Fraser does the same with another can of corn that appears in another area. Not only do they succeed, but in doing so, they unintentionally get their characters' good endings by leaving their real objects of desire behind in favor of the corn.
  • The gifts Fraser and the Gang gets from Turbos, Mods and fans in between have been nothing short of amazing.
  • During the Ace Attorney Let's Plays, Fraser's ability to switch between multiple character voices in almost an instant is pretty damn awesome.
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