Quotes / Video Games Awesome!

Guys, we are so ballet!
Fraser, Let's Play Ballerina

Bitches be—WHAT THE FUCK?!
Fraser, Catherine

Oh, you're thinking of kids? I was thinking of like, people.
Fraser, Catherine


Can you imagine? You troll someone, and then you just immediately masturbate?

Fraser: Alright, level two of Harley-Davidson Roadtrip, time to get off that—
Ben: Take a walk!
Fraser: Take a walk.
Harley-Davidson Roadtrip

You crazy jerkbutt!

Looks like Leeroy's claimed another victim!

Would you like some cheese with that being-a-little-bitch?

I saw a Dick, and I went for it.

Uh oh, I have to fight fair. Shit.

Thanks for overthinking it, Ben. Never thought we'd have that problem with you, huh, buddy?
Fraser, Limbo

Fraser, Rochard

Ben: Get it?!! She SHIT everywhere!!
Fraser: She had to leave the room to take a big shit!
Microsoft press conference, E3 2011

Some people call [my hat] a fe-douche, I don't call it that, I call it a hat.

Becky, whenever she wants to troll Fraser

"Tryst"? Is that, like, anal?
Fraser, Catherine

"I'm a dickhead, you're a dickhead. Let's rub our dickheads together."
Fraser, Pre Pax Easter Show

"I know the pain of normal tears now."
Fraser, on restarting The Binding of Isaac, immediately quoted in the chat as "Emo Fraser"

"You weren't there to tell me not to, so I did something dumb."
Fraser summing up his gaming prowess in one sentence