Funny: Dragons: Riders of Berk

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    Season 1 
How to Start a Dragon Academy
  • The beginning of the first episode features the main characters competing by having their dragons do tricks. When it comes to Fishlegs’ turn, he just has Meatlug hover in a circle.
    Fishlegs: Yes! New personal best!
    • Ruffnut and Tuffnut fighting over who gets to go next only for Hiccup to point out, "Guys, same dragon."
  • This exchange between Stoick and Gobber:
    Stoick: We could put up signs!
    Gobber: Signs? For dragons?
    Stoick: ...No! For the people!
    Gobber: Signs? For Vikings?! We’re not big readers, Stoick.
    Stoick(sighs exasperatedly)’’: Then we’ll build a ‘‘huge’’ net and build it around the plaza!
    Gobber: Nets?! You do know they breathe fire?
  • This exchange as everyone is lamenting having to send their dragons away.
    Fishlegs: Every night before I went to sleep, Meatlug would lick my feet.
    Everyone: O_o
    Fishlegs: (anguished) Who’s going to do that NOW?!
    Ruffnut: I volunteer Tuffnut!
    Tuffnut: Whatever...what time should I be there?
  • Hiccup’s first attempt to keep the dragons under control. Disaster Dominoes is too organized a metaphor for the hilarity that ensues.
    Hiccup: Oh, everything hurts. *pulls off prosthetic leg* Even this.
  • Take a good look at Meatlug just before she’s asked to, uh, fertilize Mildew’s garden in "How To Start A Dragon Academy." Apparently, nervous dragons can get constipated, too!
  • Snotlout’s attempt at training his dragon, Hookfang.
    Snotlout: DROP THAT, RIGHT NOW! YOU HEAR ME?! [Hookfang grabs Snotlout with his mouth] See? He dropped it.
    • Later:
    Snotlout: (still in Hookfang’s mouth) Uh, can someone do that chin-scratching thing? Hello? (nervous) You guys still there?

Viking For Hire
  • Gobber tries his hand at being diplomatic. Among his duties are: settling a dispute over a stolen sheep, fixing a boat, and giving his blessing to a newborn baby girl. Being the muscle-bound idiot he is who only knew dragon-slaying, Gobber settles the sheep dispute by giving the two angry farmers weapons of war (which the two farmers use to pummel each other offscreen), fix the boat with iron (which, predictably, sinks as it hits water), and, disgusted by the baby, which is implied to be absolutely hideous, changes its name from "Hildegard" to "Magnus", because he "thought it looked like a ‘Magnus’". The best part? It turns out, after Stoick finds out the damage Gobber caused, he’s even agreed that the female baby looks like a Magnus!
    Stoick: But try telling that to her parents!
  • This exchange:
    Stoick: Really? Y-you can speak to people with Tact and Sensitivity?
    Gobber: Oh! I thought thatnote  meant clubbing people on the head and asking questions later. But I can give your thing a shot.
  • Stoick talks about his day:
    Stoick: I was all over the island today. I married the Svenson girl to the Odegard boy at dawn, then to the fields where some kids were tipping over yaks, then back to the newlyweds to settle a domestic dispute, I guess THAT honeymoon’s over... Sometimes I wish there were two o’ me.
    Stoick: Is that another crack about my weight?!
  • Gobber’s song when he’s happy.
    "I’ve got my axe and I’ve got my mace, and I love my wife with the ugly face..."
  • Hiccup sees Ruffnut kicking Tuffnut sharply and repeatedly in the posterior.
    Hiccup: Do you guys always have to fight?
    Tuffnut: It’s okay. I asked her to to that. I was just trying to get the feeling back.
    Ruffnut: ‘‘(turning around and bending over)’’ You gonna return the favor, or what?

Animal House
  • Apparently Bucket occasionally needs reminding which animals give what.
  • Bucket and Mulch discussing the last big blizzard to hit Berk.
    Bucket: It took us a week just to dig Mildew out.
    Mulch: And the rest of our lives to wonder why we bothered...
    • Bucket can predict storms by how tight his bucket hat gets. The tighter the bucket, the worse the storm. When Stoick goes to Gothi for a second opinion, her (nonverbal) response is "What do ‘‘you’’ think?", while preparing her hut for the storm. When asked how she knew, she replies that she heard Bucket’s screaming from her house.
  • Most every scene displaying the sheer stupidity of the sheep. Yep, they’re played absolutely to type. Special bonus: one of them turns out to be Mildew’s current "wife". No wonder he hates dragons!
  • Tuffnut insults Snotlout, who grabs him and tries to punch him. But first he has to ask:
    Snotlout: You’re the guy, right?
    Tuffnut: (feminine voice) No?
  • Hiccup about Berk’s seasons:
    Hiccup: But it’s too early for a storm, it’s still Winter. Devastating Winter isn’t due for another month!
    • Made even better by the fact that he seems to be completely serious in saying it.
  • Gobber asking if he looks like a yak, while all on all fours next to a yak.
  • Tuffnut’s face being so cold he can no longer feel pain, and demonstrating it by slapping himself. Ruffnut complains that this takes all the fun out of it.

In Dragons We Trust
  • When Hookfang failed to catch Snotlout right after he jumped off. It’s even more funny that it was one of the other dragons, instead of a human, that had to inform Hookfang that their rider was falling to their death.
  • Tuffnut on thinking: "I gave up thinking. Never been happier."
  • Hiccup is looking at the portraits on Mildew’s wall: "Wife...wife...wife.... hmm." The last one, of course, is Fungus... his sheep.
    Hiccup: Well, Mildew definitely has a type... [shudders]
  • We also have this gem:
    Tuffnut: What’s fun about that?
    Astrid: It’s not supposed to be fun. It’s a Hiccup idea.
    Hiccup: Exactly. [to Astrid] What?

Alvin & the Outcasts
  • Astrid elbowing Mildew in the face.
    "My grandfather is frail. He needs his nap."
    • She was holding Mildew up while she said that and as soon as Alvin turns away she drops him like a sack of potatoes. So overdue!
  • Alvin the Treacherous tells all of the Vikings that his name was earned.
    Tuffnut: Alvin? Psh. How did he earn that?
  • Even when being held hostage by people who could kill him at any moment, Hiccup still dishes out snark because it’s too ingrained in him. There is just something so chuckle-worthy about seeing him looking badass undermining the Outcasts by doing what comes natural to him.

How to Pick Your Dragon
  • While helping Stoick choose a dragon, Ruffnut and Tuffnut get into a fight, which their dragons emulate. The two heads each do their half of the Breath Weapon at each other, with predictable results.
  • Hiccup tells Stoick to treat his new dragon like a friend.
    Stoick: Oh, like me and Gobber.
    Hiccup: Right, perfect. Now, what did you do when you first met him?
    Stoick: *grabs Hiccup in a headlock* That’s my wife you’re talking to, you one-legged lout!
    • Which becomes even more funny once you realize that he met his dragon in a very similar way.
  • Toothless has just gotten done hauling Stoick all over the island for the day, and is visibly exhausted. Hiccup is sympathetic to his plight. As he tells Astrid:
    Hiccup: That’s what it looks like to be ridden all day by a 400 pound man.
    • Followed by Toothless having stuffed himself into a corner of the house to avoid Stoick.
    • Hiccup apologizing to Toothless for Stoick’s bad performance and crashing him.
  • Hiccup’s constant attempts to give advice getting completely ignored. Eventually he wonders if anyone can even see him.
  • Snotlout’s brief stint as a dragon salesman, trying to sell Stoick on a Monstrous Nightmare.
    Snotlout: They come in an assortment of colors!
    • Also Astrid’s, with a Freudian Slip that she’s actually talking about herself regarding people underestimating the toughness of something beautiful.
  • Stoick trying to bond with the Thunderdrum. And when the Thunderdrum tries to bite his hand, Stoick punches him across the academy.
  • Hiccup tries to persuade Stoick to get a dragon of his own, but he never says the glaringly obvious reason which he’d already brought up to Astrid, that Stoick is simply too heavy for Toothless. This is a callback to ‘Viking for Hire’ where Stoick got mad because he thought Hiccup was making a crack at his weight—a’’’gain.
  • Hiccup apologizes to the Thunderdrum for putting a muzzle on him, then mutters to the dragon that they should get a muzzle for his dad.

Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man
  • The title of the episode could be considered funny. It’s just so...straightforward.
  • In episode 8, seeing how much of a ditz Hookfang is. It took about five seconds for him to notice Snotlout frantically screaming for him—because he was watching a leaf fall.
  • Fishlegs apologizing to a portrait Snotlout and the twins knock off a wall.
  • The possible Ship Tease of Ruffnut and Astrid’s reactions to the portrait displaying Hiccup as a very buff teenager doing a flex pose, which looks rather ridiculous. Tuffnut’s obliviousness just makes it more amusing.

Dragon Flower
  • While he doesn’t kicked off the Island to justify what he does in "Dragon Flower" by trying to outright poison and kill the Dragons, Mildew’s Karma Houdini status gets subverted right in the last few minutes by being bitten in the ass by a Scaldron, being injected with its venom, then suffers an Ass Shove by Gobber using a very large bellows to suck the poison out. All while the gang is showing obvious amusement at his suffering.
    Mildew: Isn’t there something smaller you could use?
    Gobber: ...Probably. *uses bellows anyway*
    Tuffnut: Can you believe we’re all just standing around, waiting for something to come out of Mildew’s butt?
    • And this line from Gobber after he finishes extracting the poison:
      "I’ve seen a nadder spine slice through a man’s eyeball like a grape. I watched my own arm get devoured by a Monstrous Nightmare. But never, NEVER, have I seen anything so disturbing as that old man’s bare behind. (hands urn of poison to Hiccup) Here, take this to your dragons. (walks off) I’m going into the forest to scream."
      • Listen closely and you can hear Gobber screaming as Stoick walks into his house.
  • Stoick explains that he named his dragon Thornado because he has the power of Thor, the ferocity of a tornado... and he wouldn’t answer to anything else.
    Stoick: He can be quite stubborn!
  • Hiccup’s ending monologue of the episode:
    Hiccup: A deadly flower, a venomous sea dragon, and Mildew’s butt: three things I never really thought I’d have to deal with in the same day. But I’ll do anything for my dragon.

Heather Report Part 1
  • This part:
    Snotlout: You will not believe what I just found!
    Tuffnut: A severed head?
    Ruffnut: Our cousin Lars?
    Fishlegs: Lars died?
    Tuffnut: Who said that?
  • After Alvin tells him that his life depends on the Book Of Dragons reaching Alvin, Savage’s only response after Alvin walks away is:
    Savage: Hate it when he says that.
  • Snotlout showing his mastery over commanding Hookfang.
    Snotlout: Hookfang, get your butt over here!
    (Hookfang gives a "What did you say?!" look and flies away)
    • Then later that episode
    Heather: Can he flame up on command?
    Snotlout: He can, but he won’t. Pig-headed dragon.
    (Cue Hookfang breathing a small fire onto his pants)
    Snotlout: Could you give me a minute? (Runs off to the nearest source of water) Just one minute!
  • The scene where Tuffnut is showing Heather the ins and outs of a Zippleback. After they accidentally torch a boat, the Tuffnut’s gleeful response is priceless.
    Tuffnut: Usually we hide until the chief finds us. Then we get in trouble!

Heather Report Part 2

  • Fishlegs and Meatlug getting stuck during one of the games.
  • When Snotlout wins the Sheep Lug event, he throws the sheep aside to pose and preen. The sheep bounces off Hookfang’s wing, lands on its hooves, bleats, then starts walking off, without once changing expression.
  • Snotlout’s SPECTACULAR fail during his turn of the freestyle dragon event.
  • "The Iron Split". Ouch.
  • Hiccup’s final volley to Snotlout (even if it was uncalled for):
    "That’s it, keep smiling, as your family’s winning streak goes up in smoke, just like your rings of deadly fire."
  • Tuffnut and Ruffnut continue to be a treasure trove of comedy gold.
    Tuffnut: Rock to the face! I love a good rock to the face. (Ruffnut picks up a rock and smacks him in the face, hard.)
  • Bucket repeating his line from the introduction to the Sheep Lug.

When Lightning Strikes
  • When everything’s said and done, the village has (to an extent) learned what a lightning rod is. The metal statue of Thor they built in a misguided attempt to stop the lightning needs to be removed, but Stoick figures it will be safe to leave up as long as they move it somewhere higher. Snotlout chooses the perfect spot: Mildew’s front door. If there was ONE case that might actually be a Bolt of Divine Retribution, it’s probably that one.
    • Bonus points of funny in that it is ‘‘literally’’ Laser-Guided Karma for the receiver.
  • When Hiccup wakes up after being unconscious, the music from the ending of the movie plays until he checks to see if his right leg is still there.
    Hiccup: At least I didn’t lose another one.
  • Lightning is raining down on Berk, destroying and lighting homes ablaze. What do Tuffnut and Ruffnut do? Enjoy the show.
    Ruffnut: I’ve always liked Thor.
  • At the end, the villagers ‘‘‘still’’’ believe that Thor was angry at something.
    Gobber : And until we find out why Thor was angry at the metal, we’re all walking on eggshells.
    • Also, in the same vein, the end of Astrid’s story about her aunt who was cursed by Odin and had to pay him tribute by sailing to the end of the Earth.
      Fishlegs: Did it work?
      Astrid: I don’t know. I guess she couldn’t find it, because she kept showing up from the opposite direction.
    • Fishlegs fudging the "smack a Jorgensen" part of his good luck ritual.
  • A subtle one after the perches are first built and Hiccup, Stoick, and Gobber are talking about the success at the dinner table. Stoick is about to take a drink, then puts down his tankard saying they should probably move the perch that’s over the well. Gobber then gives his tankard the stink-eye, and we go to Hiccup and see Stoick’s hand covering Hiccup’s mug and gently pulling it away while an oblivious Hiccup keeps talking and trying to get the mug to his mouth.
    • From the same scene, Gobber saying that Vikings go before dragons and Toothless turns around with a "What?!" like response.
      Gobber: Yeah, I said it! Deal with it!
    • Hilarious Call Back to a joke in episode one:
      Fishlegs: In the past, I know Thor’s enjoyed a sacrifice or two.
      Ruffnut: Let’s sacrifice Tuffnut!
      Tuffnut: (ponders for a second) Okay. What time should I be there? There better be fire involved.

What Flies Beneath
Bucket: What does it want? What’s it going to do to us? WHY AREN’T YE SLAPPING ME TO SNAP ME OUT OF THIS?!
Mulch: Cause I’m scared too, Bucket!

  • Dagur’s very long Evil Laugh when regaling about the time he almost drowned Hiccup.
  • "Okay think like Ruffnut and Tuffnut. (beat) I can’t believe I just said that."
  • Snotlout’s relaxed explanation of a horrible situation.
    Snotlout: [casually reclining on a rock and picking at his nails] The Berserkers are hunting down your dragon to use its blood for ink.
    Everyone: [stares at Snotlout in shock and horror]
    Snotlout: What? Is that not what’s happening?
    • Even better, the only person not giving Snotlout a horrified look is Hiccup, who is giving him a Death Glare instead.
  • When Dagur is demanding that Stoick and Gobber show him where the dragons are, and they deny having dragons, we get this gem:
    Dagur: Do I look stupid to you?
    Gobber(‘‘whispering to Stoick’’): Trick question, don’t answer it.
  • During the climax of the episode, Hiccup repeatedly smacks into/knocks over Dagur with his shield.
    Hiccup: Back, you fiend, you! You’ll not hurt my friend, Dagur! (Immediately slams shield edge into Dagur’s face)
  • Hiccup’s melodramatic acting - especially his "You owe it to your people!" while trying to convince Dagur to leave - is also worth a good laugh.

Defiant One
  • Yes, Night Fury saliva has ‘‘amazing’’ healing properties.
    • When Hiccup says this, you get the feeling that it’s less about healing properties and more like he just told Toothless to spit in the serum for the hell of it.
  • Hiccup snarking despite being surrounded by Outcasts yet again.
  • The rescue party. Oh, the rescue party. We have Gobber riding Hookfang, who is constantly lighting himself on fire. And then there’s this exchange between Ruffnut and Stoick (again, note they are on Dragons over open ocean):
    Ruffnut: I have to got to the bathroom!
    Stoick: Then you should have gone before we left!
    Tuffnut: That’s what helmets are for!
    • Hookfang getting Snotlout off Toothless by biting all the way down Snotlout’s torso and then throwing the kid in front of Gobber.
    • The Running Gag started by Savage giving Alvin a "birthday present" (proving someone from Berk is on the island) with the rest of the Outcasts not knowing if it’s Alvin’s birthday or not for most of the episode.
    Alvin: As far as you’re concerned, every day’s me birthday!
  • When the kids initially return to Berk, Stoick reveals that the what boat has returned. Tuffnut says something akin to "Why didn’t you tell us that before we left?", earning him a seriously stern look from Stoick. Realizing the trouble, he tries to pin the deed on his sister. Twice.
  • Gobber’s fireproof skivvies.

Breakneck Bog
  • When Hiccup is explicitly telling Snoutlout and Astrid not to tell anyone about this, you can already expect that a Gilligan Cut with the entire gang there.
  • When Astrid finds out it was Tuffnut who was behind scaring them, she grabs the skeleton hand away from him and repeatedly hits him over the head with it.
    • When Tuffnut asks Ruffnut for help (since she was in on it as well), she takes the hand from Astrid... and starts hitting Tuffnut as well.
    Hiccup: Alright alright, break it up you guys. [Astrid regrabs the arm from Ruffnut and hits Tuffnut one last time]
    Tuffnut: OW!
  • Snoutlout, Ruff and Tuff dump Johan on a small abandon rock. At the end of the episode, Johan wants 5 minutes alone with them to pay them back for that.
  • Everyone throwing anything metal at the smoke dragons. What makes this funny is that they were mostly throwing their weapons, which were way more than should be possible.
  • Astrid hanging nonchalantly from Stormfly’s mouth when the latter picks her up to save her from a falling anchor. She just looks so relaxed, like it’s perfectly normal, and no one bats an eye at it!
  • Fishlegs subverting a moment of awesome, after knocking away a smoke dragon trying to take Hiccup’s prosthetic and declaring "You will NOT haunt my dreams! (softly) ...because I’ll never sleep again."
  • When Astrid tries to convince the others to help Hiccup recover the chest, Snotlout Kicks The Dog.
    Astrid: Put yourself in his shoes.
    Snotlout: Shoe.
    • And immediately afterwards, when Astrid guilt trips them, there’s an immediate Gilligan Cut and Snotlout is wearing the most flat, deadpan expression ever.
    Snotlout: I hate you.
  • The twins continue to provide comedy gold.
    • After the others all tag along, Astrid reminds Hiccup that he’s always saying they work better as a team.
    Hiccup: The next time I say that, just slap me in the face.
    Ruffnut: (eagerly) I’ll do it right now.
    Tuffnut: She will. And she slaps like a guy. It’s awesome!

Gem Of A Different Color
  • At the very beginning, Gobber is pairing the teens up for sparring. He eventually puts Astrid and Hiccup together, which is particularly funny thanks to how distressed Hiccup and how absolutely ecstatic Astrid look at the idea.
    Hiccup: "W-well I-I don’t think it’s really fair for me to be fighting-" (Astrid aims a kick at his head)
  • The return of Baby Magnus.
    Tuffnut: That’s a baby? Looks like a bundle of sticks, wrapped in bacon.
    • Her sheer ugliness makes Meatlug throw up.
  • While the camouflaging Changewings are attacking the village, Tuffnut thinks he sees one and tries to tame it in the most hammy way possible:
    Tuffnut: I see it! I got this! [approaches what is clearly an ordinary tree] STAY DRAGON! I AM NOW YOUR MASTER!" ‘‘[puts his hand on the tree, and gives the others the cheesiest thumbs up possible even though nothing is happening]’’
    Stoick:’s gone, isn’t it..?
    Hiccup: (as though it were the most obvious thing in the world - because it is) Oh, long gone.
  • Almost every one of the teenagers gets some snark in at Snotlout at some point.
  • Gustav.

We Are Family Part 1
  • As usual, the twins have their moments.
    • Being fascinated by a moving spot of light on the ground created by Snotlout, just like a dragon.
      Tuffnut: Not as cool as that disappearing shiny thing! You can never catch it!
    • Their method to search for the door to Bork’s cave. By smashing their head against the hard, solid stone of a cliff’s side.
  • Snotlout and the Changewing. All of it.
    • First there are the various ways Snotlout is used as a literal chew toy by the dragon, from being slammed repeatedly against a wall to being used as some sort of fleshy doll by the remarkably dexterous dragon.
    • And then Snotlout’s reactions to the various rescue attempts from Hookfang and the twins. They all include liberal amount of fire or flammable gas being shot in the general direction of the Changewing, so Snotlout isn’t exactly thrilled.

We Are Family Part 2
  • Fishlegs line after throwing a Outcast overboard.
    Fishlegs: That felt really good. ...Is that wrong?
    • It’s the look of deranged enjoyment on his face that really sells it.
  • The exchange between Astrid and the twins:
    Astrid: What were you thinking? If that was Toothless, you could have killed him!
    Tuffnut: Yeah, well, if my chicken had horns, he’d be my yak.
    Ruffnut: And if I were weak and girly, I’d be my brother.
    Tuffnut: Yeah! Wait... ‘‘what?’’
  • Toothless bitchslapping those two Outcasts with his tail.

    Season 2 
Live and Let Fly (Flight Club)
  • The shield incident. The repeated shield incident. (Specially the latter since it lead to a awkward position between Stoick and Gobber)
    Gobber: Right, I’ll... unwind that... and hopefully no one is looking....
  • Fishleg’s interogation
    Fishlegs: My name is Fishlegs. I live on the Isle of Berk. I do not know anything about dragons or those who ride them!
    Gobber: Why does he keep saying that? He’s kinda giving me the willies....
  • Hiccup waking Stoick up and getting a Vader grip for his trouble... and an axe held to his face. Not to mention the implication that this happens a lot.
  • Gobber’s insensitivity in regards to the ban on flight... and calling Stoick out on it indirectly when discussing Thornado’s saddle.
  • The twins simply cannot understand the first rule of Flight Club.

The Iron Gronkle
  • As Fishlegs is passing out new weapons, he gives a mace to a woman. Her husband then offers him a silent "Why?" before getting dragged off.
  • Hiccup forgetting to notice the flaw in his plan with calming Meatlug: His foot is metal. Magnetics is one harsh master.
  • Hookfang finally listens to a command, unfortunately it was Fishlegs stop command at Meatlug when Hookfang and Snotlout were flying. Cue Hookfang stopping on a dime (Actually facing Fishleg with its tail wagging) as Snotlout is sent flying before crashing.
  • Fishlegs catches up to Hiccup, who’s underneath Meatlug. Hiccup is completely nonplussed and tries to have a heart to heart with Fishlegs while hanging upside down, and it’s Fishlegs that freaks out.

The Night and The Fury
  • After being assigned to bring the dragons to a cave when the gang splits up, Tuffnut immediately asks where the cave is. He reveals that he was kidding but his next line is just golden.
    Tuffnut: "Or am I? Heh, even I don’t know!"
  • Tuffnut overlooking the dragons is just golden in the amount of abuse he suffers. Toothless nonchalantly slaps him into a stalagmite before shooting him down and how his attempt at a scary story doesn’t work against them.
    Tuffnut: Man, this is one tough cave.
  • Ruffnut trying to flee a Monstrous Nightmare but keeps running around back to it, repeatedly.
  • The various reactions the others have upon learning Dagur was on the island with them, and Hiccup’s attempts to get them to play along and pretend they are here hunting dragons.
    • And then Dagur’s comment that he and Hiccup have very different definitions of being "alone" on the island as Snoutlout and the others start popping out.
    • Even more hilarious when Dagur later reveals he brought an armada with him to the island, meaning he wasn’t really alone on the island either!
  • Dagur’s extremely enthusiastic interactions with Hiccup.
  • Hiccup's constant Deadpan Snarker reactions to Dagur:
    • During a fireside conversation:
    Dagur: Ever since that battle with the Night Fury, I haven't been able to stop thinking about you.
    Hiccup: Well, that's...strange. Um, I'm flattered!
    Dagur: Not you personally. About that Night Fury!
    • When Dagur is about to move in for the kill on Toothless:
    Hiccup: Okay, that's it. I am not going to let you kill that dragon.
    Dagur: Ugh, not this again. Okay, fine, you saw it first. You can take, like, a wing or something.
    Hiccup: No, I'm pretty much gonna take the whole thing. *Dragon-calls Toothless*
    • And then, soon after:
    Hiccup: [Stoick] was trying to keep the peace between our tribes. So was I.
    Dagur: By making a fool out of ME?!
    Hiccup: You don’t really need a lot of help with that, Dagur.
  • Dagur’s comment near the end, especially funny because he kept mocking Hiccup’s choice of weapon earlier:
    *after Hiccup displays the Swiss Army Weapon nature of his shield*
    Dagur: "I have got to get me one of those ornate shields!"

Tunnel Vision
  • The opener of Stoick, Astrid, Stormfly, Hiccup, and Toothless chasing down Gobber to make him take a bath.
    • Becomes a brick joke at the end when they have water again.
  • Ruff spinning around to check when Tuff makes a joke about her butt being big. Followed by decking him for good measure.

Race to Fireworm Island
  • The exercise of dragon-to-dragon combat. Astrid is the bad guy for the exercise and supposed to chase down the others. She gets everyone except Hiccup... who hid under Toothless in a dark cave causing her to fly right by. Made even funnier because of the Ironic Echo both have about ‘how predictable’ the other was.
    Hiccup: "She’s not going to be too happy about this, is she?"

Fright Of Passage
  • The twins’ list of demands.
    • And Snotlout somehow accomplishing all of them. From two rainbow colored chickens, to a fish that looks like Stoick, to a singing Terrible Terror.
  • The fact that Hookfang was on the list to the bunker and Snotlout wasn’t.
  • Hiccup trying to dissuade Astrid’s claim that he was interested in training the Flightmare.
    Hiccup: Well, you know Astrid... training dragons isn’t the only thing I think about.
    Astrid: Are you actually saying that to me with a straight face?
    • The look on Hiccup's face afterward is what really sells it.
    • For those missing the joke, its Ship Tease since she’s one of the things he’d think about outside of dragon training.
  • Gobber asleep on guard duty, and when woken he accidentally fires a catapult into sheep.
    • And the reaction to Astrid, Hiccup, and Fishlegs returning home.
    Gobber: Hiccup, slap me in the face. Your dragons are glowing.

Worst in Show
  • Snotlout seems to do something right for once in his rescue training. He then declares a victory lap, resulting in high speed turns and going underwater. When he gets back up, the straw dummy he rescued loses its head.
    • Hookfang proceeds to set the dummy on fire and savagely stomp on it, much to the horror of Snotlout’s fellow riders.
  • Hiccup keeps trying to convince the other riders that not everything's a competition. No one listens.
  • Savage giving Mildew encouragement after Alvin says that he won’t kill Mildew that day.
    Savage: Trust me, it’s better than when he doesn’t say it.
  • Savage looking for signs of the dragon academy.
    Alvin: Well, what do you see?
    Savage: It’s quite dark. And something keeps swinging into my face! *The yaks move out of the way* Oh. Well, that explains it. Another Yak Farm!
    ‘‘‘Alvin’’’: What is it with you people and your Yaks?!
    • Mildew’s response is arguably even better, and a Call Back to Hiccup’s crack about how he Has a Type.
  • Toss the Sheep. Its basically Meatlug carrying around a sheep and tossing it out of her mouth towards Fishlegs. And when he doesn’t play, she just tosses it a few times around him.
    • After Fishlegs made it clear he was not interested in playing Meatlug proceeds to sit in a corner looking sullen. Surprisingly the sheep follows her and sits right next to her looking sullen as well.

Appetite of Destruction
  • Astrid doesn’t believe that using Terrible Terrors as "air mail" (similar to messenger hawks) will work, and says that if Fishlegs and Snotlout meet them at Dragon Island she would kiss Snotlout in the lips. Snotlout shows up. Fortunately for Astrid’s dignity, she tells Hiccup to not talk about it and it doesn’t happen.
    Astrid: ‘‘"Say it, and those will be the last words you ever speak."‘‘ [Cracks neck]
    Hiccup: *Silent Gulp*
    • Call Back towards the end when after giving him something for Fridge Brilliance, Fishlegs says he could kiss her in the lips and moves towards her. She shoves him away, likely remembering earlier.
  • Ruffnut’s argument why for it’s Hiccup’s fault that she and her brother tagged each other instead of the wild dragons.
    "You armed us with paint. Where did you think that was going to go?"
  • Hiccup, Astrid and Fishlegs, plus their dragons, on Sunstone Island... or what’s left of it. With Toothless and Stormfly hanging on precariously on the rock’s side, and their riders dishing out the snark.
    Hiccup: Well, I gotta say that the beaches are a bit of a disappointment.
  • Ruff and Tuff get air mail from Hiccup calling for reinforcements. They think the Terror is after them and proceed to run away until Snotlout, of all people, realizes it’s air mail.
  • Snotlout finds the twins pretending to be statues and calls them muttonheads. They proceed to pretend to be statues of muttonheads.
  • Fishlegs insisting on fancier names for the various colors used to tag dragons native to specific islands. Ironically, it’s the girl (Astrid) insisting on the simpler names.
  • Hiccup’s response to the fact the Screaming Death is no longer distracted by shiny objects:
    Hiccup: So it’s bigger ''and smarter. Not the greatest combination.

Zippleback Down
  • The Running Gag of Snotlout, Ruffnut and Tuffnut failing at setting off traps without getting caught.
  • How did Stoick know it was fire weather? Gobber’s chin was rough.
  • Tuffnut orders Barf and Belch to free him from a hanging net trap. They end up batting him with their noses like a pair of seals.
    • Later, Tuffnut gets into a philosophical discussion with them!
  • While searching for Hiccup, Ruffnut gets attacked by two Terrible Terrors who laugh and throw apples at her for their amusement. She throws one back and they shower her in a barrage of apples.
  • Ruffnut retracing her steps... one at a time.
    • Which makes it even more shocking that it actually works.
  • When Snotlout doubts Tuffnut’s training of Torch, Tuffnut demonstrates by getting Torch to open his wings... smacking Snotlout into a wagon which then rolls down the ramp to the docks.
  • The episode ends with Ruffnut finally disarming the trap, only for it to be sprung again, this time with both of them trapped!
    • To which Ruffnut comments, "This is worse than the womb."

A View to a Skrill
  • Bucket and Mulch reappear and are as hilarious as ever.
    • In one scene a Beserker tries to sucker punch Bucket with a mace to the back of his head. His head being protected by a bucket he doesn’t react. When the Berserker notices this, he just throws himself overboard rather than deal with Bucket.
  • Stoick lectures Hiccup on leaving a Skrill in the hands of Snotlout and the twins. Immediately after Hiccup says nothing could go wrong, a massive fireball erupts from the Dragon Academy. Cut to the academy where the twins plan on pinning the blame on Snotlout. Snotlout blames them when the others show up.
  • Snotlout (And later Mildew) taking a Skrill shock to the noggin, and being reduced to speaking utter gibberish.
    • Tuffnut "translates" for Snotlout.
    Hiccup: "How many times has this kid been struck by lightning?!"
    Tuffnut: "Often enough."
    Snotlout: "*angry gibberish*"
    Tuffnut: "Oh, really? Twelve times."
  • While having the Skrill directly at their tail, Tuffnut suggests taking off all metal in order to not get shocked. However ever their nature Ruffnut suggests putting on more metal, so both pull out their swords as well.
  • Tuff hollowing out a tree as a disguise.
  • Tuffnut actually makes some decent jokes, though the irony makes them even funnier.
    "How do you get a one-armed Berkian out of a tree? Just wave!"
  • Tuffnut fooling both an Outcast guard and Dagur himself that he is a Berserker named Buffnut. He bosses the guard around to reveal top secret information and even composes a poem to please Dagur after he threatened to cut his legs off. He even starts singing a song that makes fun of Berk while knocking Mildew out to prevent him from revealing his identity.
  • Tuffnut is sent back to distract the Outcasts and Berserkers after the incident with Dagur threatening to amputate his legs. After Ruffnut’s nonchalance, he threatens Ruffnut:
    Tuffnut: "My legs are on your head! Not- I mean not... You know what I’m saying. You’ll be thinking about these legs if I lose ‘em!"
  • Throughout part 1, Dagur tossed this one guy overboard, twice! Before the second one, he says this:
    Dagur: "Umm, didn’t I, throw you overboard?"
    Other Guy: "Well I am an excellent swimmer."

The Flight Stuff
  • Snotlout beliving he’s going to die throughout the first half of the episode.
    • Extra funny from the reactions of his fellow riders.
    Tuffnut: "Look on the bright side: At least you’ll be in eternal paradise."
    Astrid: "So will we."

    Tuffnut: Is anyone else tired of listening to Snotlout’s ghost?
    Snotlout: Hey! I’m not dead yet!
    Ruffnut: You’re dead to us.
    • What actually happened with the signs of death? The Twins.
      • How did Hiccup realize this? Snotlout scratching his butt.
    • Snotlout’s "dying" words when confronted by the final death-sign (a mob of sheep):
    "Avenge me! Have lamb for dinner!"
  • When The Riders tell Gustav he needs experience to become a Dragon Rider, he goes in search of a dragon of his own. Cue Gustav being menaced by Terrible Terrors, a Deadly Nadder, and being chased by a Monstrous Nightmare after throwing a fish at its face.
  • Gustav vs. the obstacle courses.
    Astrid: *throws water on Gustav to wake him up*
    Ruffnut: " Hey, hey, hey! Don't throw water on him! Tiny Snotlout will just shrink more! Duh!"
  • Dagur’s completely baffled reaction to Fanghook, Gustav and their unorthodox flying style.
    Dagur: Who in the name of Thor is that?!
  • Snotlout’s reaction to Gustav and Fanghook being taken out by Dagur’s weapon.
    Well, that solves the Gustav problem.
  • The title Hiccup and the others come up with for Gustav: "Junior apprentice auxiliary reserve backup replacement rider in training, fourth class."

Free Scauldy
  • Ruffnut is the only one that can get close to the injured Scauldron because he likes the smell of the fish oil in her hair.
    • Before finding out about the fish oil, Fishlegs thinks the Scauldron is sniffing Ruffnut’s hair because it reminds the Scauldron of his mothers hair. Hiccup and Tuffnut look at him in disbelief.
  • While trying to (re)teach Ruffnut how to get Scauldy’s trust, one of the tips he gives her is to hold her hand out, and reenacts how he earned Toothless’ trust. Fishlegs then presses his nose against his hand—and he had no reason for why he did it.
    • For bonus points Toothless perks up when he see’s Hiccup hold out his hand then growls at Fishlegs to back off when he takes his place. Toothless is definitely possessive about his rider.
  • Snotlout continues to hit on Astrid, much to her annoyance. After hurting him repeatedly after a while, she decides to switch to a different tactic... cue her basically mimicking Snotlout’s behavior, creeping him out completely. I think we know why he started going for Ruffnut instead in Dragons 2...
    • Just to sell the Reverse Psychology, the Romantic Flight theme from the movie is playing in the background.
    • And Snotlout is so freaked out that he only has this to say:
    I don’t understand women!
  • Ruffnut’s impression of Hiccup.
    Ruffnut (With a slow, nasally voice): Hello nice dragon. You can be my friend. My leg fell off! All of the dragons are my friends!
    Hiccup: ‘‘[offended]’’ I don’t sound like that! And P.S. my leg didn’t FALL OFF!

  • At the beginning of the episode, the Riders have been stuck inside due to weather for so long, cabin fever's started to set in. Highlights include Fishleg's deciding which of Meatlug's toes he likes best, and Tuffnut chasing an invisible tail because of Ruffnut.
  • Hiccup's sheer eagerness to go out and search for Trader Johann, followed by Hiccup and Toothless making near identical cute begging faces.
  • Hiccup and Trader Johan’s reaction to their Failed a Spot Check in regards to Meatlug.
  • Snotlout is repeatedly paralyzed throughout, relying on Gustav to move him and steer Hookfang. Just when he starts getting his motion back, he’s paralyzed again and deathly pale the whole time. Many Amusing Injuries happens to him during this time.
  • Johann accosts Hiccup with many, many stories. At the end after dropping him off at his now unfrozen ship, Hiccup and Toothless just fly away mid-story, but to his disappointment.
  • Guslout’s Jazz hands.
    Snotlout: Stop with the hands.

A Tale Of Two Dragons
  • Hiccup’s frustrated rant to his father after Snotlout and Astrid’s fight from earlier.
    • Just before, he tried keeping calm. It didn’t end well...
    Hiccup: Everything is as right as rain.
    Stoick: If you say so.
    Hiccup: I do. I say so... '[gets a stressed look on his face] Oh, fine, you win! Snotlout and Astrid are driving me completely insane! They’re acting like mental cases! I actually don’t know who’s worse: Them, or their dragons! I mean, at least with the dragons you can lock ‘em in their pens until they behave!
    Stoick: [completely calm] Feel better?
    Hiccup: Uh, a little.
  • The three options for dealing with fighting Vikings.
    Stoick: Option 1: Give them both axes and let them fight to the end.
    Hiccup: That seems a little...permanent. What’s option 2?
    'Stoick: Give them both maces'' and let them fight to the end.
    Hiccup: Do I even want to know what option 3 is?

The Eel Effect
  • Gobber thinking he was his own aunt.
  • Ruff and Tuff actually becoming smarter under the effects of eel pox. With oddly posh accents for some reason. Up to including their invention of ice cream.
    Gobber: Who would freeze perfectly good yak milk?
  • Snotlout thinking he’s some sort of dragon revolutionary firebrand.
    • And having trouble with his Terrible Terror biting him on the nose again.
    • Look closely, and you even see Thornado rolling his eyes at him!
  • While setting a trap for the out-of-control Toothless, Hiccup suggests that if it fails, they could always try having Meatlug sit on him. Later, when Toothless escapes the first trap, Meatlug lands on top of him. Even Hiccup can't believe that worked.

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
  • Macey. Just... Macey.
    Tuffnut: You! (points to Ruffnut) You were always jealous of her. You knew that I loved her more, because I told you every so often, and ‘‘I wrote it in your room on the wall’’!
    • Even Ruffnut gets weirded out by Tuffnut!
  • Bucket and Mulch start hitting each other with sturgeons, because their bludgeons were stolen with the rest of the metal.
  • Dagur and Savage in general. Dagur is even less tolerant of Savage’s sniveling Sycophantic Servant ways than Alvin was. And then there’s this exchange:
    *as Hiccup approaches with a horde of Smokebreath dragons trailing behind him*
    Dagur: "What is that?!"
  • Dagur’s hammy reaction to Hiccup and co. dropping several weight of loose metal on his ship.
    Dagur: *catches a spoon in midair* "A spoon? They’re dropping ‘‘spoons?’’ Why are they dropping spoons? ‘‘What does this mean!?’’ Could this be a spoon of surrender?"
    <A Smokebreath grabs the spoon out of his hand>
    Savage: "I... don’t think so sir."
  • The annoyed looks Stoick, Hiccup, and Toothless each give Trader Johann when they realize he's the one who (inadvertently) brought the Smothering Smokebreath dragons to Berk.
Bing Bang Boom
  • Ruff and Tuff saying goodbye to the baby Thunderdrums.
    Ruffnut: This is kinda sad.
    Tuffnut: Yeah. Reminds me of the time our parents took Sam, our pet yak, out to that farm to live.
    Ruffnut: Yeah, I would’ve cried all night,(beat) except for those delicious yak steaks we had that night.
    Tuffnut: Oooh, nothing better. And to eat them in those soft yak jackets.
  • The baby Thunderdrums blasting away the sheep through the entire episode.

Cast Out: Part 1
  • After Hiccup suspends Snotlout from the academy, he finds Ruffnut and Tuffnut planning to knock out a wall to expand their space, complete with plans for curtains. Apparently Tuff has an eye for fabrics.
  • The charges against Alvin:
    Gobber: Alvin the Treacherous, you are hereby charged with the following crimes: treachery, attempted treachery, premeditated treachery, conspiracy to commit treachery, and...well, you get the idea!
  • After Snotlout claims to have captured Alvin the Treacherous while unconscious:
    Snotlout: "Unconscious like a fox."
    Tuffnut: "Uh... That doesn’t even make sense to me, and I am foxy like a badger."
  • After the Dragon Root and Berserker fiasco in the academy, the Twins reunite with their dragon:
    Tuffnut: "Aww, you guys! Thanks for not killing us. Well, thanks for not killing me. Could have done with one less ‘‘nut’’, if you know what I’m sayin’."

Cast Out: Part 2
  • The Twins add fuel to an angry mob of Vikings when Gobber is failing to placate the people. They did this because they wanted to scream for no reason.
  • Fishlegs and Meatlug escaping the jaws of the Screaming Death by... Meatlug’s gassy behind.
  • After seeing the Screaming Death destroying Outcast Island, Savage escapes and says "Well, that’s my cue."
  • Fishlegs proudly notes Meatlug's immunity to Dragonroot, then realizes just what this means his part in Hiccup's plan will be.

    Season 3 

Dragon Eye of the Beholder Part 1
  • Dagur maintains his Laughably Evil habits, and is arguably as funny as he is dangerous. Which is much more than he used to be.
    • Such as this gem after the usual antics of the other dragon riders.
    Dagur: Still haven't got rid of the Greek Chorus, I see.
  • Ruffnut gets the bright idea to smuggle jewels off a ship in her mouth, and Tuffnut says he'll do the same. Meaning stuff more jewels into her mouth, because he needs to be able to talk.

Dragon Eye of the Beholder Part 2

  • Gobber’s stint as the village healer. One highlight includes a man coming to medication for his leg after getting stuck in a trap. Gobber somehow lit the poor villager leg on fire. Then Gobber has to deal with another man who’s nauseous. He not only botches the cure by mixing random potions and sneezing in it, but somehow ends up curing the man’s ‘‘baldness’’ instead!

Imperfect Harmony
  • Snotlout’s quip about the Twins.
    Two bodies, half a brain.
  • The gang (minus Hiccup) get attacked by a wild Thunderdrum, and they have no dragons to protect them, rendering them temporarily deaf.
    Snotlout: Anything else you wanna draw towards us?! Changewing, ooh, a Screaming Death, maybe?! I’m sure there are one of those around here!
    Hiccup: Snotlout, you’re yelling very loudly!
    Snotlout: Oh, really?! I can barely hear myself! 'Cuz that’s what happens when you get attacked by A WILD THUNDERDRUM!
    Hiccup: Okay, we need our dragons. I’m gonna go back out there.
    [The others don’t respond. Because they can’t hear him.]
    Hiccup: I said I’M GOING BACK OUT THERE!
    Snotlout: NO! No, you’re not! I will take your other leg!
    Astrid: No way, Hiccup! You are not leaving us alone!
    Fishlegs: We’re dragon-less and defenseless!
    Hiccup: Okay, fine, we’ll all go together.
    [They don’t respond again, they just scowl at him. They still can’t hear him.]
    Hiccup: Oh, for- I SAID WE’LL ALL GO TOGETHER!!
    Tuffnut: Well, why didn’t you just say so?! Jeez!
    [They all smile at Hiccup]

When Darkness Falls
  • For once, Tuffnut’s name for a dragon sticks - specifically, the leader of the Night Terrors, which is now called ‘Smidvarg’. Hiccup even admits that it’s growing on him.
  • The chicken. Everything to do with the chicken.
  • The twins’ obsession with a boar pit.
    • And Fishlegs' response.
    Well, we do know where to get boars.
  • Tuffnut falling down a hole, then off a cliff. TJ Miller must have been having even more fun than usual in the booth that day.
    • Complete with the long awaited return of Tuffnut's Catchphrase!
    Tuffnut: Oh, I am hurt! I am very much hurt!

Big Man on Berk
  • Fishlegs being hypnotized into the fearless Thor Bonecrusher... Seriously, this is one of the funniest episodes ever.
  • Snotlout’s one-sided bromance with Bonecrusher, and the riders response to it.
  • Astrid mocking Snot’s crush on Bonecrusher.
  • Bonecrusher’s story about how he took on the Scauldron all alone, while the other riders all huddled together in fear on Toothless.

Reign of Fireworms
  • The episode is about the Twins discovering their family actually owns the island the group's base is on. The jokes write themselves, and all play out beautifully.

Gone Gustav Gone
  • Tuffnut and Ruffnut's reaction when they find out Gustav intends to move to Dragons' Edge:
    Tuffnut: Wait, he's serious!? I'll get the stake and firewood...
    Hiccup: Hold on, hold on. No one is burning anyone at the stake.
    Ruffnut: Hiccup's right... let's just throw him off the cliff!
  • Gustav's entire dinner scene with Dagur, where he snarks to the Berserker leader's face that Hiccup has kicked Dagur's butt plenty of times before.

Crushing It
  • Arriving back on Berk, Hiccup finds out that his father's been rearranging the weapons daily. Today it was by deadliness, but before that it was by length, before that by pointiness, and before that, he apparently NAMED every weapon and wanted them arranged alphabetically.
  • Stoick insults someone offscreen, saying, "You plow like an old lady!" Only to Description Cut over to show Gothi with a ticked off expression. Because she IS an old woman.
  • Gobber's Sanity Slippage after getting hit by a whole tower.

Quake, Rattle and Roll
  • Fishlegs becoming progressively better at being a Combat Pragmatist thanks to Snotlout's lessons, leading to a number of Amusing Injuries for the latter.
  • To demonstrate to Hiccup that they're ready to fight, Fishlegs gives the command, 'battle ready' and Meatlug takes up a threatening, snarling Ass Kicking Pose. Toothless looks unimpressed and hits her with a small plasma blast in the face, leaving her startled and with an Ash Face.

Have Dragon, Will Travel Part 1
  • Heather and Astrid tag teaming to deal with Snotlout’s inept and irritating flirting.

Have Dragon, Will Travel Part 2
  • Hiccup pointing out to Trader Johann that sooner or later, Johann always tells him what he wants to know and that both of them know this, so he might as well say it. And it had better be the short version. Johann admits that he’s got a point and tells Hiccup what he wants to know without further ado.
  • Dagur trying to pull a Darth Vader ‘you know it to be true’ on Heather - who actually is his sister, as it turns out, then afterwards considering suitable Berserker names for her.
    Dagur: Heather the Unhinged could work!

The Next Big Sting
  • After the second time that Hiccup's prototype suit fails, Toothless gives such a perfect, bitchy "Oh good Gods" eye roll before jumping to save Hiccup again. His face should have been the page image for Silent Snarker.
  • Ruff and Snotlout are riding on Hookfang with the Speed Stinger, which they have tied up in ropes.
    Ruffnut: The ropes should hold! I tied ‘em really... (The Speed Stinger breaks free) ...tight. Whoops!
    Snotlout: Whoops?! That’s all you got?! WHOOPS?!
    Ruffnut: There’s other things I wanna say, but none of them are very lady-like!
  • The juvenile Speed Stinger can only partially paralyze people, resulting in Ruffnut spending the whole episode with various halves of her body asleep. Plus Fishlegs' arm.